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Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Do Computer and Social Media Words Look like in Arabic?

Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Do Computer and Social Media Words Look like in Arabic?

hi everyone this is nora from arabic pod
101.com welcome to ask an arabic teacher the question for this lesson is what do
common computer and social media words look like in arabic have you ever seen
facebook in modern Standard Arabic have you wondered what terms and expressions
are used in Arabic computers let’s take a look at some of the most common ones
first let’s see common words used for computers in general if dep start this
is the Windows Start menu now HUD with the heckum control panel in case you
want to change some settings like language for instance melih file
Michelle let folder mousse tenant document my documents for example is
called almoost an edit which is the plural form of mousse tenant heaven Save
to save the file NASA copy less paste have delete which
literally means to throw away now let’s see some expressions related to the
internet the meal download and the opposite is rougher upload test beat
install to install an app or a program mocha website
it literally means site and it’s the short version of the expression mauka
electroni literally meaning electronic site soft ha web page literally means
page buried roni email literally electronic mail you
might also see email written in Arabic letters sometimes fat open to open a tab
in your browser The Hulk close too close a tab in a browser
taras your undo to undo an action FiOS virus beware of this one now let’s see
some expressions commonly used on social media hey said account referring to a
Facebook or Instagram account for example if that has helped open an
account which is the expression as a whole does yield the holy sign in which
is the action of signing in a smell most album username literally meaning
username many expressions were literally translated from English as you can see
kalamata City password literally secret word it is
secret right market also HTML social media website social media alone is a
colossal and HTML which is a very very hot topic these days as Avani like this
is the like button on modern Standard Arabic Facebook literally meaning I
liked it Palio comment meaning a comment on a post or a status update on Facebook
or in a video on YouTube for example the hadith ojala status update
meaning status update used on facebook mainly now whenever you see a computer
and setup in Arabic you’ll be able to recognize the most basic functions I
hope you liked our lesson if you have any questions please leave a comment
below and I will see you in the next episode psyllium you

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