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Banggood – Recensione Calibro SHAHE IP54

Banggood – Recensione Calibro SHAHE IP54

today I want to tell you about these gauges are the gauges that use so far are
gauges of economic values ​​of about 10 15 Euros are the gauges by which I
It started that still uses. I was looking for something more professional to
This is why I turned to the site Banggood who provided me with this digital gauge SHAHE. Surely a more professional product at a price suitable hobby market. We’re talking about 30 euro In the package are some
brochures about the product in China linga. The caliber and
well packaged. It also owns two batteries a
particularities of this caliber are beat the CR2032 3V The presence of this type of battery also characterizes the
shape of the cursor. Note the presence of a gasket in the battery seat This is because another feature
of this caliber is IP54 This IP54-caliber resists dust and splash areas for working harder. The economic gauges I used before often have to be disassembled and cleaned if they are in contact with the coolant The display is very clear and browsing. Features the caliber of hundredths resolution is a 2 cents accuracy. the accuracy indicates that compared to the real measures the gauge reads + or – 2 cents. To check the quality of the gauge in using you slip gauges (Gauge Block) Damage from a 1 htr 100 mm grads with decimals and step. in measurements and increasingly important cleaning nozzles and gauge blocks Measurements must try to
always maintain the same pressure on the cursor. 90mm 80mm 70mm I can only conclude the review here
advise the purchase of the caliber that has a great value for money you will find in the video description on the link to buy it. I hope you enjoyed the video. See you soon. Bye

8 Replies to “Banggood – Recensione Calibro SHAHE IP54”

  • Amar Lam says:

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  • Generation Next Cad and Communication says: our team made this video please review

  • M S says:

    Non hai misurato i blocchetti con decimi e centesimi?

  • M S says:

    …aggiungi i sottotitoli in inglese 😉

  • Marco Andretto says:

    Però, per essere una pataccata è accurato. Di quelli che ho, soltanto il Mitutoyo spacca il centesimo fino a 100 mm, mentre sottodimensiona di 1 centesimo qualche volta i 150 mm.

  • sbinf74 says:

    Oggi ho sostituito per la prima volta la batteria del calibro con la seconda in dotazione.
    Quindi prima batteria dopo un anno.
    Potendolo confrontare solo con calibri economici, sono abbastanza soddisfatto della durata.
    Magari con una batteria di marca dura qualcosa in più…..

  • N. Amin R. says:

    a good standard gauge set should include several additional block with extra millimeters to it so we'll able to compare the result. in Digital era I can easily build a device software which will round the measurement value to a nearest integer.

  • Alberto Dal Maso says:

    Se vuoi professionale vai su mitutoyo , tesa , borletti o anche bowers (anche se non so se fanno calibri , io della bowers ho solo visto ed usato micrometri )… Ci spendi ma li hai precisione e se non lo usi come un carpentiere, sbattendolo in giro, ti dura una vita

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