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Banded Alphabet

Banded Alphabet

Hey guys, Jason here from Box Programming.
Today we’re going to go over the banded alphabet. This is a great anterior core
exercise that is anti-rotation, okay? So when we’re training the core…there’s a
few things that we want to be trying to do what we’re training the core. Anti-rotation is one of those critical pieces that needs to be done on a consistent
basis. This movement is far more challenging
than it looks, okay? So I’m going to demonstrate it for you; it’s not going to
look very hard, but I promise you that once you try this yoursel,f and once your
client try it, you’re going to be very very surprised at just how challenging
this movement is, okay? So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a
light band, and I stress LIGHT BAND, okay? You don’t need a heavy band with this one.
We’re gonna set it up so it’s basically above belly button level and then from
here we’re gonna get inside hand is on the top outside hand is underneath.
Tension is on the bands and we want a good solid base underneath us so about
shoulder width, and once we’re in that position we’re gonna press out in
front and we’re gonna start drawing the letters of the alphabet. So we’re
gonna go through the entire alphabet on both sides. so what we want to try to do
is keep the ABS down into your core is nice and tight it should feel like um
bracing for something to try to punch me in the stomach okay when we start
executing this movement the natural resistance is going to be to resist that
rotation so the band’s gonna want to pull us but instead of letting can pull
us we’re gonna keep ourselves in a static position where the band isn’t
pulling us in any one direction alright so again tension on the band solid bass
arms extended a b c d okay and keep in mind that you don’t want to extend for
too much more or extent we want to stay in a nice straight position where our
abs are tight so ideally blue program do one set on one side flip around and
now they’re set on the other side and we’ll go through that usually about two
to three times total but like I said far more challenging than it looks
give it a try you can do this too for great this into your programming once or
twice a week and have great results

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