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Basic Learn Korean TOPIK 1 (Eng/Kor subtitles)#learnkorean #hangul #topik

Basic Learn Korean TOPIK 1 (Eng/Kor subtitles)#learnkorean #hangul #topik

Hello. I live in Seoul, Korea.
I worked with foreign people who are good at Korean.
I was surprised.
Many foreigners loved our culture. I’m a native Korean
I’ve been thinking about how I can help foreign people.
Among them, I got to know about test of proficiency in korea(topik)
Let me study Topik with my son.
It’s the first time, so I’m sure you’re lacking a lot. Please give me a lot of opinions. I am not good in English.
However, I hope it will help. JUN-SU, Look at the camera.
Say, Hello. the 60th TOPIK_reading Dad will study Korean with you! Why do we study Korean? Buy me a gift! gift What do you want? Son Heung Min_suit
(a football suit) after studying
Let’s think! Please read the question. What is the story about? Why did you think it was a country? What is Japan and the United States? Tell me about another country you know! foreign friends who came to our house Who gave me that gift? The first question was good. Let’s do the second question. This is easy.(joke) right answer Let me read the example. What’s the answer? Why do you think it’s a job? No, no. 1 What’s the price? I don’t know. How did you find out? Let’s re-read the problem. Please give me some information. We are talking about money. Do I have to find something expensive here? Is it too hard? How did you first know? I just did it. ^^ That’s right!
The answer is actually a price! 1,000 won
What’s next? The second question is by chance. Let’s do the third question. What is it talking about? What is it talking about? Do you know what age is? I am 7 years old. I am 5 years old.in American age
I am 7 years old.in korean age You are a kindergarten student. Do you know what homework is? homework home studies (homework) Do you know what vacation is? Do you know what parents is? I know now! What’s the answer? Number one, age.
Number two, homework. Number three.
Why did you think it was a vacation? Number four Do you understand? Are you sure you understand? I understood. Do you know how many you get? Four, no, two. Let’s do the next question. Thanks for watching.

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