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Ask an Arabic Teacher – Which Arabic dialect should I learn?

Ask an Arabic Teacher – Which Arabic dialect should I learn?

hi everybody this is nora from arabic
pod and welcome to our new series ask an arabic teacher in this
series i’m going to be answering some of your most common arabic questions the
question for this lesson is which dialect of Arabic should I learn or
focus on the variants of Arabic you should learn depends on your goals and
what you want to achieve using your knowledge of Arabic if you want to learn
Arabic to become a professional translator work in politics read
newspapers or write reports for work then you should definitely focus on
modern Standard Arabic on the other hand if you want to be able to communicate
with Arabic speaking people you have to learn a popular dialect that’s widely
understood like Egyptian Arabic or Levantine Arabic as Nelson Mandela once
said if you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head if
you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart and let’s get the
facts straight nobody speaks modern Standard Arabic in their daily
conversations not one person in the whole entire world to understand the
difference in usage between modern Standard Arabic and dialects you need to
know what’s modern Standard Arabic and dialects mean to Arabic speaking people
babies learn the dialect of their country or region first to communicate
with their parents then when they go to school they start learning how to read
and write modern Standard Arabic because this is what they will use to read
textbooks take exams read books and newspapers they will learn it from
kindergarten up to the end of high school but depending on their major they
might take more modern Standard Arabic courses throughout their college years
for example if their major is translation or journalism they will
continue taking classes because that’s what the news the formal and legal
papers is written in other than that social media speaking with professors
co-workers teachers friends and family is all in dialect that’s why the average
Arabic speaking person might make a lot of mistakes when trying to use modern
Standard Arabic even Arabic speakers need a lot of proofreading when they’re
writing a very important document what about choosing between dialects
then variants of Arabic dialect sound pretty different from each other they’re
almost like a different language choosing the dalek to study of course
has to do with the region of the arabic-speaking world you’re interested
in but you should keep another factor in mind some dialects are easier to learn
and pronounce depending on your native language for instance I noticed that
Levantine dialects are easier to learn than Egyptian dialect if your native
language is Japanese that’s because of similarities in rhythm and phonemes so
listening to different dialects is a good way to get a feel of how they sound
before you make up your mind keep in mind though that the most widely
understood Arabic dialects are Egyptian Arabic and Levantine Arabic because of
how popular their media is in the Arabic speaking countries I hope you like their
lesson if you have any more questions please leave a comment below and I will
see you in the next episode the lamb you

100 Replies to “Ask an Arabic Teacher – Which Arabic dialect should I learn?”

  • AZIZ S says:

    I love the accent of Lebanese people. Which dialect is used by them?

  • Diana Culver says:

    I was thinking that maybe next time break down which countries use the Levantine and which ones use Egyptian. That might make it easier in determining how we choose…….I'm not sure if this is possible…

  • Sasha .t says:

    Which dielect would be easy for an English speaker??

  • md kawsar says:

    I'm interested to learn Qatari Dialect. Would u plz help me about it

  • The Super Q says:

    I refuse to learn any language with throat clearing sounds as a part of its alphabet. It just sounds ugly.

  • Robin Hood says:

    The Syrian dialect it's the clear one!

  • Michelle Fatnassi says:

    I would like to learn Tunisian dialect.. My husband is from there and I want to communicate with his family

  • Miki Milev says:

    There are a few suggestions for how to learn Arabic
    Decide precisely why you wish to speak it
    Try to use Arabic in your everyday life
    Decide what process works for you the best.
    (I discovered about these and more on Mirykal Lingo Guide website )

  • Aliza Fatima says:

    Which type of arabic is taught on ?

  • Omar Gadal says:

    Egyptian arabic is the best 🇪🇬

  • ReverseFlash says:

    The Egyptian dialect is probably the easiest

  • VVindowZ says:

    leventine is eastern arabic, isn't it..??
    i want the arabic like the quran, what should i learn..??

  • Arshad Ahmed says:

    Where are you from Teacher?

  • Amazing world lovely people says:

    Please give us some examples of levantine dialect.

  • TheMadmanWithAPen says:

    Which Arabic dialect is easiest to learn if your native tongue is English or Spanish?

  • B U says:

    so which one do I study then????????????????

  • Romeo Ben says:

    So which language here in uae I need to learn please suggest me

  • Sabri Juma says:

    "Nobody speaks modern Arabic in their daily conversations, not one person in the whole world" what world do you live in? That is false

  • باسم عبدالله says:

    Who can learn me free Gulf or Saudi Acccent?? I want learn it cause thats most beuatifull accents!!

  • 0DlREoAMvERe0 says:

    How do most people learn words? Because my brain just does not want to learn new things it seems. So if someone can help ^^

  • Ameigner says:

    لماذا التركيز على اللهجة المصرية فقط؟

  • Fadel Basha says:

    Hello everyone.
    I am so glad because there are a people want to learn Arabic.
    I am an Arabic and i want to learn English too, but there is a lot of words I want to learn.
    If anyone wants a help, just tell me in a reply, Ok ?

  • Learn Arabic says:

    Nice Video

  • Dreaming of Fluency says:

    This was actually a really good summary of the differences and what Arabic learners should focus on! I am interested to see/learn more about how different dialects are easier for speakers of different languages 🙂

  • kirankaur creations says:

    I want to learn speak arabic. I stay in uae. Pls guide me best teacher
    As soon as possible

  • Moranini T says:

    Communicating in dielicts is not only by face to face conversations with arabs. Arabs also write the dialects.
    That's why learning the Arabic alphabeth is relly important.

  • Ahmed al shahri says:

    The real Arabic is the spoken Arabic in the Arabian peninsula.

  • Zikreat Assalām Samādī says:

    I don't like egyptian dialect😯😯😢😢

  • Can't be SHUNNED says:

    Just when I thought I'm gonna be spending alot of time on this Arabic thing now dialects, FUCKING DIALECTS!! are you kidding me.
    I guess I'll do Lebanese first and maybe I'll be able to get the rest easier.

  • Majd Pro [MP] says:

    in Syria we have a state that speak fusha )

  • F H97 says:

    Lebanese accent is different than levantine accents plz stop combining them

  • NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben says:

    Seriously what the hell have I been learning for a month I thought modern standard arabic was understood by all arabs

  • Omar X says:

    I am Jordanian,, I suggest one should learn the dialect of the country or city he lives in.. Generally I think colloquial Arabic of Cairo is the easiest. prettiest if I may say that and widely understood

  • mahchymk93 says:

    Egyptian dialect is ay kalam, mesh e5tera3 begad balash tet3alemooha hatetsedmo fe 7ayatko

  • Birno 98 says:

    Heyy my name is Saad i can help you to learn Arabic if anyone wants you can practise with me

  • Salah Alkhalifa says:

    Learn standard Arabic… Use Gulf accent…

  • Jamie Wilson says:

    Seriously why would anybody try to learn dialect!!!! I’m born Arab and I can tell you you will be wasting your precious time learning dialect. Learn Fus-ha and you will be understood everywhere, you will be able to read news, books and magazines, watch cartoons and many more benefits. But I can say that if you must must must learn dialect go for Egyptian, it’s very popular because Egyptian cinema is the Hollywood of Arabs. I’m Syrian BTW

  • Jamie Wilson says:

    Sorry, but seriously you do not know what you are talking about.

  • imranul haque says:

    I am a bangladeshi .

  • You Mi says:

    i can help anybody wants to learn egyptian Arabic on telegram or skype

  • Melek Kessentini says:

    hello everybody I am volunteering to teach Arabic
    this is my skype iD : malek.tek
    PS: I speak English fluently

  • Ehthisham Mohammed says:

    The topic sounds cool. But to exclaim that not even one single person speaks modern standard Arabic is something far-fetched. You can add me in your statistics of standard Arabic speakers (just in case) because I'm one of'em, wa lillahil hamd.

    Barakallahu feekum

  • muayyad alsadi says:

    Yes, most arabs don't speak standard arabic when they talk most of the time instead they use what ever ignorant-like local dialect for their specific village. But this does not mean that they don't understand standard arabic or won't engage in a conversation using it. My 6 years old son do speak and understand standard arabic. Mainstream media like aljazera broadcast to masses using standard arabic only.

    In short learn standard arabic, every body would be more than pleased to talk to you.

  • Trân Bội says:

    Which dialect would be easy for Vietnamese speaker? :<

  • عموري !!!! says:

    I speak arqbic accent norh saudi arabia like south jordan and i speak egyption accent

  • KadmosDraws says:

    Only my arabic teacher speaks modern standard arabic in conversation lol

  • Rana Mud says:

    Egyptian Arabic not really understood between all Arabs
    Better you learn classic Quran Arabic Which every one will understand

  • BLP says:

    Do you teach msa on that account? Or dialect?

  • لبناني من لبنان says:

    Learn Modern Standard Arabic.
    1) It doesn't matter if people speak it in their daily lives what matters is that they do understand it.
    2) All books are written in MSA, newspapers, formal speeches, poetry, anything written. So you have way more material to practice.
    3) You actually have rules to go by, like how to conjugate, grammar, a clear vocabulary… unlike dialects which do not have rules you just keep memorizing sentences.
    4) Once you learned MSA this enables you to learn very quickly your favorite dialect.
    5) It's so beautiful.
    6) You can't read dialects nor write. You're learning a language that can't be read nor written. Even though you can use the arabic alphabet to make the sounds of the words, but there's not a defined way to write a word which would be extremely confusing for a learner.
    Conclusion ==> LEARN MSA.

  • Naumaan Hamid says:

    If u can speak and understans urdu. Does that help to learn arabic?

  • Alessandro Stark says:

    If you want to not understand anything though you should learn Iraqi. It's nice to hear but it's hard to pronounce. And they have words that are not in any other Arabic language.

  • Monie T says:

    Very interesting video.

  • Lilibeth Rodriguez says:

    Syrian I better ya 2na a7bk suriyaaa

  • nimatong says:

    If you speak Egyptian Arabic I can guarantee that at least 90% percent of the people that speak Arabic in the entire world will definitely understand you however you will struggle to understand different dialects and the only way to get around that is to either learn all the dialects or learning modern standard Arabic will help with many of the dialects except the extremely different ones like Moroccan Arabic(its literary like they speak a different language)but I would definitely say Egyptian Arabic is the best to learn not as many people will understand you if you learn levantine arabic

  • 7th Clone says:

    Which one is the best for Quran? What country speaks the Qurayshi Dialect?

  • フェルナンドさとる says:

    I was so happy thinking in learn arabic and communicate with 400 million people but now I realized the dialets are almost languages

  • Husain Ali says:

    The Iraqi dialect is the best 💪😅

  • dawizze1 says:

    Any tips on where to learn Saudi dialect? Seems like there are absolutely no resources to learn saudi dialect.

  • lonely0088 says:

    Which dialect in UAE?

  • yamama almashkor says:

    Am i the only Iraqi 🇮🇶

  • Olympian Y says:

    I can only speak dialects but not Modern Standard Arabic 🙁

  • MarSsiah888 says:

    I need to learn Moroccan Arabic

  • jenick Johnson says:

    so did the Pharos used Arabic to in their days?

  • Rachid Zoudj says:

    Algerian 💪

  • SpreadingDeen says:

    I really want to learn Arabic.

  • Ahmed Humoud says:

    Arabic language is Dead it is like latin
    every country should standardize their dialect as language
    MSA is useless if the people on Street don't speak it

  • Yousef Sewify says:

    If you will be learning Arabic to have conversations and enjoy the media, then the Egyptian Arabic is the way to go. Besides the fact that it sounds beautiful to the majority of the foreigners, It's a dialect that everyone understands, because most Arabs have been exposed to the media, which is pretty much dominated by Egypt. If the Middle East was America, Egypt would be Hollywood. Not to mention, if you're a romance language speaker, then without a doubt you have a head start.

    Note: A very big disadvantage is that the Egyptian dialect is only native to Egypt, so even if everyone will understand you, there is a possibility that you will feel a little bit not fitting in abroad. It's very similar to a Portuguese sitting in a room full of Spanish people. However, I would still recommend it the most, because it's pretty much the only dialect exposed to all of the Middle East and North Africa.

    Good luck!!

  • John Flury says:

    My comment is (almost) totally unrelated to the video, but to the ArabicPod101 platform. I checked out the free 1 day offering and I liked the overall structure and presentation. However the audio quality of the video recordings is often quite bad. Audio is absolutely crucial for language learning. How are we to learn the finer details of the arabic pronunciation, if the audio doesn't have any high frequencies, like this one here.

  • liamnew100 says:

    Hi I'm thinking of learning Arabic but am wondering which will be easiest Levantine or Iraqi-Gulf Arabic, my mother tongue is english?

  • Brandon E. Smith says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • DZ to USA says:

    Learn standard Arabic
    Everyone will understand you
    Don’t limit yourself with one dialect
    Lot of them want to push their own
    Its BS

  • KoraPlusHD says:

    If anyone speaks English and wants to practice Arabic, just leave a comment and, I'll help you, I'm a native Arabic speaker (Egyptian dialect)

  • Mike _Mobile Gaming says:


  • Ahmed Mehmood says:

    Is Fursa Arabic the same thing as Morden Day Arabic.

  • Allah Wale says:

    ای شخص ترید علم اللغۃ العربیۃ الفصیحۃ قم بزيارة هذه القناة….

  • John Smith says:

    DON'T study MSA. MSA is for Arabic intellectuals and nationalists, but if you're not interested in reading poetry then learn a dialect. ANY dialect. it doesnt matter. The difference between dialects is very small, like the difference between Dutch and German, HOWEVER the difference between MSA and a dialect is bigger, in real life everyone speaks dialect and MSA is restricted to scholar study in the University classrooms

  • Djoudie Alexander says:

    I don't recommand studying any dialect it's not necessary all arabs understand modern arabic just let yourself get used to the dialect of the community you live in and you will learn that dialect naturally and effortless

  • Kenny Arias says:

    Nobody speaks modern standard arabic? mindblown

  • firoze korrapati says:

    Hi, I would like to work in either saudi arabia or UAE . What will be the best dialect of arabic. Kindly suggest me

  • Tess Chen says:

    I want to learn Palestinian Arabic

  • peace peace says:

    Salam…which Arabic is helpful to understand Quran.

  • Mohd Mofid M.B.A says:

    this is nice vedio
    please help me i am working othaim moll alkhober i am learn the arbic language


    Anyone knows what kind of dialect is used in Al jazeera arabic ? or is it just MSA? PLEASE HELP ME !

  • Leigh Jarman says:

    I have a question;

    I am learning Arabic because my sister knows I have a knack for learning languages, and suggested Arabic in particular (I am just starting today!).

    I feel like I should learn MSA, but am not 100% sure. Should I just go for MSA, or a more popular dialect?

  • Jaime Carrillo says:

    What if I learn everything , MSA and all the dialects? After all, the brain is unlimited.

  • Ahmed says:

    Learn standard Arabic then move to a dialect. Learning the dialect will be VERY easy to do, you could do it in less than 2 weeks.

    Really, just learn Standard Arabic first.

  • Dawud Beale says:

    I speak msa in daily life. So your claim that not one person in the entire world speaks msa in daily life is wrong

  • Hastytkd says:

    I can’t even communicate with Iran or Afghanistan because they barely ever even speak Arabic, this is getting confusing.

  • Saowalak kaitat says:

    I want to learn Laventine Arabic can someone teach me? I can teach English or Thai on return if you want. My WhatsApp +66924101315

  • Ariana Mills says:

    Which arabic is used in dubai??

  • Do Doa says:

    what dialect would be best for someone who speaks english farsi and french ??

  • Adriano Klippel Antunes says:

    I rather to learn Arabic from Foz do Iguaçu.

  • Malak tingz says:

    What dialect should i learn if i speak egyptian arabic?

  • jamal carab says:

    the truth is
    it doesnt matter dialect if you speak one dialect perfectly you can speak and understand all off them its just like australian language and uk english

  • Fahad ali Sheikh says:

    Which language is nearest to Urdu Language Egyptian or laventian

  • Alex Sunderland says:


  • Atyeh Atyeh says:

    Iraqi dialect from Baghdad

  • bluerag Serbia says:

    So I want to start learning Arabic just to know one more language. Should I first focus on learning MSA, then try to learn Egyptian Arabic?

  • dein vater says:

    Trust me the best are the lebanese or the syrian

  • 1p4142136 says:

    Is it normal for Arabic Speakers to speak more than one dialect? It takes about 2200 hrs to learn an Arabic dialect hence to learn a second Arabic dialect will it take another 2200 hrs? Should I learn Modern Standard Arabic and also an Arabic Dialect?

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