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Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Is Some Good Arabic Media Content to Watch or Listen To?

Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Is Some Good Arabic Media Content to Watch or Listen To?

hi guys this is nora from arabic pod welcome to ask an arabic teacher the question for this lesson is do you
have any recommendations for arabic media to watch or to listen to one of
the best ways to learn a language and have fun at the same time is to watch or
listen to media presented in that language as a part of your study routine
that way you’ll hear how it sounds in a natural setting and with time it won’t
feel that foreign anymore first you have to choose the dialect you
want your media to be in in this lesson I will give you some recommendations for
shows and media to watch or listen to to make your Arabic learning experience
more engaging than ever first let’s see media for a modern
Standard Arabic as you know modern Standard Arabic is mainly used in the
news that’s why most of the modern Standard Arabic available online is news
channels websites or radio streams for that I recommend BBC Arabic you can read
news on their web site watch the live stream or listen to BBC Arabic radio on
the go next let’s take a look at Egyptian Arabic media this one is
probably the most available online in the form of TV shows movies variety
shows and music that’s why there is so much to choose from so here I would like
to recommend some shows that have become really popular in the past couple of
years name you should Hinn Nelly and Chauhan Nelly Shira Han is a comedy TV
show about two cousins a rich one and a poor one who realized in order to find
the inheritance their grandfather left them it is a light comedy show that’s
sure to make you laugh Grand Hotel Grand Hotel Grand Hotel is
the egyptian version of the spanish drama by the same name it tells a story
about a young man who goes to aswan to investigate his sister’s sudden
disappearance and works as a waiter at the same hotel his sister worked at and
then falls in love with the owner’s daughter together they try to solve this
mystery it has elements of suspense and romance
goes I want to get married this is another TV show that’s become extremely
popular originally a book by the writer had AB Delilah
it tells the story of a lady in her late 20s trying to find a good man and get
married she meets a different man each episode and hilarity ensues oscillates
with molasses this movie tells the story of a man who returns to Egypt after
living most of his life in the United States it’s a comedy that shows the
expectations versus the reality of living in Egypt it’s a good way to see
how Egypt looks like from a foreigners perspective and it’s also hilarious most
of the shows I mentioned are available for illegal streaming on YouTube
next is Levantine Arabic media Syrian Levantine Arabic is a popular variety of
Arabic dialects it’s become even more popular in the past ten years because
Turkish TV shows became very popular in the Arab world and they are dubbed in
Syrian Arabic some of the most popular Syrian dub Turkish series are as Magda
heavy huh I named her furry huh a story of a young poor girl who goes to college
on a scholarship and falls in love with a rich guy but hides the fact she is
very poor from everyone Alijah film noir forbidden love this is the story of a
young man who slowly falls in love with his uncle’s wife the good thing about
Syrian dub turkish rama is that they are very long an episode is typically two
hours long and the series usually lasts for more than 60 episode so you will
need more than a lifetime to watch all of them you can play them while you’re
working or commuting and you’ll start picking up words in no time now for
syrian shows no seeum half a day a young man goes back to syria to take care of
his late father’s business where he falls in love with a young lady that
turns out not to be the woman he was hoping for a la robe The Godfather
this is a Syrian version of The Godfather there are obviously a lot of
difference but the story goes along the same lines
another source of media you should check is Lebanese music I definitely recommend
listening to the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram because she’s absolutely adorable
and popular also the translated lyrics for her songs can be found very easily
so that’s it for our series I hope you liked our lessons if you have any more
questions please leave a comment below and be sure to check out more on arabic
pod and keep practicing arabic yeah thank
you for watching salut you

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