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BIM Workflow – in Arabic

BIM Workflow – in Arabic

This is the cycle of BIM workflow Where we use several programs Not only a single program … As agreed, Revit is one of the most important BIM programs But many other programs are also used in the project design For instance, … At programming stage You may use Excel, Smart sheet or other spreadsheet programs To calculate the areas of building components Then, you move to conceptual design stage At this stage, you usually use sketchup, Rhino, or Revit itself Revit has the ability to create massing and study volumes and areas And analyze your building at conceptual stage The next stage here would be detailed design stage, with its sub-stages From schematic until the end of detailed design And you’ll find many programs to handle this phase Like Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla Microstation and MagiCAD Many programs that you may use for this purpose

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