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Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Western Calligraphy Tracing Tips

Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Western Calligraphy Tracing Tips

This is the simplest demonstration of a procedure,
which can definitely get more and more complex. OK. I haven’t done the whole thing. Let’s
say we want to put it there. So then what we got to do is press hard, not too hard,
don’t break the pencil. Don’t press it down so hard that if the pencil, any of the pencil
lines, line end up showing you can’t get it off there. Right now we’re thinking in terms
of doing something that’s going to end up as an original piece, not something for reproduction.
Alright. So now mind has wandered. So what I want to do is I want to see how much I’ve
actually got on there, so I’m going to hold this down, I’m not going to pull the whole
thing off. I’m going to hold it down, and I’m going to look and I’m going to see how
much I’ve gotten done. OK. That needed to be done. That I can fill in. Alright, so we’re
running out of time, but this is just the idea, so what I would now, is use this as
my outline, and I can fill this in in a number of ways. It depends on well. Do I want this
black, or do I want it to be another color. But in any event, you know, I would go ahead
with a, I would go ahead and trace over, I wonder if you can see the bird. And I’m thinking
about that right there. So. And the bow comes later.

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