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Aroma Center – Modern Calligraphy

hi I’m Laura and the teacher of the modern calligraphy hang out at aroma I first started learning modern calligraphy about five years ago I’ve always had a passion for pretty handwriting and creating things so it was pretty easy just to pick up my own pen and start creating and start developing my own style and lettering I also leave God has given us all the creative ability whether that’s through cooking or music or other forms of art we all have the ability to create that’s because he is a creative God and you created that and we are his masterpiece and because because of that and through that we have the ability to create pretty things or beautiful things for me art has always been a way that I’ve been able to connect with God because I know that God is my Creator and when he created me he ascribed Worth and value into me and when I create something on paper whether that’s a pretty handwritten thing or a painting or drawing I’m has the artist saying that this piece has working on it because I created it my God created us he said the same thing this person that this child just son and daughter has value because I created it and I love it you don’t have to look other places to find your worth of your value because God is your Creator and he already said that you have value so for me that was always something that I connected to as an artist kind of person just be able to say this creation of mine has value because I said so and we have value because God says so anyways thanks for watching

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