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Are You Ready For Black Friday // Should You Create A Special Black Friday Offer?

– Welcome to November,
and because it’s November, this means that you
should be super excited because at the end of the
month is an amazing opportunity for you to make a ton of sales, so hopefully you know that
I’m referring to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and obviously
if you’re going to prepare for those, you might as
well prepare for Boxing Day which is pretty much the
same, it’s in Canada, it happens right after
Christmas, so let’s talk about whether or not you
should do a Black Friday sale and should you have a different strategy if you’re selling, say, eCommerce products or if you are doing digital
downloads or you’re selling a digital product like a
course or coaching services, so let’s figure that out for you today. (upbeat music) Hi everyone, I’m Lisa
from Pretty Fabulous, and I help online
businesses create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign, so if this sounds like
you or something you might be interested in, make sure
to hit the subscribe button below because I do videos
every Monday and Thursday and I do unboxings on Saturday. So today, I just wanted
to talk about Black Friday because two things, one,
I feel like everybody who is online should 100% be focusing on the Black Friday sale. The second thing is that you are in luck because November is going
to be, I don’t wanna say a long month but the way
the days of the week fall, Thanksgiving is actually on the 28th. Usually it occurs the week before so you actually have
way more time to start prepping for Black Friday. So today, let’s just
talk about whether or not you should do a Black Friday
sale and then on Thursday make sure to come back, I
will leave a link below, I’m going to go live,
we’re gonna do a livestream and I’m gonna do a webinar
on the 10-step process that you should follow to start
prepping for Black Friday. So make sure to subscribe
because I do have a special offer at the end of
that webinar this Thursday. All right, so should you be
doing a Black Friday sale? So there’s some arguments
where some people will say you shouldn’t do a Black Friday sale because then you teach
people to wait for a sale and not purchase. Well, maybe, but really if
people want your product, are they going to wait an entire year just to purchase from you? I don’t know, possibly, but at least you’re gonna get that
one sale and most likely that person probably
wouldn’t have purchased at full price during the year anyway. The other thing is if you are worried that they’re going to wait
for your current products to go on sale, what you could do instead is package something totally
different for Black Friday, maybe you have a special bundle offer, you collaborate with
other people, and you guys put together a special Black
Friday bundle together. You could also create a
brand-new coaching group just for Black Friday sign-up people so it can be something that has nothing to do with the rest of
the products in your shop and it’s something that’s
only available on Black Friday and then in theory it doesn’t
matter how many products they have or have not
purchased from you in the past, this is something totally different. It’s the same reason why in my shop none of the templates are the same in between different products. I do have two bundles for the most part, you never have to worry
about rebuying something that you already purchased. The other thing too is
honestly, everybody sees a spike in sales on Black
Friday, so it would be crazy not to put together a Black Friday sale. So hopefully by now I have convinced you that Black Friday is
what you want to be doing in some way, shape, or another. So let’s talk about do you
need a different strategy if you are doing eCommerce
versus digital downloads versus say courses or
coaching, and I say 100% yes. You should be looking at what
all your competitors are doing and then you should be
deciding whether or not this is the best option for you, what you can afford,
what you can’t afford. So sometimes you don’t want
to, what’s a good example? So I sell things on eBay, secretly, right? So I don’t have like a
branding or anything. If you found my product,
you found my product. If you didn’t you didn’t. But sometimes I’ll do
a sale and I remember I did free shipping. This happens a lot with eCommerce products and the people I forgot to check the box that said not international,
and not outside of the contiguous U.S. which means Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, those
are all considered the U.S., and so I had sold a few
products and I never like to cancel sales, ’cause
I do have a 100% rating on eBay as a seller. So I had sold some products
that were pretty heavy and by the time I had shipped them, I actually lost money. Like it actually cost me money to not only ship that product more than it was worth, it also cost me money
because I had listing fees and I had paid for the
branding and the marketing on eBay and so it was a
bad decision, I guess, overall for the type of
sale that I was doing. So if you’re doing products,
it’s really important that you understand both
your costs, the implications of offering free shipping,
or the implications of offering two for one
deals or something like that. So yes, you should have
a different strategy for your eCommerce products but make sure that you understand the math behind it. I always say I’m bad at math, so that’s why I now use
spreadsheets and have somebody else double check my work, so you can just ask somebody
else to help you out. The second strategy for
say digital products and downloads is usually
you want something quick and easy, something
that they can get a lot of value out of in
a short amount of time. So if you’re gonna send
them on a 20-hour course and that is your Black
Friday sale, they’re not going to make it through
that material very quickly or realize a lot of the
benefits anytime soon. So there are some diehard
type-A personalities that will go through all of your training from beginning to end but most likely, they’re buying a lot of
stuff during Black Friday, not just yours, and because of that, you’re probably not going to get a lot of repeat business
from this new customer because you’ve just sold them something that’s going to take them
forever to get through. So think short, think quick,
and think quick benefits to the person who is buying it. The third strategy is
your coaching session. So a lot of coaching and I
do group coaching as well, I don’t really sell individual one-on-one coaching sessions anymore, but I believe that if you are trying to
sell a coaching system, the number one mistake
that I’ve always made is I will sell say a free
session or free bonuses and then I’ll forget to put
an expiration date on it or a use-by date, and so what happens is someone will, no kidding,
someone will call me or I guess email me out of
the blue three years later and say hey, I had won a free
one-on-one session with you, could you still honor that. I guess, I don’t really remember you, I’m not even sure if I’m still
doing that business anymore, but okay, so make sure that you have a finite time where they can
sign up right then and there for your private
one-on-one coaching session if that is what you’re giving away. Now there’s a ton of
other different strategies obviously within there, it would take up an entire hour, so I
don’t want to do that. It’s a Monday, I just want
you to get like sparking some ideas, thinking about Black Friday, looking at your competitors,
go through your inbox. Type in Black Friday and
see if you still have stuff. I don’t know, I practice inbox zeros so I think most of my stuff is gone. However, if you don’t do that,
then you might still have things left over from last
year that you can look and see what is happening out there or what was happening out there
last year for Black Friday. So make sure to show up this Thursday because I will be talking for an hour all about Black Friday
things and how you can prep so I have 10 easy steps for
you to kind of just like prep yourself up for Black
Friday, things that you can be doing like right
now, before it’s too late because the day before Thanksgiving will, I don’t wanna say it’s too
late, you could still kinda try to whip something together
but you’re a professional and you want to be
prepared, so let’s go ahead and put together a prep
plan for you this Thursday. All right, I hope everyone’s
having a fabulous start to their week and I will see
you guys on Thursday, bye! (upbeat music)

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