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Art History & Calligraphy Tips : What Type of Styles Did Picasso Paint?

Art History & Calligraphy Tips : What Type of Styles Did Picasso Paint?

Welcome everybody, my name is Lars Erick Robinson,
I’m a illustrator. My company is LarsEr Arts, “All around Art-tainment”, is my slogan. Today
we’re going to talk about, how Pablo Picasso, how he had different kind of styles, and the
different styles that Pablo Picasso painted. And what’s interesting with him, is, in different
periods of his life, he actually- his style changes with it. So he went from his early
works period is what it’s called, by actually doing more realistic work, which is a self
portrait of Pablo Picasso, to more of a blue period, where he had one of his suicide of
one of his best friends past away, and that actually showed up in his work where he felt
suicidal and a lot of his work became blue and dark, so that’s one way that he developed.
And that’s a very brave thing back then, because, maybe he wasn’t able to get much commissions,
but after taking all those risk he was able to become more popular just because of that.
Then he had his rose period, where in his rose period he got a little lighter he starts
showing more of what a phase of what he’s going to do later in his life, but it’s still
more of unrealistic stage. He’s developing now as an artist, and he’s understanding that
in his cubism style he was inspired by Suzon flatten spaces that he use to do in his landscapes,
he worked along with Georges Broche is another painter, where he developed cubism. And cubism
is basically taking angles of one shape and understanding that there’s another form right
beside it, that you can actually look at it, and twist it at the same time and understand
that it’s a geo-symmetric like that. And then he went into his later period, which is considered
to be his lazier period, but it’s actually very famous, he’s getting more in depth, and
it gets more fine art, and this is actually a more big jump into more modern art, it’s
a synthetic cubism later in his life. So it shows you different steps of what he went
through, and through his life showed those changes, through his styles. Thank you for
joining me, and hope you enjoyed that.

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