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Best Letter Ever Written

Best Letter Ever Written

A Mother Shared A Few Useful Tidbits To Her
Dearest Little Girl. There Are Numerous Things That Contact The
Heart However I Am Certain This Will Move You. My Dear Girl,
The Day You See That I Am Getting Old, I Ask That You Be Tolerant With Me And Endeavor
To Get Me And What I Am Experiencing. On The Off Chance That I Was Chatting With
You And I Am Rehashing Something Very Similar Again And Again, Don’t Accuse Me, Simply Listen,
Please. Endeavor To Recall When You Were Close To
Nothing And I Would Peruse A Similar Story To You Again And Again. When I Need To Wash Up And I Deny, Don’t Resent
Me. Keep In Mind Those Days You Deny A Shower
When You Were Close To Nothing. When You See That I Am Not Getting Tuned In
To New Innovation, Kindly Don’t Accuse Me. Keep In Mind That It Took You Months To See
How The World Functions. In The Event That I Forget About What We Are
Talking About, Don’t Accuse Me, My Little Girl. Keep In Mind Those Occasions, You Overlooked
The Directions I Give You. At The Point When My Legs Are Worn Out And
They Can’t Move Well, Don’t Move Me Quick. Keep In Mind When I Held Your Hand When You
Were Simply Figuring Out How To Walk. Hold My Hands A Similar Way And Lead The Way. At The Point When Those Days Come Don’t Be
Tragic Yet Rather Be Glad Since I Have And Will Dependably Cherish You. I Simply Need To State, I Cherish You… My Dear Little Girl. Please Share This Beautiful Letter With Your
Friends And Family. So They Can Also Feel It. Thank You!

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    Curious! What was with the voice? + I didn't see a subtitle option. I understood well enough though.

    Please God come the day soon when a long life, filled with the wisdom of experience, is not prey to the cruel condition of Dementia, whether from Alzheimer's or related problems. To witness oneself in the early stages then become increasingly empty and estranged in the eyes of loved ones no longer recognized as the condition progresses, is desperately painful for all. I hope we find a way to prevent, treat or reverse this. This is as worthy an investment for research as is Diabetes, Cancer or HIV+.

    Let us work to heal older people who have so much to give, and protect our own future and the pain suffered by our children who will care for us. I dream of a global research network. How do we fund it?

    Beautiful letter..

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