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Brush Pen Blending Techniques

Brush Pen Blending Techniques

Brush pen blending techniques Water-soluble brush pens like the Kuretake Fudebiyori or Tombow Dual brush pens are extremely versatile They can be used to create brush lettering or color artwork In this video we’ll show you some tips on how to blend using felt tip markers Use a blending palette A blending palette will allow you to transition from one color to the next Color on a plastic surface or a blending palette using the darker color Drag the tip of the lighter color through the ink on the palette Now you’re ready to write Transfer color between tips Touching the tips of two markers together will also create a similar effect Put the darker color on top so the ink flows downward from the darker color to the lighter color As you write the original color will slowly return Use water to lighten the color Pull color out of a pen by dipping the tip in water As you letter with it the ink will return to the tip and the lettering will gradually go from a light color back to the original color Blend with a water brush You can also blend with a water brush to create a watercolor effect Draw an outline with a brush pen Then use the water brush to blend out the color Use a colorless blender With a colorless blender you can blend in any direction Start with a lighter color Add the darker color on top Then use a colorless blender to spread out the darker color We hope you found this video helpful Share your blending tricks with everyone in the comments below And check out the brush pens we used in this video at Thanks for watching

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