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Arabic Workshop – The Listening Library

Arabic Workshop – The Listening Library

Research tells us that we should spend nearly half our time listening to acquire a new language. But in most cases listening is missing from Arabic courses. Many put their hearts and souls into reading and studying grammar, but struggle to become fluent. Disheartened, they often give up. Arabic workshop is a listening library carefully designed to bring to life any course you are studying and help build fluency right from the very start. There’s a growing library of whiteboard animations that match your current course. Progress is in baby steps, so you’re never overwhelmed. Stories reinforce vocabulary and grammar as you progress. Engaging visuals give context to words and phrases which are reinforced with the vocabulary builder… …that’s really important for deep learning. Our team of native script writers and voice actors deliver an authentic experience… and there’s a whole load more. Improve your listening skills, widen and retain your vocabulary, hear native voices and get fluent… with Arabic workshop.

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