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Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Roman Characters in Western Calligraphy

Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Roman Characters in Western Calligraphy

I want to share with you now some of the things
that can be done with just the Roman capitals. Not bringing in the italic which is something
that some people think is such a part of calligraphy. Okay, it is, but the Romans have a certain
character. They’re very dignified, or at least the monumental Roman is. We can do anything
we want with them actually. But this is an example. This is a giclee print. This is a
new kind of printing process that makes calligraphers like me really happy, because I can have one
or two of these done at a time. But this it started out, this is called the winged alphabet.
And this started out as a commission. And then of course it’s still my copyright, so
I went ahead and I made some giclee prints of this. This is available for you. But what
I’d like you to notice is that in a way, this is a subtle calligraphy lesson. But look,
what I’ve done here is I’ve actually done the letters themselves in the negative. So
I haven’t actually drawn the letters themselves. And down here, there is a list of what the
birds are. But maybe you’d like to try to guess. So you know what you can do? You can
just press the pause button. Okay, now this is a message that a friend asked me to do
one time. Learn to listen, listen to learn. And in this case what I did, this is only
a color copy. He has the original. But see what I’ve done here is I’ve painted these
letters to looks as if they’re maybe gold. So that’s a matter of yellows and oranges
and stuff. Okay, and a while back, I had to do a little poster for a picnic. So this is,
this is basically still the Roman and the poster, on the poster, of course, this was
greatly photo mechanically reduced, but I’d like to point out to you that these little
decorative elements right here, these are called acanthus leaves. And we will get into
acanthus, the acanthus leaf as a decorative element a little bit later. And lastly, I’d
like to show you the, the flaming alphabet, which was, which I did on request from my
five year old friend, Bennett, who is a wonderful person. And he asked me for this and so this
is what I came up with. Now this is just a copy. And so what I gave him was a copy and
I laminated the copy so that he could carry it around with him.

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  • Amanda says:

    you have a 5 year-old calligraphy enthusiast? That's amazing, I'm 20 and I'm only just starting to appreciate this art form again. Thanks for taking the time to make these helpful videos.. they keep me motivated to try try and try again

  • Luís Augusto Panadés says:

    Your videos are fantastic like your hability.
    Sometimes I forgot to "like" but all are in this condition.

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