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ASMR Arabic – Haircut Roleplay | Personal Attention, Soft Spoken, Mic Brushing

ASMR Arabic – Haircut Roleplay | Personal Attention, Soft Spoken, Mic Brushing

Hello. Welcome You want me to cut your hair? See, I understand you I will cut your hair, don’t worry My pleasure Yeah, I can see you have some hair overlapping on your ears Here And here Let’s start with the haircut First, I will need to wash your hair It will be easier for me and better. Lean back a little. Are you comfortable? I like this feeling. A hair massage Let me dry your hair How does it feel? Please sit down. It won’t take a lot of time I will put a towel. That’s so your hair doesn’t fall on your cloths. It helps a lot So how do you want me to cut your hair? We will do light on the side, and gradually to the top. So at first, I will use clipper 1 Then clipper #2 Then clipper #3 How do you like it on top? How do you like it on top? Medium, ok. In this case, I will use the scissor. Let me brush your hair How’s this? Good? I will use this razor. It helped me a lot. It has everything: the clippers, the groomer… it helped me a lot in my business. Let’s look inside Look down a bit, and you will see it Look up 🙂 As we have said, the first clipper we are going to use is clipper #1 I’m looking for it. Hopefully, the sound won’t bother you Do you like it? I think this is enough actually. Clippers #1 and #2 and I will continue the rest with scissors. Sorry? How do I cut my hair? I used to go to someone who is not far from here. He used to cut my hair However, he never cut my hair the way I wanted. Everytime I told him how I wanted my haircut to be, he would tell me “sure, don’t worry about it” Yet, he never did it right. The way I wanted it is to cut my hair all around but to leave the bottom end longer than the rest. I didn’t want to have a ponytail. In fact, I can’t have a ponytail because I have curly hair So I wanted that sort of style. A bit long in the back So he would tell me “ok ok” but he would cut it. The next time, he would do the same thing: “ok ok” then he would cut it. I think he didn’t like the style. Maybe he didn’t want to tell me that it isn’t a nice haircut. But, it’s none of his business! I wanted that style! So I eventually got fed up. So I bought this groomer I decided to go home. Cut it myself. and if ever I mess it up, I could just visit him and he will fix it for me! You know what happened? It worked! It turned out the way I wanted it to be. Since then, he never saw my face and I never saw his It has been 3 years now. That’s how I started my business The funny thing is that I did it for a short amount of time, then I started disliking it. So I started having a regular haircut. So yeah, it has been 3 years and I’m happy. I only messed it up once or twice. The first one, I had a vertical line with longer hair because I forgot to trim that section The second time, I used a clipper for the first time. This green one… 1.5mm So I had a spot here and a spot here. You were able to see my scalp. That night, I went out with my friends and when I mentioned it, they told me it wasn’t visible. So I didn’t care So ya….it has been three years that I have been cutting my own hair and I’m happy But don’t do the same thing on me! Don’t disappear all of a sudden; telling me that you’ve been cutting your own hair! I want to see you from time to time. There’s a bit below your eye Everything is good Your hair was kind of short in the first place. Close your eyes Such beauty Tell me your opinion, in all honesty. You like it? Honestly? Don’t mention it Na3eeman
(A word that Arabs say to someone who just took a shower or cut his hair) As I have mentioned, that story is my story. (When I started cutting my own hair) I don’t want to hear that you started doing the same thing on me. I want to see you again. Thank you for your visit And if you have a friend who wants to cut his hair. Tell him about me. And tell him to mention that you’re the one who referred him. I will have a special discount for both of you You know what I will put some gel I also have this Adidas. It’s an aftershave Do you like the scent? You don’t like it? I have another one. I will put an aftershave even if I didn’t shave your beard. Your beard is soft so I will put

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