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BEST WAYS To Make Artwork For Your Font – Illustrator Typography Tutorial

BEST WAYS To Make Artwork For Your Font – Illustrator Typography Tutorial

what is up people welcome back to
Satori graphics home of design content right here on YouTube
he’s typography Tuesday the series we’re bringing you guys a graphic design
tutorial or a video every single Tuesday that’s based around typography design if
you want to skip the intro moved the timecard in the corner to jump right
into today’s tutorial now last week on typography Tuesday’s I showed you guys
my new fun I made myself script Satori and also showed you how to use font self
to actually generate a font file of um artwork but today I’m going to show you
guys how to make the artwork itself with two different methods in Adobe
Illustrator so follow along and jump into my tutorial today here at
typography Tuesday on how to design your artwork for your very own font in two
different methods this is the first method of creating
your very entire graph you are working in the ability straighter in involves
the use of a Wacom tablet or any drawing tablet for that matter if you don’t have
a drawing table where you simply don’t want to listen to this method skipped
the timecard in the corner for the second method in today’s tutorial you
want to plot the rule is to access the guides and to do this press command will
control I and then simply drag the guides down to fit your hand lettering
topography into you can adjust the color of your guides as well as them being
dots or lines in the illustrator preferences right here if you right to
control click the artboard you can lock and hide the guides if you feel that you
need to we are going to be creating a calligraphy brush for a typography
artwork so go ahead and open up the brushes window here a lot of these
settings will be personal preference to you and your hand lettering for the
third and final setting should be set to pressure so when you press harder on the
drawing tablet the line will become thicker this is essential for some
quality hand lettering typography artwork
now these settings might take some time to experiment with and to get right when
you already take the tablet pen and start drawing your lettering between the
guides if you feel this headings are not right go into the brushes window and
double click the brush here you can then adjust the settings and
once you’re ready apply them to the current stroke I will just draw some
more hand lettering to show you how the Tidy of the letters after generating
them I forgot to bring down the guide with the ascender which will represent
the higher stretch our letters like before you can write or control click to
hide unlock or lock the guides your lettering is now a stroke instead of a
vector path and if you want to edit the lettering fully we want to outline the
stroke which will enable us to manipulate the data path once you have
outlined the stroke you’ll probably see overlapping areas on your typography
artwork which needs to be tidied up simply access the Pathfinder window and
then use the align option on each individual letter secondly we can go
into the simplify option here and click preview to see real-time changes it’s
always better to have a little anchor points as possible on your typography
whilst keeping the general shape of your lettering press a on your keyboards access a
direct selection tool which would allow you to move anchor points around and
stretch out the handles furthering your manipulation of your typography people
have asked me how do I get large anchor points well if you have illustrator CC
you can adjust the size of our anchor points in the preferences which can be
very handy indeed lastly the amazing smooth tool be very
handy indeed for you to edit typography you need to locate the smooth tool and
then select the lettering with the selection tool and then click back onto
the smooth tool carefully smoothing out the lettering or click an anchor point
over and over again take your time to utilize these techniques to make your
very own typography artwork in the illustration so that was the first
method on how you can design artwork for your very own font using a debut
illustrator we’re going to be going into the second method now and also let me
know in the comment section below which one these methods you find more useful
and which one do you think you’d use to make your own funds and also of course
have you enjoyed today’s tutorial drop a like and also subscribe if you haven’t
already to Satori graphics for weekly graphic design content the second method
of making your very own typographic artwork uses a pen tool I’m going to
show you how to create fluid and professional typography using the pen
tool to begin you might want to maybe draw out your typography onto a sheet of
paper then scan or snap a picture and upload it to illustrator as a template
to do around for the purposes of today’s video let’s say this letter on screen
here is actually something I created and mocked up onto paper and uploaded its
illustrator you can of course these image trace
function but I feel it’s very useful to know how to use the pen tool in a
professional way to make typography here I have a calligraphy style letter
locked down as a template to draw around you can press ctrl or command I to open
up the rulers and then we need to use vertical horizontal guides the place
just where the letter touches when we use the pen tool we can use the tricks
and techniques that we’ve just covered at 90 degrees angles but never use 45
degree for typography I will show you what I mean now so carefully place your
guides just touching the letter 90 degree angles with the pen tool click but with Alt +
Shift held down and then drag our handle in the direction that you want to head never bring the handle pass you’re
posing guide so in this point here I will not move it pass to guide on the
right you now have a curve line to which you can move to the next point hold down
shift M if you click and drag to make the handles keeping things in 90 degrees
angles the entire time we can use alt to adjust the handle curves taking our time
to be precise with everything shifts will help keep things level also from
the new point to repeat the process of holding down alt and shift together and
then drag our handle and then make the new point if you carry on with this
technique carefully you’ll be able to draw out perfectly smooth and crisp
lines using the pen to an illustrator it does take some time to get used to
but it is the most methodical and best way to work with a pencil when creating
lines illustrator especially for typography such as this practice this
technique and master the pencil with typography so there is today’s video on two
different ways that you can make your very amar work for a fun design using a
de Beulah straighter i showcase to you two different techniques today but which
one did you think was the more useful and a more practical method for making a
font using euro my work for me personally i prefer just to get out the
Wacom tablet and just freehand draw and then take the tools from Adobe
Illustrator to kind of smoothing everything out and finalize it but this
is a contrast to how I used to be I used to actually like to draw my font out on
paper then you know as I showed you upload it to illustrator and then use
the pen tool to go over it you know I do think you have mastered the pen tool to
actually do that method I don’t know we’re not all amazing at using the pen
tool I know I certainly wasn’t for a very long time so that’s why I showed
you two methods today in satara graphics typography Tuesday’s video I’m actually
working on my subscription-based website at the moment where next month I’m going
to launch a website that you can pay monthly to for a small fee or you can
actually save money and pay for an annual fee but it’s going to be courses
graphic design vectors it available for download updated every single month so
if you left my teaching style and the videos I make here you might want to
consider sliding up to my courses and my graphic design downloads on a monthly
basis coming hopefully next month I’m gonna be making more in-depth tutorials
and more in-depth courses on things such as the pen tool and other aspects of
graphic design I’m gonna be back on Thursday with more graphic design
content and also on to Friday as I usually do here to tour graphics with
for graphic design uploads as always let me know in the comment section below
what you think of today’s video and my channel in general I always love reading
your comments and trying to improve myself as a content creator and even as
a graphic designer but in you guys until next time design
your future today peace

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