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Benny’s month-2 point in Arabic. First ever in-person conversation

Benny’s month-2 point in Arabic. First ever in-person conversation

Hello, Today I have returned to Rio and I’m with Ahmed. Hello! Today is the first time I speak Arabic in person… not in Skype Speak with me… in front of me. With someone in front of me, OK, and we are in the district of “Lapa” It’s in the center of Rio de Janeiro Fantastic, OK… Why you are here in Brazil? I’m here trying to find a job I was in Egypt for 3 years working in an
American high school there and after the 3 years I decided to travel abroad
and see different parts of the world and I decided to come to Brazil to see a new country and meet new people and
I’m here now trying to find a job. OK! On Sunday you will go Bahia? I will travel to “Bahia” by bus and it will take ….. How many hours by bus? 4… 25 Hours Wow OK, In January I’ll be in Egypt for 2 months and I
know I will be in Cairo. What should I say first? See first? First of all look at the Pyramids. But can I see the pyramids from the city? Well, in Cairo there is the Nile and in
the other side of Nile there is Giza.. but all are the same and we say “Cairo”
for everything.. but the Pyramids are in Giza. Where will you live in Cairo…? There are millions of areas like here in Rio we have many areas
like (Leblon, Ipanema, Lapa, Tijuca) Do you where you will be living? Actually now I don’t know. But I want to stay 2 weeks
in Cairo and in Alexandria… Maybe one month.. You want 1 month in Alexandria? Aha, The day before yesterday we spoke in English and you told
me about the white desert… and what was the name in Arabic? Right in Arabic, There is white and black desert.. The black one is small; the white is really large but the view is very
good and you will not believe there is something like that in Egypt there is a city called “Baharia” and you can take a
car from Alexandria because it’s 4 hours driving from Cairo. But wouldn’t it be good to travel via the Nile in a boat? No not so great, but if you want to take a boat you have
to visit Luxor and Aswan and you have to go there. And see old Egypt… Egypt was “om eldonia” from along time and
till now they say “masr om eldonia”. Do you understand? I don’t understand “om eldonia” ? “Om eldonia” in English means the world and “om” you know it, “Egypt, Mother of the world”. They said your life begins in Egypt so it must ends in Egypt. There are million of things in Egypt like the
red sea, the Mediterranean, Sinai and the mountain. You know prophet Moses who went up the mountain and
spoke to God? That happened in Sinai… So you have many things to do in Egypt
but the best thing is the Egyptian people. The people? I travel because I like speaking with
New people and that’s why I’m learning Arabic.. When visiting Egypt, make sure to drink coffee, play chess
and backgammon, smoke “Shisha” and finally interact with people that way. But, are there any problems? At the start of year you told me
about the issues with internet and your dad at the airport… Can you tell me about January? The month of January is the revolution of 25 Jan. We have celebrations
because of overthrowing Mubarak and his Government, which put so much pressure on people As you would have seen on TV, on January 28th the Army
came out to the streets to control the riots and on the same day, they cut the Internet, Facebook and mobile coverage to stop people connecting and gathering They cut the Internet and mobiles for 1 or
2 weeks and they connected them again after that. But now there is no problem we have a new president. Some
people accept him, some don’t, and this is democracy.. and he has the time to develop the country
.. And you are foreigner from outside Egypt. Egyptians love tourists because they know very well that they come
to Egypt to see the culture, and the Egyptian Environment. and they know very well that this brings money to
Egypt… they don’t need anything from foreigners not like in the past but also you have to take care of yourself.
There are no problems but you have to open your eyes well I’m reading the Egyptian Newspaper on the Internet and I know all news
in Egypt and I talk with my family in Egypt.. No one is happy about the government but this is the first time they
A lot of people are living a hard life and 40% of Egyptians don’t have the money to get food, to read and study and they don’t have what they need
to do anything and you will see that with yourself but here in Brazil and Rio the people are good,
laughing and talking each other…You will like Egypt…. This video has been good and thanks for your time and… You speak very good bit by bit day after day Bit by bit I’ve been speaking Arabic for 2 months now Wow very good it’s hard like Portuguese All languages are hard! OK, thanks and goodbye! Good bye!

48 Replies to “Benny’s month-2 point in Arabic. First ever in-person conversation”

  • David Howell says:

    Nice! Congrats Benny! 😀

  • David Howell says:

    Also, when he mentions "Shisha" I don't think he's talking about drinking it. Shisha a type of tobacco that you smoke out of a hookah 🙂

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Sorry, that's a translation mistake. In Arabic you "drink tobacco" rather than smoke it. Fixed! 😉

  • jabbajack13 says:

    Benny, From one Irishman to another, I just wanted to say thank you. If I hadn't stumbled across your videos and then your blog, I probably would have lived the rest of my life knowing only English. But because of you I am now studying Esperanto and will be studying Spanish and Chinese (and maybe even more). You look like an average Irish guy and that's what motivates me. If a man named Benny from Cavan can know 11 languages, Well then surely a man named Jack from Dublin can Know at least four!

  • jmichaelrout says:

    I thought it was offensive (or at least strange sounding) in some areas for non-Muslims to say "السلام عليكم". Maybe it's different for Egyptians.

  • Cherrelle Smith says:

    Great work, Benny! Keep it up!

  • polyglotchamp says:

    dude i have studied about 24 languages and arabic is by far the most tough for me good job buddy 🙂

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Wow, I'm humbled!! Yes, Jack from Dublin can definitely know at least four – keep up the great work mate! 🙂

  • Russianlearner17 says:

    Wow I know what a difficult language Arabic is (although Ive never studied it) and to be able to have a successful conversation with a native after only two months is awesome!! Well done, keep it up so when you hit Egypt you'll be able to have an amazing experience!!

  • Frederik Rasmussen says:

    Good job! I hope you will continue with your Mandarin again at some point!:)

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Yes. Once these 3 months are up, even while I'm travelling through Egypt, I'll start getting back into maintaining and improving all my languages, including Mandarin. I'll take a big chunk out of next year off from learning new languages, just to bring everything I have already up a notch.

  • 2408dude says:

    well worth the wait!

  • Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    Mr. Ahmed is not a native speaker. I think he lived most of his life outside Egypt.

  • SummerKingdom says:


  • Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    Do you know when to used the word "يعني"? and the word "أقصد"?
    they will help you

  • Michael Alexander says:

    ¡Tu árabe ya es muy impresivo! Me has inspirado a trabajar más con mi español (mi idioma nativo es inglés), y empezar a aprender francés y alemán. ¡Y tengo que decirte que me encanta tu camiseta en este video! ¿Dónde la encontraste?

  • Aysar Aburrub says:

    this dude isn't a native speaker, he's probably a "heritage" speaker. His non-native accent very obvious, but he speaks well nonetheless.

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Yes I know – I could actually detect it a little myself 😉

    This video wasn't necessarily about doing it with a native speaker (although who most of all my videos will be with), but showing my first in-person convo

    I'm really appreciative of his time and patience to speak to me. I was supposed to meet with those working at the consulate, but it didn't work out, so I was glad to get a heritage speaker, rather than just make another Skype video.

    I wish Ahmed all the best in his time in Brazil!

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Rather than be impressed, maybe realize the gradual and intentional improvement and see if you can give it a try yourself! 🙂 It doesn't have to be over 3 months – but you can still realistically reach this stage in a shorter time than you realize!

  • Benny Lewis says:

    So glad to hear that!! This is indeed my goal with making all of these videos so often! Next one in another week or two, and I hope to be speaking that extra bit better 😉

  • elgourdaa says:

    this is not arab this is egyptian arab

  • Vegemighty says:

    How do you get the most of of these chats? I want to start chatting more, but I'm not much of a talker, even in English. I used to work in retail and it would amaze me how some people would be able to start a conversation and a relationship with people with only a few words, while my attempts are filled with awkward silences and nervous laughes (and thats in English!)

  • 1111 says:

    learning a language is ok if integrated in a logical life plan, otherwise it might be another waste of time and energy resources, in general, for a job interview only very good levels of a language will be useful…

  • Nancy E says:

    Your arabic is actually realllly good for a non-native. I'm extremely impressed! i didn't need captions at all to understand what you were saying 🙂

  • Patrick Crossman says:

    Addaboy Benny, addaboy!

  • Steven Brave says:

    Dude, is so Hard for you

  • hend khallaf says:

    you wanted to say " فى الواقع " 🙂 and " city = مدينة

  • hend khallaf says:

    and they cut the net and mobile for about 2 :3 days not 2 or 3 weeks 🙂

  • bluemoonrising26 says:

    I think local regions rely heavily on tone, pitch, etc, and so you may become fluent in speaking Arabic to an Egyptian but be almost indecipherable to a person from, say, Saudi Arabia or the UAE

  • Salah Eddine says:

    hey there don't speak Egyptian speak الفصحى ok

  • Caio Hackmann says:

    Aqui no Brasil encontramos gente de todo o lugar do mundo, é só procurar! Ótimo vídeo Benny.

  • mohamed sami says:

    I am Egyptian.And I like to thank you for learning languages ​​and this is a good level, You are a strong man and encourages completed road
    If you want any help, talk to me in messages
    Thank you

  • Adil0824 says:

    I don't understand how is this possible? 3 months is really nothing how can a human being achieve such results?

  • HirachieOfSociety says:

    From the first Salam I knew he wasn't a native speaker. It really sounded westernized if you ask me. I learnt how to speak Arabic when I was 7 years old and even I have an "accent" among my dads friends.

  • born68 says:

    I learned Arabic in 6 months watching the international cartoon network. Let me tell you that was a huge mistake. Everyone I try to speak with tells me I sound like sponge Bob square pants and laugh at me constantly The kids think I'm really cool though.

  • Erik Torndahl says:

    For real?

  • TheFolksinger says:

    Helpful to listen to you, even though I have lived in Cairo for many years. The point is you are engaging in the process of conversation more than many "agnabis" who fall back on English too quickly. Your Egyptian counterpart here is a good teacher!

  • Younes El Mekki says:

    تمسك غارق بغريق, مع ذلك محاولة لا بأس بها

  • vinyl12blagger says:

    arabic almost sounds like irish

  • Paul von Strasser says:

    What the hell? How do I understand this? Techniques must be working then. Keep on trying.

  • riaz zaman says:

    Very good effort for two months. I'm reading your book at the moment and enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

  • Huda says:

    oddami = in front of me 😀 I guess Benny wanted to say "فى الواقع"

  • Huda says:

    For everyone who thinks this is Arabic. You can call it Egyptian Arabic and it's based on Arabic, but be reminded that this is not the actual Arabic language. 

  • Saha W Farha says:

    I would like to specify that this is not "Arabic" it is The Egyptian Dialect. I find this very disrespectful towards other Arabic Dialects to classify Egyptian Arabic as "Arabic"… it is not, it is one among many other dialects of Arabic.

  • Dacyn Reynolds says:


  • Zack Oesterreicher says:

    Can anyone tell me what was said at 3:57. (not the translation, but rather how it was worded)? Thanks so much:)

  • Ka Ti says:

    I am a native speaker of Arabic. While I understand that it is a very difficult language to learn and I totally appreciate the effort you have been putting into learning this language, I would really focus on pronunciation. You are saying a lot of words wrong, which is fine at first but in a language like Arabic, where certain words can sound very similar, pronunciation is very important (also, when you don't confuse tenses and verb conjugations, it actually makes you sound like a native speaker). I'm a fan of your work and I'm reading your book currently (I think it's amazing you can speak so many languages and I aspire to be a polyglot one day) but I must be frank…I was not overly impressed with your progress in Arabic…sorry but Arabic is one of those languages you absolutely cannot learn to speak moderately well in three months :/

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