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Arabisch klingt immer gleich! – Errate meinen Dialekt #1

Arabisch klingt immer gleich! – Errate meinen Dialekt #1

Can everyone clap, please? Who has the most
beautiful dialect? Guess my dialect. Do you even know what we’re
doing here today? Not really… It’s about dialects.
That’s all we know. Today we have 8 Arabs
from 8 different Arab countries. And everyone of them will
talk to you in their dialect. It’s going to be your
task to a.) guess what the person
is saying, especially when they
say a “the special” sentence, and b.) you have to judge if you
like the dialect that you’ve just heard. It goes from 1-5 point.
5 being the most beautiful. The first sentence will
always be the same and the second one is a sentence
that is only being used by the people of that
particular region Do you think you’ll do well
in guessing the dialects? No.
-No. It’s going to be embarressing.
-It’s going to be fun. Dialect No. 1 *speaks arabic* Shall we say what he said?
-Yes. He introduced himself and talked
about what he studies and how old he is…
-What did he study? informatics and he is 34 years old. And say what he likes to eat!
-Dolma! Yeah, that’s why I got excited! Because it’s Iraqi food. In that special sentence
he said that he had to wait for an hour and that nothing
happend I had to laugh the whole time
because I actually understood him but he isn’t from Morocco. I think he’s from Tunisia,
and not really from Algeria. Yes, I agree.
-Yes. I would also say somewhere
from North Africa. Total 19 I liked it!
-Me too. I like it when you pronounce
every letter and not swollow them! Like the Egyptians. You’re really going on the
offensive today. Reveal Hello how are you? I
hope you are doing well! My name is Fares Moughkhani
I’m 33 years old almost 34. I studied informatics and
I’m working in this field in Berlin. My favorite food is Dolma and Reshta. In my special sentence I said “They called me for the shooting.
I had to wait for an hour. And at the end it didn’t work out. I am from Algeria. I’m not really able to distinguish
the North African dialects. I think the Tunesian dialect
is closer to the standard Arabic. You think so?
-Yes. I didn’t think I would actually
understand so much. Me neither!
Now I can be proud. when 2 Algerians talk to each other
they talk differently than when they talk to non Algerians. He did say his special sentence
with the Algerian accent. Yeah, I didn’t understand
that at all! Me neither!
I didn’t understand a word. I didn’t even notice the sentence. Dialect 2 *Speaks arabic* It sounds similar to
Egyptian Arabic. Yes, I think so too!
It really sounds Egyptian. But it’s not.
-No it is Sundanese I think. Yes, Sudanese! People sound like that as well,
in the south of Egypt. So it definetly could be Sudanese. Ah she was saying – can I
translate it? -Yes sure! She said somthing about
looking cheap I think. I think in that context it
means that you should dress more properly. Like as if that’s what
people say to you or about you. In the syrian dialect we have
a similar word called “shamse”. Does it mean the same?
It means something like shame or scandal. You know like cheap, scandal and
so on, but I don’t know. Maybe … could be. She said she’s 23 and will turn 24 next month… she’ll be 21, right? no next month she’ll be 24
on the 21st. She’s a make up artist and works
with a lot of musicians and actors. She loves to sing in the shower. It’s like Egyptian. There are many similar words
that others don’t use. I thought it was beautiful.
-Cute. -Yes. Total 20 Huh, but you are Egyptian. You’ve crayoned your No.
but only half of it. I wasn’t finished.
You complained But you are Egyptian.
-Yes. But he still doesn’t like it.
-No, but it’s not Egyptian. Because I said that I have
high standards since I’m Egyptian. It’s not that it was bad,
but it didn’t sound like she was raised in Sudan.
You can hear that. Reveal Hello how are you? I hope
you’Re doing well. I’m 23 years old and will
be 24 on the 21st. I’m an make up artist and
I work with musicians and actors. I like to sing in the shower
even though I can’t. I like to eat … My special sentence meant “Why do you look like that,
go end dress properly what will people say
about you?!” I’m from Sudan. -Have you lived there?
-I actually did. I have lived there for 3
years and I got my degree there. Wow.
-Mashallah. So… I’m leaving. Shamsiye in Iraq means umbrella.
-Yeah true. For us as well. “Shamasa”
you look like.. as we would say,
like a bum. You look like a guy
from the streets. You also say that to messy people. does it have anything to do
with “shams”, the sun? No nothing at all. Dilact 3 *speaks arabic* Oh my god, that’s so easy. Syria
-Syria, Damascus. You can hear that. How did you notice?
-With the word … She said her name is
Ragad. She’s 20 She’ll be 21 soon.
She’s vegetarian. She …
-Her favorite food is Falafel -Correct and she works
at the hospital She’s a nurse. And the special sentence was that she hang out with her friend
and they got into a fight but I can’t find the German
words to translate what she said. Do you know the Syrian dialect?
-Yes. -How? From a lot of TV series. One of the best series…
-Bab al-Hara -Yes, everyone knows that.
Every Arab and even every Persian. Total 22 Islam could you write any smaller? -It’s possible. Yes very beautiful.
-She has a really beautiful voice. Yeah, I think so too. It’s a beautiful dialect. It sounds clean.
-It sounds poetic or like singing. Reveal Hello how are you? I hope well.
My name is Ragad. I’m 20 and will be 21 soon. I’m working as a nurse
in a hospital. I’m a vegan and my favorite food
is Falafel and Humus. A few days ago I got into a
fight with a friend and what does she say?
She says that I’m messy. I told her since when
are you better? And I’m from Syria. What does the “Shams”
thing mean? *speaks arabic* It’s a saying. Like since when
is the situation like this. or since when are you
like this. Ok, cool. Never heard that before.
-Are you from … Dialect 4 *speaks arabic* Tunesia. We already had Algeria
and Morocco so it has to be Tunesia. She is 31 years old.
She’s an actress. And she studies and
works on the side. She said … *speaks arabic* It’s the same in Egyptian.
It means when the cat is gone the mouse can run free. Like when the strong one is gone
the weaker one can do whatever. But do Tunesians eat
Molokhia as well? Yes! But they have different ones
that the Egyptians. So I’ve heard. How do you eat it? We eat it like soup.
-We have that too! I guess they have a different kind.
She’ll explaine. We also have that with rabbit. But they eat rabbit all the time
anyway. Really? -Yes.
-I didn’t know! Me neither.
-How did you like it? I really liked it. I like the Tunesian dialect. I think their dialect sounds
cute. Cute and soft. Friendly. You think so? I like it, but I think
it sounds harsh. I actually like that. But I feel like
she smiled while she talked. Yes, you could hear that! Total 21 Reveal Hi how are you?
I hope well. My name is ..
I’m 31 years old. I’m a student and an
actress. And my favorite food is… And my special sentence that I really like
means “When the cat is out of the
house, the mise can dance on the tables.” Did you find out where I’m from? -From where?
-Tunesia. How do you do Mulukhia? It’s definitely not soup!
It’s more like a Ragout, which has to be cooked
for really long. First you have to grate
the dried plant. Then you pulverize it. Than you cook it for 6-7 hours until the fat seperates
from the liquid. We do it rabbit as well. -And a lot of garlic.
-true. Do you eat it with bread?
-Yes we eat everything with bread. Not with rice? No, we don’t really eat rice. That’s not typicall for Arabs, but… Yes, with bread and potatoes. We are the brea eaters. Rice is more common
in your areas. Yes! Preliminary result Are you gossiping?

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