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Best Gel Pens with Mildliners

Best Gel Pens with Mildliners

Zebra Mildliners have a huge fan base and it’s easy to see why — their pastel colors draw attention to important details without overwhelming the eyes. However, they are notorious for smearing gel pen ink. We tested all of our gel pens on regular copy paper to see which ones are smudge-proof under Mildliners. Let’s get into the top picks, starting with
the gel pens that you can highlight right away. Our top pick is the Zebra Sarasa Mark On. It isn’t just perfect for Mildliners– it’s one of the most smudge-resistant gel pens we’ve ever used The ink was specially formulated to stand
up to highlighters. The Pilot Envelope Address Writing pen can be highlighted immediately after writing. This gel pen definitely speaks for itself! The fast-drying, waterproof ink was made so addresses wouldn’t smudge in the mail. The Uni-ball R:E Erasable Gel Pen isn’t just cool, it also works well when paired with a Mildliner. If you find yourself making lots of mistakes, the thermosensitive ink disappears with heat, so you can correct any mistakes with ease. It looks humble, but the Pilot Hi-Tec-C stands up well to Mildliner ink. The needle-point tip is an excellent match
for small handwriting, while the gel ink formula writes smoothly and effortlessly. The Ohto Rays Flash Dry can be highlighted after 10 seconds. It isn’t just a pen with a classic look. It’s quick drying ink makes it a great choice for highlighting or for lefties who hate smudging their writing. At the 10-second mark, the Sakura Ballsign Knock is dry enough to highlight. The slim body and sturdy clip allow you attach it to a notebook cover easily, while the wider grip section is comfortable and slip-resistant. After fifteen seconds, the Meister by Point Pen in Ruler is resistant to smudging. The pen’s aluminum holder is also a metric ruler! If you’re always looking for a straight-edge, this pen deserves a spot in your pen case. One of our top gel pens of all time, the Uni-ball Signo can be highlighted after 15 seconds. The waterproof ink is fade- and feather-resistant
for clean notes that will last. Do you use Zebra Mildliners? What gel pens do you pair them with? Let us know in the comments below. You can find all of these products and more at Thanks for watching!

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