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Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Western Calligraphy: The Southern Gothic Form

And this is a very definitely Southern Gothic
hand. It was most likely done with, well, it could have been done with a quill, but
probably it was done with a reed. In any event, you see there’s two colors here, we’ve got,
this is what is called a versal. And you know what this is done on? This is done on animal
skin. This is called vellum, this is actual animal skin. And, writing on animal skin is
luscious. But, when you look closely enough, what you’re going to see are very, very fine
hair lines and on the notes, too, very fine hair lines. And, check this out. OKay? This
is a double sided. This is a double sided piece. Which is pretty amazing when you stop
to think about it, because uh-oh, supposing you make a mistake on the second side. So,
take note right here, here’s a little tiny place where I don’t know what was going here
in terms of what had to be said, but coming into a tiny little box, a piece of information
there. I don’t know if whether you can see, but you can sort of see through. Which means
that this skin, this animal skin was really, really taken care of. Notice the big huge
margins. Just the use of the red and the black. So, I’m happy to be able to share this with

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