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Arabic vs.Spanish vocabulary | How spanish words sound in arabic ?

Arabic vs.Spanish vocabulary | How spanish words sound in arabic ?

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  • Learning Zone Languages says:

    ¿Conoces otras palabras comunes?

  • FUN BB says:

    liked 🙂

  • رهام الحربي says:

    of course it will be similar to Arabic..???

  • spacial 多 says:

    ( elgato ) ــــــــــــــ spanish
    ( algat ) ــــــــــــــ arabic

  • Abdullah S. K. says:

    Arabs call rice ( aroz) and spanish called rice ( arroz)

  • Seyfu Beza says:

    Arabic and Spanish are a little similar heck the moors ruled most of Iberia for 500 years

  • ملك بلا تاج says:

    beso = bosa : kiss

  • Meneses guitars inc says:

    the guitar was invented in spain..

  • Meneses guitars inc says:

    alacran..aceituna.calzon.alcoba etc

  • Meneses guitars inc says:

    azafran.berenjena.fideos.jarabe.jarra.naranja.taza..zanahoria.arrecife.jabali.jirafa.marfil.tabaco.ajedrez.alfil.dado.alcalde.aldea.alfombra .almohada.alquiler.barrio.mascara.momia.tarea.

  • Sierra Miranda says:

    Couldn't hear what they were saying by the music

  • goodaim shield says:

    Ok, pero esas palabras son griegas, latinas, germanas, y francesas, no árabes. Se salva el aceite.

  • Abandoned Void says:

    As you can see, English also has some Arabic influence… right?

    Music= Música= Moseka
    Blouse= Blusa= Bloosa
    Guitar= Guitarra= quithara

    I have readed that Arabic has Latin and Greek influence an vice versa, so if this words are not originally Arabic, is this video a lie?
    all this mess of the Arabic influence on Spanish is a lie just like the Jewish origin of all the surnames with -ez?
    Can someone explain me this? It's really annoying .

  • xcdj says:

    Except for many world like This In arabic As7ab in spainsh or mexico , mean amigo means friends lool

  • Armando Bronca Segura says:

    Hold on! Most of them are Hellenic and Latin words.
    1. Music comes from Greek mousikē 'the art of the Muses’, which comes from mousa ‘muse’.
    2. Pants is an abbreviation of pantaloons, which comes from italian language.
    3. Guitar comes from Greek kithara, an instrument similar to the lyre.
    4. Hasta (until) comes from Latin 'ad ista' (until here, hasta aquí), then it was taken by andalusian Arabic as 'hatta' and Spanish as 'hasta'
    5. Camisa comes from Latin camisia, and it first meaning was quite similar to 'camisole' in English
    Spanish words like aceite(also 'óleo' but not used, oil), aceituna (also 'oliva', olive), alcalde (also 'burgomaestre' or 'edil', ~ mayor), azúcar (sugar), alacrán (also 'escorpión'), aldea (also 'villa', village), almacén (also 'bodega'/'depósito', sotorehouse) are loanwords from Arabic language.

  • VVindowZ says:

    If Arabic sound a lot like spanish..
    then english is derived even farther i suppose

  • A a says:

    None of these words are in Portuguese language.

  • _ MAC _ says:

    Arabic don't sound like that ?

  • serfin01 says:

    Annoying video. The majority of words are present in the majority of indoeuropean languages, except “aceite” and “hasta”. Bad examples in this video.

  • Al Iraqi says:

    تقارب بسيط

  • Angry Little Boy says:

    That's not how to pronounce Arabic words it's sound like American trying to speak Arabic

  • Perryhan Zidan says:

    anyone else confused as to why there is a british woman saying all the arabic words?

  • Amine Falhi says:

    Almohada = almokhada
    Alcazar = al kasar
    Naranja = narang
    Limòn = limon
    Bolsa = bursa
    Peintura = bentura
    Zapato = sabat
    Centura = sentura
    Simana = smana

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