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BOUNCY LETTERING – An Easy Tutorial on How To do Bouncy Calligraphy Style

BOUNCY LETTERING – An Easy Tutorial on How To do Bouncy Calligraphy Style

(Chelle) Dont’ do that—(little boy) why? Don’t! Why! Cause I’m recording!
okay here we go. ready? (little boy sings) okay say action-ACTION! Hi! It’s Chelle with The Lemonade Store,
and today we’re gonna go over bouncy style lettering. what is it? how do we do
it? and it’s not difficult we’re gonna go over a super simple way of doing it and
kind of my own little tips of course because, you know, I don’t really like to
keep it to too difficult. so so far we’ve gone over faux calligraphy my tips and techniques
on Crayola calligraphy and I’ll link to those below and then so this will be a
bouncy style calligraphy and I want to thank you guys so much we hit a thousand
likes on the sharpie brush pen video so that’s the first time I ever got that on
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people can find us so today we’re going to talk about bouncy lettering and let’s
get started. okay let’s get started with just amazing a simple handwriting
practice that I got for my kids for practicing their handwriting and we
can we can use the same for talking about bouncy lettering so when we’re
doing bouncy lettering the idea is that you are going to go above a line or
below a line to get that bouncy effect so for exaggerations I’m gonna make this
my top line and this my bottom ones I’m gonna use two of the the grids the idea
for me when I do bouncy lettering is that I really don’t follow any
rules you want to just kind of make your letters bounce let’s say I’m starting up
here okay and I’m gonna do a B – I will, depending on the letter I will come
below my baseline or if it’s got like a loop to it like the B I will make the
rounded part come below the baseline here and that will give the illusion
that we’re doing a balance so if we’re gonna do let’s say an n my initial step
of the N will fall on my line but when I come back down that’s gonna go below and
it gives it that balance you look and here I’m using this sharpie stain
pens which I really like they have a brush tip if you haven’t tried these
these are really actually one of my favorite pens so kind of check these out
– these are kind of cool and they come in black and some bright
colors but I wish they had more so we have the idea for me is I usually will
extend it like on this the second part so like if I’m doing an L I might come
up on my L like normal hit the top and then I might come down below the
baseline so that will give us the bounce so if I’m gonna write my name which is
Chelle let’s say I do I’m going to use this as my top guide
and this is my bottom guide so when do you might my C and then I’m gonna do my
h and that should come down probably to
the baseline and then you’re gonna come up and I would bounce
second part of my h my e, I would probably keep my e right there in the
middle but my L I would bounce my L and then I would bounce my other L and then
my e I would keep it normal so the idea and I know this is super
simplified version but the idea is that you want to kind of break the rules of
this is your baseline and this is your acsender line okay so let’s say we get the
idea of you get to break the rules of going above the line or below the line
if there it doesn’t even have to be all consistent you can do some letters above
some letters below anything that’s gonna give you that idea that you are kind of
bouncing it around with your lettering so let’s say you have a couple of
different words like and you’re gonna try and fit them all together you can do
bouncy style to fit things like in like let’s say we have like this oval shape
and you want to say something like you do your I and then let’s say you
want to do like your your L gonna go above and we’re gonna drop like the
v down then when I come in I’d say I want to do you I would come in and maybe
bring up this up here to fill in this space but my o is gonna be way down
here to fill in that space and then my u would be up there so the idea is
you’re bouncing the different letters to make a condensed space or to fill in a
shape those are I mean I’m super simplifying it but my goal is to kind of
tell you that if you have a strict guideline break it be a rebel and break
break the guidelines and test it out and once you get the idea of kind of doing
different letters like different styles of letters so like
sometimes I don’t do my eye like this you know maybe this eye I can you know
fit it in somewhere a little bit easier or just like the way it looks I guess if
I were to say here’s some homework for you guys you can grab you know a piece
of guidelines are really any piece of paper it doesn’t just draw you know like
a top and a bottom line and just go through and write some different styles
of alphabets kind of give yourself you know some leeway and experimenting so if
you wanted to do like a regular lowercase a let’s say you come in but
even though you’re gonna drop that second stem below the line or let’s say
you’re gonna do like you know I would actually just go through and do all of
your alphabet kind of see which letters you would like
to bounce and which ones you like to keep normal they usually keep the ones
that have a curve like a C or an e I usually keep those normal and small but
it doesn’t matter you can you can do whatever you want I keep my D the same
but I will bounce that part of the D so that would be your homework go an
experiment and just see how you like it and if you don’t like it then don’t do
it but you’ll get an idea and then you can practice with different maybe like I
wouldn’t don’t don’t go too crazy with like a ton of different like a big
paragraph of words kind of keep it to like three or four words so that you can
have fun experimenting with like how we did that I love you then that way you
can kind of you know play with but I like how that V comes way down right and
then you can squeeze in a little tiny u right below it so that way you kind of
have fun and and and see what you like let’s do some letter
let’s letter some of our subscriber names and let’s see we could do it in
bouncy style we’ll do a couple and see what we got so let’s grab a few and I
think I’m gonna grab some Crayola markers so here’s all of our letters
okay so I’m gonna just for everybody out okay and I’m gonna grab I’m gonna grab
like let’s do like – so we’ve got Judi who’s been super supportive awesome Judi
I saw her doing a bunch of comments this last couple days I’m super appreciative
thank you Judi and then let’s see you guys have been
awesome actually the support has been so moving for me
Sushila a cool name okay so let’s do those two names and if you would like to
get your name lettered just drop me a note in one of the comments below we’re
gonna do Judi I’m gonna emphasize the J cuz I love doin J’s I’m gonna make a little yu but I’m
gonna bounce that second part of the d I’m probably gonna bounce like
that and then I’m gonna grab maybe some pretty color here first to see that and
for Sushila I might so see how I kind of bounce seeing my letters and here I’m
gonna take my s and move it past the D and that’s gonna give me room and if I
want to fill this space I might toss in like a flourish and all of this is just
practicing different styles like the means not my favorite H in the world
that I’ve ever done but you get the idea like you can say okay that kind of fits
like that and if you want to use like a pencil and you’re doing like a sketch
out I would probably recommend a pencil first and then you can move your letters
to fit into the spaces that you want thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you next time don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
and thank you

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