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Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Are the Possible Forms of a Verb in Arabic?

Ask an Arabic Teacher – What Are the Possible Forms of a Verb in Arabic?

hi guys this is nora from arabic part
101.com welcome to ask a teacher where I’ll be
answering some of your most common Arabic questions the question for this
lesson is what are the possible forms of a verb in Arabic modern Standard Arabic
has different conjugations for gender number and tense resulting in very long
conjugation tables starting with the conjugations you use the most perfecting
them and then moving to another set of conjugation is a good way to go about
memorizing these long tables let’s take a look at how different a verb can look
like depending on its conjugation in Arabic we’re only going to show you one
verb so that we’ll be able to see the differences very clearly we chose the
verb to go because it is a simple verb that’s also commonly used when people
start learning a new language let’s see what verbs look like for different
subjects in the present form and hub I go that hub you go yen hub he goes ten
hub she goes nan hub we go yet huh Boone they go yet huh Ben they go door
masculine tavaa Ben they go for dual feminine
yeah verb ‘no they go for a feminine let’s take a look at how it looks like
any sentence al I am a loon yes Hibou nila lawmen the workers go to work now
let’s take a look at the past tense conjugation
the hub – I went the hub there you went the hefty you went for feminine sahaba
he went the habit she went the Hibou they went
the hubba they went for dual masculine the habit there they went for dual
feminine the hübner they went for feminine let’s see what this looks like
in a sentence and now we’ll mark the Huebner eden Annie
mark and I went to the sports club next we have the imperative tense conjugation
it hub go it happy go for feminine it Hebei go for a duel it abou go for a
plural is happening go for feminine plural finally let’s see what the
imperative looks like any sentence is heavy illallah muhammad ara go to class
direct it to a female conjugation is perhaps the trickiest thing for Arabic
learners but it’s one of those things that will feel easier the more you
practice also don’t forget that these conjugation tables are for modern
Standard Arabic but conjugation tables for most spoken Arabic dialects are much
shorter and easier so that’s it for our lesson if you have any more questions
please leave a comment below and I will see you in the next episode Salam you

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