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BTS (방탄소년단) – My Time (시차) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

BTS (방탄소년단) – My Time (시차) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

100 Replies to “BTS (방탄소년단) – My Time (시차) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)”

  • TheHEYman98 says:

    Safe to say Jungkook is cuffed

  • Usha Mishra says:

    Plz guys, on 28th feb… Don't release the lyric video. Bcz of u guys. Half Army's come to this video even though there r English caption. Don't release lyric video just after bighit. Plz release lyric video after some days. Bcz we already didn't abled to break record. Otherwise we always break record in every comeback. But why not in this comeback? Plz army's we don't know if it's their last comeback. I WISH NOO LAST. But idk.. Plz army's for their hard work in this comeback plz stream ON mv everyone on 28th

  • park jade says:

    Tbh this gives me the time by James Reid

  • Rebecca H says:


  • csh2676 choi says:


  • آيات علي says:



    our Jeon Jungkook has matured .. the way he sings in here shows how much he has improved over the years of learning .. i'm sad that he's unable to fully lived a normal childhood as he said on his lyrics but i'm happy he's around people that are wise and full of wisdom, i'm confident that they will continue to guide each other and specially him while going through all these phases in their lives that they never expected .. they are all learning together but we know they all have the same goal, love and passion for what they do, they all want the best for each other .. one day, when they are all settled with they have achieved, when they finally found the one they will love for the rest of their lives, i will cheer for them .. this maybe a person or something else besides making music that will keep their hearts happy and stress free 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Rena G says:

    3:31 angelic 👁👄👁

  • Lorry May says:

    Kookie, what happened to 'Decalcomanie'?

  • 여자소마리 says:

    He Lost his time of being a child, he had to act all mature at age of 15 really, it is so tearing. But we love you, you are our golden maknea.

  • Faiza Mily says:

    Always JK gives me GOOSEBUMPS

  • ClemsonEx Artifax gamer says:

    When I think about this this song is actually sad to me and it makes me cry 😭😭

  • 품위녀 says:


  • 스폰쥐밥 says:

    방탄시차 ㅗ
    우원제시차 굿
    따라하지마 방탄새꺄

  • tsooling says:

    one of my favourite song off the album, really, it reminds me a lot of old jb songs (which are really really good) and i hope jk continues to make songs like this!

  • V J says:

    احبك موت يا كوكي يا عمري احبك نت ❤💜

  • 신유만 says:

    시차는 우원재다

  • Idk :D says:

    this makes me so SAD

  • lipsa k says:

    Imagining the possible hip thrusts

  • white angel says:

    BTS's all solo song is awesome

  • Xù Vlog says:

    I can’t call yaaaaaaaa…..I can’t..☀️

  • lariah bell says:

    This song made cry, im sorry jk😥😔

  • Sush Larwood says:

    i love the way he pronounces MOvie

  • Yu Yu says:

    Hay quá 😋😋

  • Marguerite Zym says:

    …….and what if this is a song for someone special he met recently ….

  • Mehjabin Mehjabin says:

    Why I felt like v is the background vocalist 🤦‍♀️

  • Precious Perez ! says:

    I’ve been playing this song over and over till I finally got this, he’s trying to say that his whole life been so busy with singing and being famous and he wants to do certain things but he just can’t, “I can’t call ya, i can’t hol ya,” I think he’s trying to say they that he wants to be contacted with loved ones and probably want to date girls but he just can’t because they are so strict on all that and then he says “can I finna find my time” like basically wait for the right time to come when he can do those certain things you know, but then again that’s my opinion on this.

  • Ash says:

    “I led myself in to the beautiful prison”
    -Jeon jungkook

  • •Joculous• says:

    Sounds crazy but my friend’s mom’s friend helped produced this song. He’s called sleepdeez. Apparently he’s worked with Rihanna and other artists too. Was shocked to hear this tho..

  • AMJ Lives says:

    Who else noticed tomorrow's beat at the end when jk goes aa aa

  • Như Quỳnh Đặng says:

    Omg!!! Jungkook

  • Kookie With Chocolate Chips says:

    1:19 "Yuh" It reminds me of Ariana Grande 😭💜💜

  • Alexis Davidson says:

    i feel that he’s trying to tell us that he’s having a hard time watching other young adults his age walking around freely when he couldn’t do that at even 13 years old .

  • sea 1630 says:


    Here I am doing a little calculation..
    We r a family of more than 3 million armies..if every army stream the upcoming music video for 30 times then it will break our previous record‼‼‼
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    On 28th feb ..I request all the armys to be on YouTube not on any site..
    If ur time permits then be there…
    See the MV and then watch 2 or 3 other bts MVs..
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    The MVs u r seeing in between must include DNA everytime..
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    After watching the MV see DNA then any other MV..
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    ‼‼important note‼‼
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    So for it..every army should use two or more accounts if they want to stream more after the 30 times..
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    Don't be on any platform other than YouTube or spotify as these are the main platforms for ARMYS .

    And make sure to repost this post as many times…
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    We two girls @ktn and @ta( we can't say our name) , who are writing this has experienced it so don't worry about it…

    To make this msg reach 3M armies is not easy..so post this always..if u want to break the record this time…

    I am ready ……ARE U??


  • Kook Bts army says:

    لما أحس أنه حزين ويخاطب شخصا يحبه ،ويخبره بأن ينتظره وسيأتي الوقت الذي سيكون فيه معه
    اتمنى لك السعادة كوكي ،كن سعيدا دائما أرجوك


    Idunno why but i think This is kehlani type of song

  • Ariana Army says:


  • TineWhups says:

    my fave song

  • Beatriz Velayos says:

    A N G E L

  • Paola Quines says:

    “Am I living this right?” – hits home

  • Paola Quines says:

    Best quarter life crisis song

  • 월명 says:

    뭐고 우원재 시차들을라고 검색하니까 이게나오네

  • btsarmytrash2.0 btsarmytrash2.0 says:

    I thought Filter, ON and Black swan and Decalcomaine killed me but this song killed me even worse!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 "I ain't crying in the club you are!"

  • Lina Lara says:


  • Jayalakshmi Mogra says:

    Our lil makhnae has grown so much 😌

  • javeriyah alee says:

    I'm crying so hard 😢 I do not know how to stop I love you my Jungkook💜 I wish I could hug him so tight I love him so much 💜 but I will still want him to get married and have beautiful intelligent children I wish him an amazing life ahead and please fans don't bother them they all are so precious please let BTS live their lives they are normal people stop running after them don't take out your cell phones to click them their are a lots of their pictures on Internet love them unconditionally 💜 I love you my JK unconditionally true love is when someone truly loves everything about you even your imperfections 💜 you will get your time my love oneday💜

  • tot_jk army says:

    عشيقي وحبيبي جونغكوك احلى اغنيه ومشاعر 💜💜

  • tot_jk army says:

    ستريم لاحلى شخص عنده شامه تحت شفته💜

  • 연이연이 says:

    넘 좋아~♡

  • Jana says:

    There is another problem coming with it. One day they will get their freedom back, but hey will not that be a difficult time for them too? I mean they in reality "fell apart" they broke that strong closeness with the real family while growing, …friends, places… while in the meantime on the other side they created so powerful and deep bond with the members of BTS while growing.
    I think it will be hard both ways with BTS or without for them.
    They are living in 2 worlds and none of them is proper 100%. They cannot win! When they are with BTS they are missing their biologic family, friends and then when they are back there I bet the boys will so much miss each other because they grew up together really.
    Feel awful for them in this mental and emotional way, none of us would want that!
    Price for the fame in South Korea I guess. 😭😭😭

  • ikram tantan says:

    wooooow i love you bts

  • Mai Ngọc Đào says:

    I know

  • Thúy Lê says:

    Jungkook của Tôi bạn hát làm tôi xúc động quá yêu bạn

  • VLMC VKTY says:

    Can’t call u/hold u is meant for a male bcos he is a ‘g**

  • sonino1 says:

    This feels like kookie is singing a love song daammmnnn it

  • luvely says:

    the lyrics made me cry

  • kdrama tv says:

    Me watching this song
    :time to sleep!!
    Me: no,i need to finish this masterpiece

    * turn off the wifi *

  • luvely says:

    I just wanna say,

    We love you, Jungkook

  • rana jk says:

    I think all what he want to say that he need some time to himself, to reconnect with his family and close ones and to find himself again cause after debuting in such a young age he lost track of the time and wasn't able to do what normal people do he keep on hiding his real feelings and what he want to do cause he is afraid of what people would think of him and he don't want to disappoint his fans so he kept on hiding under the picture of " The perfect jungkook " That his fans loved. And now he " Can't " Do anything he can't find his time but he can't help but hope for one day where he "will" Find it maybe after he stop being an idol and the media and the people will let him alone he will be able to experience the things he missed and be the real him although it maybe late.fame really took a lot of him, hope he will bring all what he lost back
    The song was so good and touching , keep on fighting jungkook we are all with you 💜

  • taekook's hoe says:

    I'm really waiting for the time when Jungkook will finally find the time to call, touch and hold whatever/whoever he wants.

  • Lab_ 0503 says:

    I'm OBSESSED With this song

  • Mariya mahmood says:

    After listening to it carefulllyy.. finally i thought that.. the words.. like i can't hold u.. i can't call u.. i think he is refering to him as a child or i mean when he was a child.. he is refering to him that i didn't enjoyed my childhood becoz of my dream… so in first and second stanza he said i can't call u i can't hold u as he cannot bring back the time and enjoy… but as he said at last .. i will hold u . I will call u… i mean he wanna say that one day he will get to enjoy everything that he hasn't. . THAT HE WILL CALL THAT CHILD ( HIS CHILDHOOD)

  • Bts Forever says:

    The chorus is so lit

  • Ali Kadra says:

    Courage jungkook. On t’aime i love you ❤️

  • Sharlan101 says:


  • akirepresentandocnvideosdel2012 says:


  • Maikurusan says:

    This is like chris brown rnb but better

  • Hawraa adel says:

    This is so sad , period

  • Medhavi Fernando says:

    i can't get this song out of my head! JEON JUNGKOOK

  • Laetitia yun says:


  • Sunny YOON says:

    His voice sounds sadly. You will have a girl friend and fall in love with someone. The day will come to you. You will live as others someday.

  • Myoui Mina says:

    I didn't know the lyrics yet before because i just listened to it on spotify when the album is out. I thought it was a love song because of the "i can't call ya, i can't hol' ya" but it was actually for his family. :')

    And Jungkook's "yeah" makes my heart beat faster

  • jungkook euphoria says:

    Im so disappointed the way armys r supporting vmins solo but not giving attention to jks solo honestly jm and tae sing like wt they r best for their singing style and in their comfort zone but jungkook he tried a diffrnt and unique type of singing and his song is so diffrnt from all bts songs and its my fav song idnt care about others……..now days o6 is always team up to not to support jks solo works but im more disappoint in jk stans why r u not supporting jks solo song its a beautiful song

  • jungkook euphoria says:

    All ppl who like jk plz support his solo song

  • Mochisip 1411 says:

    Reading the comments while listening to this song makes me even more emotional than usual. I swear I did not regret to be one of the ARMYs. Their lyrics are always touched and moved my heart whatever genre of the music is. Makes me always teach to love myself even better and grateful for everyone who has been here with me through thick and thin. Love the boys and the fandom, the family 🙂

  • KWANG DRUM says:


  • lewie so smol says:


  • Bhre Btari says:

    bro wth, it’s so good


    Kadang untuk lagu ini benar menyentuh. tapi mereka tau kok apa yang mereka mau. Sedih memang tapi itu jalan yang mereka pilih dan tujuannya jelas. Untuk sesuatu hal harus ada yang di korbankan. Dia memilih untuk itu. Sementara remaja lain memilih untuk hidup seperti pada umumnya. Positifnya dia bisa sesukses sekarang, sementara remaja lain belum menikmati apa yang dia nikmati. Ya mungkin ini hal yang hilang darinya. Tapi, dia tau apa yang di kerjakaannya kok ARMY <3
    Stay strong kookie.

  • The Garden Of Horros says:

    This song is gonna bring me to tears man 😭

  • enny abdulrauf says:

    This song reminds me of usher a lot idk why? The way he is sing it sounds like usher too. Is it just me? Ok. 👍

  • مها المعموري says:


  • Mou Sumi says:

    I love u jungkook

  • Priyadharshinin Anand says:

    The part from 0:06 to 0:15 gives me chills down my spines

  • Akmarzhan Yeldoskyzy says:

    my heart

  • 때한이 유뚭 says:

    아 왜 우원재 따라해요 진짜
    우원재 진짜팬인데 좀 짜증나네요

  • rosesfortaehyung says:

    Oh i can't call ya i can't touch ya oh i can't
    wow the reality fucking hit me


  • Taeya Clarke says:

    He is the most amazing vocalist I have ever heard in my entire life. His range is INCREDIBLE, his English is amazing, just overall an incredibly talented man!!!!!!

  • Kook Bop says:

    this song overall chefs kisses

  • Masiel estefania Rivera salguera says:

    Que voz más hermosa miamor

  • 은근효자 says:

    양심 밥말아먹었나?원조시차를 내려가게해?

  • Sonu Lama says:

    You can call me baby 😘😘

  • let's get it Jungkook says:

    Mr. Brekkie I love you

  • Love før BTS says:

    يلزم نودع يوفوريا 💜💜

  • luvely says:

    Ariana Grande who?

    I only know…

    Jeon Jungkook

  • Rauf Quliyev says:

    Thanks ❤️

  • N Adnin says:

    Dude, the lyrics. Im hurt, god jk. What have time makes u

  • Venezia Jakob says:

    This song is good but the lyrics hit me so hard, I imagine pre-debut Jungkook, a very shy passionate kid who keeps working so hard for his dream. He sacrifices so much in such a young age including his youth and his time for his parents. He was given so much responsibilities and he has no choice but to get matured in that young age because the industry he entered is cruel and not easy. I’m so glad he grew up into a wonderful person. I know time cannot be brought back but I sincerely wish him and BTS to become happy in their lives.

  • Young Majkel says:


  • Nura yonji says:

    This song is giving me summer walker vibes

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