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Beginner Brush Lettering & Ecoline Watercolors Tutorial – Some Favorite Supplies & Techniques

Beginner Brush Lettering & Ecoline Watercolors Tutorial – Some Favorite Supplies & Techniques

hey guys it’s Chelle with The Lemonade
Store and today I wanted to go over just a quick video on using ecoli paints
those are the super liquidy ecoline paints by Royal Talons and they are
super fun to use when practicing your brush lettering so the reason why I want
to go over these today is because when I started lettering at the very beginning
I totally struggled with markers and I switch to using watercolours so I would
use like a watercolor brush you know the ones that you feel like this that you
feel in water and there’s different brands so I’ll link below and go over as
we kind of go over some of my favorite ones and I just found it to be really
soothing to use dipping in the water color and then practicing the letters so
we’re gonna go over that today and then I have had a couple of people comment
about going over my studio tour and I’m totally gonna work on that I have been
when I kind of changed my whole system I’m using these cabinets behind me that
I got from Ikea and they were in my dining room before and since I took over
the dining room I just I’m just gonna use these again but as I’m going through
everything I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a collector slash hoarder of
all things arts and crafts so I’m trying to kind of
go through and make it a little bit easier to show you guys what the mess of
my head and how it works so that video will be coming hopefully
shortly in the meantime the lemonade store is also gonna go over a couple of
other things I just wanted to kind of give you like a heads up right now we’re
focusing on lettering but I’m sure that if you’re like me and you’re into tons
of arts and crafts and hobbies you do more than one thing so
I actually have been crocheting since I was 12 and I taught myself from a book I
do embroidery and I’ve been working on incorporating lettering and embroidery
and coming up with some new ideas for that that I want to share with you guys
and I am also currently obsessed with sewing and surging I got I have a sewing
machine that I got from my earth days and I recently purchased a serger
because I’ve been making t-shirts that are either too big or kind of clunky and
trimming them for tank tops since it’s been so hot you know and so I’m gonna do
some different types of videos it’s not just gonna be all about lettering so if
there’s anything that you would like to see or that you’re interested in other
than that you know I’m just gonna start I’m gonna start dumping what’s in here
out into the universe for you guys so hopefully you stick around and I
appreciate all the subscribers we’ve gotten and all the likes you guys are
seriously amazing so the people who rock out there are totally you and I thank
you and I love you for that so I appreciate the support you guys so let’s
get started today with brush lettering with Ecoline paints okay so let’s go
over some of the very basics about paper so these are both kind of beginner you
can find the Strathmore water color this is cold press and so is the canton excel
watercolor and the cold press has like a texture to it it’s like way more to fear
and this one by Strathmore it actually is definitely more to fear than the
cancer the cancer you can get for fairly inexpensive same with this one but this
one comes with like 30 sheets and this one’s like 12 the Strathmore is like 12
sheets so I tend when I’m practicing to lean towards this one for the
lettering my brush will sometimes get caught up get caught on the teeth of the
paper a little bit more so you have to use more liquid to make sure that you
can get like a very smooth stroke so I normally will use the Kazon it’s just a
great practice paper and I will oftentimes cut it up into different
sections just so that I have more room but it’s just my go-to I think and then
when we’re talking about paintbrushes there’s so many different options out
there so today I’m just gonna go over you’ve got these types that are the
water brush pens that you can fill the tanks up with water and if you’re
traveling or you don’t really have access to a ton of water you can
actually just like once it’s filled up the barrel as you clean your brush you
squeeze it and the water comes up this has a really cool bristle I think for
lettering as well so I if I’m at home and I’m using it I’ll just sort of just
filling up the barrel constantly I’ll just use my my water rinse it and then
and letter so so many different brands make these type there’s the Pentel
Aquash there’s zig the cure talkies this one it’s like a no-name but it was a
tiny little travel one that I took once on vacation and then these are those
Quran Quran – I am horrible at pronouncing names so when we do
subscriber shoutouts I have a forever like apology to you guys so those are
the water brush pens there are also just like regular watercolor brushes and I
love these groom Bacher’s and I tend to go when I’m lettering for a number four
or number three and I got these at my art supply store I didn’t find these at
Michaels or anything another brush that I attend to I got this one I think I got
this from from Aaron Brothers was the Princeton brushes and they made one that
I’ve totally just found randomly that I like for lettering it’s this one-eighth
inch stroke brush and it doesn’t actually come to a point but I do like
that one a lot so you can just kind of experiment and see which ones you like
the best I like to do a number four or more when I’m practicing with my Eco
lines because you can get like more ink on the on the brush so that you can keep
it very liquidy and then add color so let me explain and show you what I’m
talking about so let’s do a subscriber name okay so we have upgraded to a big
jar so let’s do let’s grab one and if you would like your name lettered or you
want to add it to the jar just leave me a comment below thank you guys so much
totally have been appreciating all of that you guys are awesome I I’m having
so much fun with this channel allora let’s try it okay so I’m gonna do let’s
go with some let’s do like this is a really pretty aqua color and this is
number eco line number 640 and then I usually will pair it with like something
that’s brighter so let’s try like this really bright green number six six five
and then I’ll even go and grab like something light like this is the yellow
two two six I will usually do two or three colors
it’s already liquid you don’t have to premix it makes it really nice for me
let’s do Elora and I’m gonna use a number for Princeton and I’m gonna go
ahead and do it kind of a larger scale so when you’re watercoloring let me back
up a second when you’re watercoloring it’s not the same at least for me it’s
not I don’t know how it is for everybody else but this is what has worked for me
is I’m not always holding it in the web of my hand I am what I’m doing
downstrokes because I want it I want to lay my bristle as far as I you know get
like a nice thick stroke sometimes with watercolor you need to go up right to
get that nice thin stroke so you just know going into this this isn’t the same
as doing Crayolas or a brush pen it’s a little bit different so just kind of
experiment and also it’s not like you only get one shot so for example if I’m
gonna do let’s do Laura oops see I already messed up so you
don’t have to do one shot cuz you’re painting you can go back in and change
it up of it and you can draw in your letters I always rinse in-between and then dab
on a piece of paper and then I’ll dip it into the next color and I’ll sometimes
just drop that color in and that’s what’s gonna give that really cool
effect and sometimes I just leave it let it do its own thing and I’ll go back in
and that’s the part that I think is super pretty so when you’re painting you
get to like change it up it can be like you’ve learned how to do the faux
calligraphy so you know where your down strokes need to be and you get to color
it in more and it’s a different process and it’s super relaxing so if you’re
struggling at all with the markers maybe try painting and see if that’s you know
a little bit more forgiving because you can you can draw in where you want your
down strokes to be and it doesn’t have to be perfect
because you want it to be looking like it’s painted if you wanted it to look
digital then you would use your iPad so don’t beat yourself up and I think that’s what’s so cool about
these eco lines is like you don’t know if it’s gonna work but then you try it
and you’re like dude that looks cool like look how fun that looks just
dropping in some color there’s like a crazy bug outside I don’t
know if you guys get to hear it it’s like making a really crazy noise I
should shut the window and make sure it’s not coming this way so I really get a really get amount of
liquid when I dip it in there because that I like to go in and move it kind of
around where I want the liquid to go Oh allora so that’s using a regular this
is the Princeton round number four so that’s about the size you get this is a
nine by twelve paper so let’s try something different
so one of my favorite colors is actually gray let’s do a gray one and make sure
you put the caps back on otherwise you’re gonna dump it like I did before I
started filming and this is just a pink palette that I’m using cuz sometimes if
I dip too much in there it makes a mess and this is just a cheapy IKEA table so
it’s okay if it kills it it’s alright so this is Alaura
and you can already see the beautiful like bleeds that happened with this
paint I mean it really to me it looks so beautiful and amazing and it looks great
when you’re painting like florals or it’s just it’s it’s very forgiving and
and awesome so let’s get gray and then let’s pick another aspect another name who do we have we have Nessa Nessa okay so we’re gonna do grey
and maybe like a light pink and a bright pink let’s do that and like say I I like
to just I usually like to have two or three colors to see like where I can try
and do this one with the other watercolor paper so we can see I’ll just
have to make sure I use thick enough a big enough brush so I may grab that so
we’re gonna let this dry and then I will show you what it looks like when it’s
all done and you can totally use like a heat gun to make it dry faster but if
you do that it sometimes blows the ink and it dries gets like a weird line so
usually I’ll just let it air dry but I’m doing that okay very good
no that’s it and I am gonna use I think I’m gonna use this 1/8 inch stroke and I
don’t know if anybody else uses it but I am I’ve really come to like this one so
I don’t even know if you can get it I probably bought it on accident but you
know it’s all good so if I can find the link I will link it below
alright so FS and this is I’m using that Strathmore it’s super it’s got more
tooth teeth I don’t know it’s got more of a texture on the top I mean a super-pretty the texture I just
sometimes you have to make sure you get enough paint on there so that it’s like
a smooth like letter so I’m just putting I’m constantly dipping it in let’s pick up some more color and that’s what I like the super dark color
but when you drop in that lighter color it seems like no matter what I’ve tried
it always gives a really cool effect so I’m a fan
I like these at these paints I don’t think are like light fast you probably
need to scan a if you want to preserve it forever but and what I did here was because I
had all this ink already down I made it so that I would touch the other one so
that it would bleed into it so it’s kind of you see that sometimes how do they do
that that’s how they’re doing that thanks for watching you guys this quick
video ended up being nearly 20 minutes long sorry about that but I hope you got
a lot of information so thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time bye

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