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“B” Island | Learn The Alphabet with Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates

“B” Island | Learn The Alphabet  with Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates

(Irish music) – Whoa, land ho! Land ho! – Huh? Blimey, button down the hatches,
shipmates, we’ve landed. – Woof woof! – Where are we, Captain Seasalt? – We’ve blown into a brand new island. – Brilliant. – Are we going to explore the island and search for treasure? – You bet your barnacles we are, Maya. All ashore who’s going ashore! Argh, be we ready for
a big, bold adventure? – Aye, aye, Captain.
– Woof! – Today we are going to explore B Island. We’re beginning right here
at the bottom of the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, they’ll lead us to the treasure. – You’re right, Pedro. The first thing we’re
looking for is an insect that starts with the letter B. (bee buzzing) Oh boy, who are you? – I believe she’s a bee. – Of course, bee starts with the letter B. What’s your name, little bee? Hmm, you look like a Betty to me. – Betty the bee is the
first clue on our map! – Beg your pardon,
Betty, but we be looking for a big old treasure, possibly buried, would ye be of assistance? (bee buzzing) – She’s making a beeline for something, we’d better follow her. (Irish music) – Hey crew, look, the bees are landing on these yellow blossoms. – Those are buttercups. They’re called that because
they’re yellow, like butter. – How beautiful. – What are the bees doing? – They sure look busy. – They’re drinking nectar
from the buttercups. They use the nectar to make honey. – Buttercups are the next clue on our map. Hey, where are the bees buzzing off to? – It’s beyond me, let’s
follow behind and see. (Irish music) Behold, the bees have
brought us to some trees. – It has such bizarre white bark. – Woof, woof! – These are birch trees. – Look up at the branches! – By black beard’s black beard. – [Maya] What is that? – It’s a beehive. A beehive is the bees’
nest where they make honey. The bees have built their
beehive in the birch tree. (buzzing) – Be quiet, listen. What is that? – Whatever it is, it’s beyond the birches. We be off. (Irish music) – It’s a beaver, I’ll call him Bertrand. Bertrand the beaver. – Argh, that’s a fine name, Sammy. What’s he busy doing? – Bertrand’s eating the
birch tree branches. – No, Ellie, he’s not eating the branches, he’s biting them to build a beaver dam. The beaver dam will create a pond where they make their homes. – Brilliant, this big beaver dam is the last clue on our map. The treasure must be nearby. – Hey, guys, it looks like
Pepper’s picked up a scent. Bring us to the treasure, Pepper!
– Woof! (Irish music) – Look at all these blue butterflies. – Beautiful. – Aye, and there’s a big box beneath them. (gasps) It’s the treasure! – [Children] Whoa! – [Ellie] The treasure is a bunch of bananas. – We can have them with our bran flakes for a well-balanced breakfast. – Best day ever!
– Boy, oh boy. (Irish music) – This adventure on B Island was the best. – Woof! (laughter) – Bye!
(Irish music) – [Children] Aye, aye, Captain! – Woof!

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