September 7, 2019 0

Benelli Argo E Fluted. La nuova carabina della Casa urbinate per la caccia in battuta

This is the Benelli Argo E Fluted, the latest product of the Urbino-based company It differs from the main models because it features a unique fluted barrel that increases rigidity and therefore its ballistic performance thanks also to a reduced warming-up time. The gun that maintains the classic lines of the Argo E series actually looks much more aggressive with this technopolymer stock and with a checkering that increases grip. The package includes an adjustable comb and the equally adjustable stock and as with other models this one too features the innovative Comfort system that minimize recoil and muzzle flip The receiver is black anodized Ergal and the gun is equipped with a four-round detachable magazine The bolt features a rotating head and the gas-operated system incorporates a short-recoil piston. The rib is carbon fiber with fiber optic inserts and is mounted on this 47-centimeter long barrel that is cryogenically treated.

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