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Branded font for Ahrefs? // How we “stole” an author box / Using podcast interviews for leadgen?

Branded font for Ahrefs? // How we “stole” an author box / Using podcast interviews for leadgen?

as I was editing the first episode of
the vlog I realized that I don’t look very smart on camera but I think I figured how to fix it
there you go now I’m sure I look super smart on camera and you can start the
vlog welcome to the second episode of SaaS
marketing vlog a video series where I’m casually sharing what is happening in
our marketing department our recent wins our least recent losses and probably
some thought process because behind our actions and our tactics so today we have
quite a lot to discuss let me see let me reference my notes a custom form that
we’re designing for Ahrefs new author box that we have implemented on
our blog the podcast interviews that I was doing since the beginning of the
year new format of featured images for our blog articles a small list building
hack that we’ve implemented and finally a few thoughts on the product launches
so if that sounds good let’s go so let’s start with the custom font that we’re
designing for Ahrefs you might be wondering what does a custom font have
to do with marketing well I see at least two positives the first one is
recognizability of our marketing materials and our brand in general I
think about it when you’re watching videos on YouTube you probably see those
banners at the bottom of the video and those banners usually companies like
we’re talking about SaaS company so SaaS companies would retarget people
who already visited their website with custom branded banners to get those
people back to their website and get them to subscribe to their service so
what they do on this banner they they need to make the banner resemble the
design of their website the visual appearance of their brand so what they
do they use brand colors they use brand logo and maybe some design patterns
patterns that they have on their homepage and that’s pretty much it now
what happens if you have a custom branded font you can pretty much use any
picture you can use any design but as soon as you put your custom phone on it
it is immediately recognizable given that people have visited your website
before or saw some of your other marketing materials I don’t know Flyers
videos banners etc to be honest I think it might be a little hard for you
to grasp the awesomeness of the recognizability
of branded font just from me talking about it so useful I’ll be showing you
fonts that I’ve taken from the logos of very successful brands and you’ll be
guessing which brand is that so where do you think this font comes from I’ll give
you a second it’s Facebook what about this font one more second it’s Google
and what about this font I’m sure you’ve recognized it it’s
coca-cola let me know in comments if you were able to guess three out of three or
two out of three or you didn’t guess anything at all but I think the the
typeface is the the fonts that I showed you that are coming from the logos of
Facebook Google and coca-cola are super recognizable and think what happens when
you have entirely custom branded font and not just logo and you use it across
all your marketing materials this is pretty powerful so that’s the first one
it custom font improves the recognizability of your marketing
materials and all your like brand work second is the actual quality and also
consistency of you all your branded marketing communications think about it
if you have a few designers on your team and some of them need to work on your
website some of them need to work on the Flyers that you distribute
on conferences some of them will be designing those banners that you see in
you in YouTube videos so when you have custom font custom recognizable phone
that you don’t see anywhere else on on any other websites being used everywhere
on your website in your banners in your printed materials it creates that sense
of consistency and also the sense of quality and trust me I’ve seen the first
previews of how our website in different sections of our website will look with
that custom font that we’re designing for ourselves and it’s beautiful
unfortunately I cannot show you in examples of the phone that we’re working
on for Ahrefs because it is still unfinished so this is a work in progress
but what I can show you is one of my favorite fonts I’m actually a big fan of
typography and that is a font of a city in Russia it’s st. Petersburg quite a
big city so right now you see on screen a bunch of text that is written with
that font and think about it there’s there’s pretty much only text almost no
other graphic materials and the thing looks beautiful so you just print it on
like a4 sheet and it’s already amazing you can already distribute it on
conferences because it looks amazing it looks very branded it looks very unique
so this is the power of custom font and then if you look how easy it is to
retain like when you use when you have custom font how easy it is to retain
consistency across all your brand materials all your branded materials
whether they are Flyers stickers merchandise etc etc you just put a few
lines of text on a t-shirt using your custom font and there you have it you
have a branded t-shirt you don’t need to invest anything else so for for our
branded t-shirt for Ahrefs we had to like use our logo to make it
recognizable but once we have our custom font we’ll
be able to write anything and people will recognize it because they will see
that font on our website and our marketing materials even in our videos
everywhere so that is pretty powerful for branding and for marketing but back
to that font of st. Petersburg I think it is an absolute work of art I fell in
love with it the moment I saw it and imagine my surprise when I discovered
that the author of that font of Saint Petersburg is actually married to one of
our designers so the moment these dots connected for me I knew that we were
going to have a custom font for Ahrefs and she will be the one to create
that custom font for us because like I trust her entirely she did such a good
job not only with that font she has a ton of experience I’d love to talk more
about typography and about the whole process of how we were discussing and
how we are in the process of creating that custom branded font for a chest but
unfortunately it is hard to talk about it
without showing you the actual results and they cannot do this because it’s
still a work in progress so I guess it will be a cliffhanger for so that you
watch the next episode because as soon as the font is ready I’ll happily
present it to you so let’s move to the next thing and the next thing that I
wanted to tell you about in this episode is new author box that we have new
beautiful author box that we have on our blog right now just go to ahrefs.com/blog open any article scroll to the bottom and you’ll see it well as
well as you see it right now in the video so where
the idea of this of this box came from I actually was browsing Seige Media blog
and noticed that at the end of the articles they have a beautiful big
author box that wasn’t just featuring like a small photo that can barely fit a
face of the author and it like was like 80 to 80 pixels or something
but they were using a huge photograph that was cut somewhere around the belly
button and it looked stunning and it gave a lot of credit to the author of
the post I immediately realized that I want to have that on Ahrefs blog there
are at least two reasons why I love that big author box so much so first of all
it shows you that the content was written by a human so sometimes as we
were browsing the web we forget that it doesn’t exist by its own it was created
by humans and when you’re reading article is basically you having
one-sided but conversation with the person so that author box reminds that
there is a human being behind that article and helps you kind of better
connect with the author of the website so that’s the first thing second it is
amazing for personal branding because those small avatars that those small
profile pictures that can barely fit your face in them they kind of damage
your own recognized ability as a person so when you later go to a conference and
people have to recognize you just by that small avatar where a lot of people
don’t even look in real life the same way as they look or on the avatars but
yeah I think that those bigger pictures help your personal branding and they
think that members of our marketing team for contributing articles for our blog
are also a little bit more motivated to do a good job with their articles
because there’s a huge photo of them at the end so yeah huge thanks to Ross
Hudgens from Siege Media for the amazing idea of the author box I’m enjoying the
data author box on Ahrefs blog a lot and actually I didn’t kind of steal it
as is I found a small way to improve it to make it unique to each other’s blog
so the thing is whenever we publish an article in Ahrefs blog
even though we previously had a single author at the top like with avatar their
name and their shot author bio in reality our articles are not entirely written by
one person so we collaborate on articles and pretty much anyone can contribute if
they have any specific thoughts or we often also ask for feedback from our
colleagues because as you know two heads are always better than one and that
times those contributions can be pretty lodged so I felt this was kind of unfair
that a few people might invest their knowledge mind invest their effort into
creating an amazing article but then at the end there’s only a single author
who’s getting all the credit for the article this is why now now that we have
that large author box with a lot of real estate on it we’re using a bit of that
real estate to add the the contributors of the article to showcase a few more
people who contributed their thoughts or ideas or helped to find the article in
some way so this way everyone is happy because you get credit for all your work
and the readers of Ahrefs blog can actually see that we care a lot about
our content so much that we actually involve many people into creating every
single article so there’s that next up is podcast interviews so this year I’ve
set myself a goal to be a guest on at least 20 podcast episodes and they
managed to achieve this goal approximately four months in so whenever
I talk to my offline or online friends about this goal they all naturally want
to know how did it go and if I’m going to repeat this again so let me
share some of the insights about this with you guys first of all I just think
that podcast introduced have a great ROI of your time – the exposure
that you get especially considering that you get two or even three types of
exposure depending on how you look at it first of all you get exposure for
yourself personally as a personal brand as I don’t know influence or thought
leader you name it second you get exposure for your company brand so more
people will hear your your company name more people will hear what you’re doing
and third you get exposure for specific things specific use cases are specific
problems that your company is solving and I don’t know maybe I can even add
number four because you get exposure for ideas that are that are later credited
to you and you can get all that from investing like two hours on your time
like one hour for the actual interview sometimes even a little bit less and
then one hour for the communication before you get on that interview and
after you get on the interview so yet two hours of your time and you get your
your message your personal brand your company brand and you get to talk about
your company and the problems that it solves to hundreds sometimes thousands
of listeners now as marketers I’m sure you might be wondering like yeah
exposure is all good but like give me something tangible do you get leads do
you get sales from doing podcast interviews well to be honest I don’t
look at podcast interviews as a way to generate leads of sales and actually
early on when I tried to use podcasts as a marketing channel to bring leads to Ahrefs we we try to sponsor them so we had sponsored messages and we created a
unique promo code and we created a unique landing page that was like with
the unique URL for each podcast so that they could send their listeners to that
URL and we could track how many how many people they’re sending us and we also
had like a special deal I think it was 30 percent discount for the first like
six months of using our software which is like a super sweet deal because they
trev’s doesn’t do any discounts at all but for the sake of like tracking leads
we we wanted to do that so once the set up was ready and we fired the sponsored
messages in the podcast what we saw is that cost per lead was like through the
roof I think it was over $1,000 per person who signed up who paid for the
first month of Ahrefs so this was pretty expensive and at that moment I
thought that I’m not going to do podcasts ever again as a marketing
channel but then I realized that podcast is not about lead generation as much as
they are about exposure getting your message getting your personal brand
getting your company brand in front of lots and lots of people in just small
investment of your time have you heard of the mere-exposure effect this is a
concept from psychology that says that people are more likely to choose things
that they are familiar with so the more people hear about you I don’t know on
different blogs and different podcasts and different conferences the more
likely they are to you’d the more likely they are to trust
you as a professional to trust your company to use your your services over
any other things that they’ve heard about less so that’s about it and this
is why I think that podcasts are a great investment of your time if you are
willing to do something along these lines other than that you get to connect
with awesome people in your industry plus a lot of awesome people in the
industry here your interviews and reach out to you later with like some offers
or deals or just to become friends and retain a relationship and also what I’ve
noticed after doing like more than 20 podcast interviews in four months is
that my following on different social channels like Twitter LinkedIn Facebook
started to grow like never before which means that people are actually listening
to their to those interviews they’re learning learning something and they
want to connect with me on these channels now let me share a small
downside of that whole thing I and the downside is that I was doing everything
by myself well apart maybe from creating a huge
list of podcasts per day where I can pitch myself but then I was researching
each podcast before pitching myself I was writing an email pitch myself or
alternatively I’ve also learned that there are companies that can do this all
for you and they already have a network of podcasts that they have
relationship please so they can easily pitch you to the podcast host they know
already podcastbookers.com or interviewconnections.com now I’m not
vouching for any of them I didn’t try them so it’s not a recommendation in
just for you to know that these companies exist so you might reach out to a
few of them if you want to do podcast interviews and negotiate with them if
you want to use their help to get featured on different podcasts next one
we have created a new format of featured images for our blog articles now if
you’re not familiar with what featured image is this is an image that Twitter
or Facebook or LinkedIn will pull whenever you share a URL on the social
network so they try to make their timeline more beautiful people like to
look at the visuals not just read text so what we were doing previously
actually four best articles that we publish on our blog we have a dedicated
dedicated illustrator we would come up with some interesting scenario with some
interesting scene that we want to design we have a guy with the red
beard who almost acts like a mascot for our blog content and we put him in all
sorts of situations and we have a dedicated illustrator who is taking care
of those images and they look pretty awesome so what we were doing before
that we were featuring that image at the top of the article and we were also
cropping it and using the same image on those social networks at first I thought
that it was pretty awesome and I think people enjoyed seeing those images but
I’m not sure about our audience but maybe just me because they see those
images so much but I developed some kind of fatigue for looking at those kind of
comics illustrations of our bearded guy in different situations another issue that
I realized we had with those images is that they don’t have any text on it
wild Facebook whenever you’re advertising something on Facebook
because we also want to advertise our articles Facebook allows you to occupy
up to 20% of image real estate with text and with our kind of default featured
images for our blog articles we were not using it we were just placing that
illustration as is and it took the entire space of the image so I realized
we need to do something else I wanted to put some text on the image but as soon
as you put text you cannot feed the whole illustration so we figured we can
just take some detail from the original illustration and put it next to test
text and it will still look cool because the the details from the illustration
are still custom and by the way text we’re going to use our custom font there
soon which will look even more stunning but yeah
right now I think our feature featured image first of all it has the the big
text on it so that people whenever they scroll through their timeline on Twitter
or Facebook they instantly see what the article is about because we have text on
that image and we have like some detail from the bigger illustration so that
featured image almost acts acts like a cliffhanger as a preview as a teaser for
the entire illustration that they will see once they click on an image so this
is why I like the format of our new featured illustrations more and it
doesn’t really take more time to create because we use the same
illustration just just part of it for the image and add text and we get a custom
good-looking image plus I think our new featured images don’t overload people
with a lot of unnecessary detail that are okay if you have a large
illustration that occupies almost like your entire screen as opposed to a small
cropped image that you see on Facebook whenever you’re scrolling the
timeline on your mobile phone other than that we are working to define the
format the style of the featured images that are not based on the bigger
illustrations with our beard guy but to be honest I struggle to describe what
we’re doing there is just like visually I’m trying to give our design the right
direction if I like them or not and so far this is what we have let me show
you a few examples one two three wow I’m a magician and yes small update but I
actually think that visuals are super important and the way your brand is
represented on social networks in different banners and the way your
articles look when people open your blog it is very important so we invest
actually a lot of effort and a lot of money into creating those custom
illustrations every time we’re publishing an article okay now let me share with
you a very small list building hack in the previous episode of SaaS Marketing
Vlog I told you that we’ve implemented that slide-in form that appears whenever
you scroll to or read preferably read actually to the very bottom of the
article on our blog we thought that the static form is not as eye-catching so we
decided that we’ll have a slide-in that will for sure catch your attention and
people will know that they can subscribe to our updates if if they want but what
I forgot to mention is that a lot of people who are reading our blog are
actually customers of Ahrefs and they are not subscribed to email
updates from our blog so what we can do are given that they are logged in to
their Ahrefs account it means that we’ll know their email it means that whenever
they visit our blog and they see that form sliding we can pre-fill that email
for them and to make it not super creepy we always have a message like we know
your email because you have an account with Ahrefs and this little hack
actually makes it easier for people to sign up to the to
our blog updates because their email is already prefilled all they need is to
click OK and then of course confirm their email because we don’t want to
spend people unless they specifically want our emails but yeah you don’t have
to type in your email you just have to click Subscribe and that’s it it’s not
our idea I actually saw quite a few SaaS companies do that but I think it
is a neat trick and it just makes it easier for people to subscribe to your
blog updates given that they are your customers already speaking of which what
we do at Ahrefs whenever you sign up for Ahrefs whenever you start the
trial or whenever you buy account we walk you through the steps of setting up
to your account and we have a screen with email notifications where according
to GDPR rules we have to ask you if you want to get updates about new
feature releases and what’s happening in the company and we also offer you to
subscribe to our blog updates which you can do by activating a toggle and
according to our data one in five sign ups would activate the
toggle so we get blog subscribers this way and this is pretty cool so if you if
you’re running a SaaS company and you have a blog with awesome content make
sure that you offer people who subscribe who become your customers to
automatically subscribe to your blog updates please don’t subscribe them by
default but give them this option and make sure that they will specifically
choose an option to receive your blog updates and the final thing that I want
to share with you in this second episode of our vlog is product launches so
recently we we have created we have launched a new version of our product
dashboard and whenever you release something new you have to do you have to
think about three things first of all how would your existing customers know
about the feature that you have released okay with with dashboard that we have
released it is a little bit more obvious because this is the first thing that
people see when they log in so they kind of see the change but sometimes you add
features inside your toolset inside your SaaS that are not as obvious so
you have to think of how would existing customers know about it second you need
to think how customers who you will have two weeks or like two months from now
will about this feature so this is super
interesting and this is something marketers should always keep in mind and
third you should think about how your prospective customers have your
potential customers and pretty much how almost everyone in the industry would
know that you have this kind of feature so the answers to the those question
will give you a foundation of how your product launches or feature launches
should look like Here at Ahrefs we solve it by having two
checklists now first checklist is whenever we have
a major update we have five tools in Ahrefs we’re a toolkit so whatever we
revamped like almost from the scratch a new tool we add a lot of new
functionality to it will have a major release and we have a checklist of all
the things we have to do whenever we do that major release or sometimes you
might add a small feature and for the small feature you don’t want to have as
many launch activities you don’t want to irritate like as many people with
something not as important as a big tool update but clearly the features and the
tools that you release are you update the magnitude of those updates is not
the same so we are not very stringent with how we follow those two product
launch checklist whether it’s a tool or a feature we’re actually are doing
something in-between so based on the importance of the feature or tool that
we are releasing we would pick the the necessary activities from our product
launch checklist but you probably want to know what exactly we have in those
checklists and what what we are doing to promote new tools and features that
we release in Ahrefs well to be honest I think it could easily be a topic of an
entirely separate video and I’ll be happy to share with you like everything
we’re doing but to give you just a few examples first of all if we know if the
marketing department knows that a tool release is a major one so we’re doing
something groundbreaking we’re doing a huge update we would actually start from
teasing it so we have our Facebook group and I would personally post some teasers
some screenshots of the functionality that we are about to add to get our
community excited about it then we would also post those screenshots or like even
some .gifs (or .gifs) of how the tool is coming to life then we sometimes even
create a teaser video and promote it on YouTube to let people
in our industry know that a brand new tool is coming soon so yeah we have some
pre-launch activities if we know that the launch will be something major
then on the actual launch of course we would use the in-app notifications for
your active customers so that whenever people log into their account online
they will see some kind of pop-up usually we use intercom then you may
also want to send an email to all of your customers and why would you want to
do both send email to everyone and also in-app notification to everyone first of
all I don’t really see how it hurts because if you if you’re paying for
software you should be okay with the updates with the upgrades of the
software that you’re paying for especially if it comes at no cost for
you and secondly quite often the person who is buying the software and setting
up their email account for all the correspondence is not the person who is
using it so you want to notify both the person who purchased the account it
could be a boss it could be a chief marketing officer or marketing manager
etc and these could be like individual people who are using the software and
everyone should know about your updates then of course you you have to promote
new feature on all your social networks whenever wherever the customers of your
software are following you they want to get updates from you you have to post
the news about the new functionality on the social networks and those who should
make sure to update your website your landing pages so whenever people are
browsing your website to see what you’re offering what kind of functionality
you’re offering you have to make sure that all new features that you release
make it there I mean don’t get yourself in a situation where your software is
all amazing and advanced but your website haven’t been updated for two
years so yeah that was just a general overview of some of the most basic
things that we do whenever we launch a new feature or new tool but if you’re
interested in the topic let me know in comments if you want me to create a
dedicated video about product and feature launches and give some of my
thoughts and ideas as well as our own experience at Ahrefs of how our marketing
department is launching different tools and features and that’s pretty much it
we’re done with the actual content of the second vlog episode and here I
promised you a contest at the end of the you know at the end of the episode where
you’ll get a chance to win a 30-minute consultation with me so here’s what you
need to do to be eligible for winning 30-minute consultation with me I figured
that we can make the comments section to this video as much valuable if not more
valuable than the actual video so what I want you to do is I want you to comment
to leave a comment sharing some of your own experience your own ideas on the
things that I’ve discussed in this episode let me remind you I discussed a
custom font whether you have experience with this or not new author box that we
have on our blog maybe you know any other like design tricks that you can do
to enhance the appearance of your blog articles podcast interviews I wonder if
you have experience with that and what you can advise me or anyone else who
will be watching the video and reading the comments then featured images for
your blog articles I wonder how you guys are solving this then we discussed a
small list building hack of pre filling email of your customers whenever you
know it and finally product launches which is actually a huge topic well if
you have something interesting to say about product launches for example if
you’ve launched in Producthunt and you got a lot of customers this way so yeah
please share any of your knowledge experience thoughts or comments on the
things that I’ve discussed in this episode and the most valuable comment or
actually the most awesome comment I I’m not sure if I will pick the winner just
by the value or just a little bit arbitrary to give a chance to others to
win will get 30 minute consultation with me so yeah I’m looking forward to
your thoughts on what’s happening in our marketing department and I’ll see you in
the next episode bye

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    1:20 branded font, why we decided to invest in it
    2:40 a little quiz – will you guess a brand by its font?
    6:54 why our new Author Box is not really ours
    10:30 podcast interviews, are they good for getting leads?
    15:28 featured images for blog articles – time for a change
    19:25 small list building “hack” that we oversaw at first
    20:55 how we invite new customers to subscribe to our blog
    21:50 product launch checklist – 3 points to consider
    26:55 giveaway!

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    Awesome video again, Tim!

    About featured images, we`re using custom dimensions for all social media – 600×315. What are the dimensions which you use in Ahrefs for different social media and your blog?

    Author information is a good idea and I`ll work on implementation on our blog as well.

    About Product Launches depends on the update as you mention, Typically, we at Brosix write news about the update and share it on our social media channels, and send it to our free users, if it`s a big update we send it to our clients by email, sometimes, we do a press releases.

    Actually, after watching your video, we`re going to implement a live chat on our control panel, because we`ve been planned to do it, but we never implemented, but as you mentioned on the video, sometimes contact person, and the administrator in our case are different people and this will add value to us.

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    1 – Major release: Popup modals
    2 – Minor release: Slide outs
    3 – Micro-release: hotpsot tooltips.
    4 – We also have a checklist feature that we recommend if there's entirely new update.

    I love it how you add product adoption and feature adoption.

    Some ideas, I am also recommending here:

    Like use – signup page for a release (drift does that)
    Use something like beamer or headway to share announcements

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    Though not a custom font per se, a client once bought a cool font they intended to use for branding. They didn't really appreciate the value of it, so they never made much out of it. As for custom featured images for blog articles, I think this is important but not always practical for small business owners who are not artistic or who are on a shoestring budget.

  • The Digital Project Manager says:

    On podcasts: we've also found that they're great exposure—and the quality of that exposure shouldn't be underestimated. Only humans listen to podcasts (so far, I think) so it's clearer for us to tell what people are interested in (by listens, duration) and it also helps us understand how many people in our community really want to be involved on a deeper level. Website traffic tells you one thing; podcast listens tells you something completely different. Plus, we're experimenting with using podcasts as a way to generate content quickly on new sites—as you've pointed out, the coordination takes time, but the amount of high quality stuff you can create in a short time is impressive. Haven't done it long enough to know if it works yet and what the tricks are – we're working out the kinks… stay tuned.

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    1. We checked our competitors' backlinks related to podcasts. With the help of Ahrefs, we had a list of 47 potential podcasts in less than two hours.

    2. Through outreaching, we did an A/B test.

    In A we said that we are Omnisend, we are growing fast and we want to share our company's success story.

    In B we presented our CEO's story as the main topic.

    We got better results by pitching a person, not a company.

    3. For some podcasts interviews, we waited a few months, for some podcasts releases, we waited 3 months. So don't expect the podcasts to be published immediately.

    P.S. It's a good idea to reach out to agencies for podcasts.
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  • Dominique Lessard says:

    I want to know what's on your launch checklist 🙂

  • Mark Webster says:

    Hey Tim, there is a 4th category to think about for product launches. That is influencers/reviewers/affiliates. Whenever you release a new feature or change your UI, it affects other people who are talking about your product. Our reviews of your tools or content in our courses are prime examples. We always strive to keep these up to date. Would be great to have some forewarning about such changes. I couldn't find a changelog on your site either, to keep track of this. Do you guys have any idea how this side of things could be improved?

  • Artyom Knyazev says:

    One question: Have you ever seen Google or Coca-Cola use its custom font anywhere except logo?

  • Kenny Asif says:

    2 out of 3
    fb font failed me 🙁

  • Himanshu - says:

    I am watching because of this guy! 😎 recently, sent you a message on LinkedIn. Please revert back asap.

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