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Hello my lovelies I hope you are well Welcome back to BSL with me Charlie and welcome back to this series where I’m breaking down level 1 Making it super fun and super easy for you guys now today’s topic is the alphabet and I feel like this is such a useful skill to have because even if you don’t know how to sign a word There’s been so many times where I’ve been like “Oh, sorry, how you say_?” and then I finger spell the word and then I learn a new sign So the first thing to remember when doing the alphabet is that your vowels all on one hand So you’ve got a e i o & u so, let’s break this down nice and slow. A you’re gonna point at your thumb B is for binoculars C is a curly c D you’re gonna bring this index up and make it a capital D E You’re gonna point at your index F. It’s like a closed hashtag like that G it’s like you’re gonna grind pepper. So G Let’s do that chunk again. So a b c d e f g Next is H and it makes me think of haaaa that smooth so H I Is your middle finger. J You’re just gonna draw a J like that. K you’re gonna make a kicking K like that L is one finger M Is three fingers and n is two fingers? Let’s do that from H. So h I J k l M N And let’s carry on. O you’re gonna point out your fourth finger here so O. P you’re gonna make a little P Q you’re gonna make a capital Q. So there’s the round bit and there’s the accent just like that So Q. Are you make an R on your hand like that? s is like a baby finger skinchie s and t you make a little capital T like that t let’s go from all so you’ve got o p q r s T and let’s do the final chunk and we’ll do it all again. So you V is just a capital V on your hand W you you’re gonna interlock your fingers just like this x you’re gonna cross index Yyou gonna make a little y like that so there’s the curvy bit at the top and there’s the stick at the bottom Y and Zed you’re gonna curve one hand and Bring the other just straight like that Let’s go from you. So you’ve got u V. W x Y and z now Let’s do the entire alphabet again, but a bit slow. We’ll get through it guys, don’t you worry so a b c d e f g h I J k l m n o p q r s t u V. W x y and z Well done guys And now i’m gonna give you a bit of a challenge just to see if you’ve been able to follow along So i’m gonna sign some words and not speak them if you think you know the answer Comment below and I will read through all the comments as usual. So first one Again Next Again And the last word it’s a bit of a big word, but I’m here to challenge you guys are you ready so And again Well done guys If you think you know the answer comment below if you want to see more videos like this hit the subscribe button just here Give it a big thumbs up, and I will see you next week for more BSL Charlie. Bye guys You

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