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Brush Pen Comparison | Calligraphy Pen Review

Brush Pen Comparison | Calligraphy Pen Review

Hey Guys, welcome back to my channel. I
just wanted to do a quick video for you today comparing a few different brush
pens. And I wanted to put something down on paper just so that you could see how
they write, how thick and thin their strokes are, and then maybe you’ll want
to try some for yourself. Before I get started remember that you can download
my free guide to brush lettering in the description box below and please like
this video if you found it helpful. And I’m just gonna write the name of every
pen that you see. So I’m gonna start off with the Tombow Dual Brush Pen. And I’m
gonna do this in my own style, not really traditional calligraphy. You can see that
the Tombow just gives you really thick downstrokes. Next we have the Sakura Koi Coloring
Brush Pen. That is quite a mouthful, but I just call it the Koi Brush Pen. You can see that you can get pretty
thick downstrokes with this guy. Not as thick as Tombow, but pretty close. Then we have the old school Crayola. Oh it’s windy today guys. You can kind
of hear the wind chimes outside. So here’s your old school Crayola just like
what we used when we were in school. You can get really thick downstrokes with
the Crayola as well, although I would recommend you not starting with the
Crayola because you should know your hand pressure before trying this marker
out. The tip isn’t as flexible as the Tombow or Sakura so it is helpful to
know your hand pressure – how heavy or light-handed you are – before giving this
a try. This is a Sharpie Stain Pen. It’s actually for fabrics, but I started using
it a year or so ago because I really liked how vibrant the colors are. It writes really smooth and it might even be showing up like
really bright for you – almost like a highlighter – but in person the colors are
super vibrant and it’s a really like juicy ink. And then we have our small
brush pens. So this is a Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen. It comes in 12 different
colors – whoops – comes in 12 different colors and it is a smaller brush pen. And you can still get quite a thick downstroke with this guy. You can see the variance in the widths here between the
thick and the thin and this is really nice to use if maybe you’re addressing
envelopes or doing escort cards or you have a smaller surface to write on. Then
we have the Tombow – so same company as the Dual Brush Pen – this is the Tombow
Fudenosuke Pen and it is the hard tip. It only comes in black, but oh my
gosh guys look at that thin upstroke. Again I would use this if I had to do
some envelopes or had a really small surface or even if I wanted a more
formal look something to mimic pointed pen, but I didn’t want to use pointed pen,
I would use this guy. This is my go-to. And then last we have the Tombow Twin
Tip. So same maker is this and as the large brush pen, but this guy has a grey
end and a black end and it’s really similar to the Fudenosuke. Let’s that’s write twin. I think that’s a really nice gray color. And again you can see right here the
thin upstrokes and the thick downstrokes. It has a really great variance in width
which is what you’re looking for when you’re doing calligraphy. So there you go
guys these are some of my favorite brush pens. I always have them in my pencil
pouch. If you haven’t tried one of these before I definitely recommend giving it
a try. You might find a new pen that you like and if there are any other pens
that you want me to try out let me know in the comments below and then I can do
a little review for you or I can show you another comparison like this.

3 Replies to “Brush Pen Comparison | Calligraphy Pen Review”

  • Joyce Gutierrez says:

    Are there any brush pens you'd like me to review?

  • Ashley Keleshian says:

    Could you review the Kelly Creates brush pens? They are new and available at Michael’s. They put out three packs. I would really like to know what you think before I purchase them. Thank you!

  • Sophie Dormer says:

    Oh, I've been trying to use the wrong Crayola markers, that why I can't get the right strokes lol. I've just found your videos and I wanted to ask a question because I think I've been doing my loops wrong. When I go from the thin bit of a loop into the downstroke, my pen drags a little and sometimes the tip seems to jerk to the different angle. It doesn't sound right and I just got a Tombow I don't want to damage with bad technique (they're very expensive in Australia). Is that normal or should I work on my loops until that doesn't happen anymore with a cheaper brush marker?

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