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Bluebeam Revu Guide For Civil

Bluebeam Revu Guide For Civil

The tools in Revu are very simple. Anybody can use them. It’s just more of an adoption thing
than anything else. [Revu for Civil] As an engineer I use CAD. There’s so many aspects to civil engineer that aren’t really CAD heavy. Out in the field, you’re not going be using CAD you’re going to be using PDFs. I think the place for engineers with Revu is when it comes to document review, quality control. So I’ve done my design. I’ve created the documents. Now, before I submit to the city I want to have my teammates check my work. My manager, he doesn’t know CAD. What do I do? I give him a piece of paper. He marks it up with pen… No. Use the Revu. Have him use the markups and then when I get the comments back from him, I can actually read what he wrote and I don’t have to decipher his handwriting. When it comes to workflows, one thing that I always like to say is that’s where profiles come into play. You go create a profile and I get access to those tools I’ve got the standard markup there in my tool set and it’s just there ready to be used. Saves me a ton of time. If I’m doing quantities, I set a profile and I’ve got those tools ready. If I’m doing an erosion control plan, I have inlet protection. I go through and I create the markup for the inlet protection. I go put it on all the different inlets. How many do I have? It’s right there in the Markups List, or I can link it to an Excel file and get quantities and assign costs. Once they’re set up, the contractor that’s out in the field that’s been doing this for 40 years that never wants to touch a computer ever. It’s easy for them to use. I think what it comes down to is just simplicity.

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