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Arabic Vs Japanese: Which Is Harder? [3 Reasons]

السلام عليكم يا شباب،يا اصحاب ، اهلا وسهلا في قناتي حيث اعلم اللغة العربية واللغة الانجليزية ، واليوم اتكلم معكم عن اللغة اليابانية Amata she won a hunger war akagi’s Rebecca Oh, sh t massage. They saw a woman as an image title muy mas and انا اعرف القليل من العربية والقليل من اليابانية واريد ان اتكلم معكم عن اللغة اليابانية أي لغة أصعب ؟ لقد سؤلت هذا السؤال كثيرا ، اي لغة هي الاصعب العربية ام اليابانية ؟ انا كمتعلم هذه اللغات كلغة ثانية بصفتي متحدث الانجليزية بصفتها اللغة الام لي ، لا استطيع ان اقارن بين الاثنتين لكن اولا، انه يوم مميز اليوم وسأقول لكم لماذا .. لأن Duolingo اطلق اليوم البرنامج التعليمي للغة العربية لمتحدثي اللغة الانجليزية ان برنامج duolingo موجود من سبع سنين ، انا اتذكر عندما بدأ هذا البرنامج ولدي حساب فيه منذ سنين كنت اتعلم اليابانية على duolingo واخيرا اصبح لديهم كورس العربية تم اطلاقه اليوم والرابط موجود في اسفل الفيديو مكان الوصف Where you can click that link and you can sign up and start the Arabic course What do you linger do if you don’t know they are actually the biggest of most popular language learning platform they’ve got 300 million users and the mission is basically to make education accessible to everybody so they want to make Language learning free and it is free. It’s a free app. It doesn’t charge you anything You can upgrade to a pro version where there’s no ads and you can use it offline But the app is free. They basically ‘gamified’ language learning so the biggest struggle with learning a language is keeping up the motivation and keeping the Consistency and consistency is key in learning a language and what duolingo have done they’ve made it fun? They’ve made it easy The Arabic language app is now out and you can learn Arabic today as a native English speaker on dueling, which is very exciting So I’m very grateful to them for sponsoring this video and you can click the link in my description Which language is more difficult Arabic or Japanese, well, I’ve stated them both. I’ve only been studying Japanese for A few weeks now feels like longer but a few weeks and yeah Like I’m starting to really get a feel for the language now when I first started learning Japanese my thoughts were this How Did I ever learn Arabic because Arabic is so much harder Arabic is more difficult. Arabic is the more difficult language. I wouldn’t say Japanese is easy, but compared to Arabic Japanese is kind of easy I think you have to study Arabic as a Non-native speaker to really grasp and get a feel for how complicated how difficult how vast this language is There are so many more and so many better quality resources available for Japanese than there are for Arabic and that’s a really big head wind If you’re starting to begin to learn Arabic and you’re struggling to find a good quality concise consistent course, which actually teaches you what you want to know if you’re struggling with that then Good luck the most available the most widely available resource for learning Arabic is a resource which will teach you MSA Arabic now, here’s the kind of the catch with this nobody speaks MSA Arabic So there are loads of good resources for MSA Arabic, which is what I happen to have learned, but nobody speaks MSA Arabic Now that might seem strange to you. Oh, wait, how can they not speak it? Why does it not speak it? Well, the way that the language has evolved over the years Every country has its own spoken dialect Which is very very very different to what you would hear in the media in the news in the newspaper on Some television, so most people can kind of understand this MSA this dialect But it’s not the spoken language so you can be great at MSA But if you’re going to speak it you might sound a bit strange and people might look at you a bit funny Now we have different accents across the world You know, like if you’re from the United States even with the United States You got a different X and you’ve got like the New York New York Boston accent and then you got like the southern accent count Of southern twang like this. Alright, sweetheart. How’s it going? And then you’ve got like the California X sound like valley Oh my god, and then like it’s a bit more like ah Like open and nasally and then you come across to the United Kingdom And you’ve got people who speak like me which is quite a posh I guess. So people tell me on YouTube and Then go to London. You’ve got to be able to Courtney accent, you know at Giza. What’s up? Yeah I guess gives a ciggy come and have a cuppa with me down the local CAF Go cross Northern Ireland like Belfast you get like a Northern Irish noise sound not noise, but it’s like a nice sound I might say things like in out in out and then go down to Southern Ireland and Dublin is actually quite nice It’s a much softer accent so southern and like Republic of Ireland not actually part of the United Kingdom, but you know We’re still friends and you go to Birmingham in this kind of like this You might say I don’t want to get about any more. Let’s just go and play football I’m not really bothered about their Geordie be like come on Rebecca go down Baker Grove, you know Like kind of speaking like that like proper Geordie accent like Cheryl Cole kind of stale go down Cornwall He might grab yourself some fish and chips and a pasty down make pad store some light talk like that he for from Cornwall She’s right down the southern tip of the United Kingdom Then you got laid the Bristol accent which is kind of like in the middle We just kind of speaks a bit weird Like they go. Boom you A lot a lot of Scottish acts and they just enter like swear quite a lot so late. You’re from Glasgow They you have like a little bit of a potty mouth. I guess you could see like they were looking to say potty It’s a potty like the don’t breed or pronounce the T is very much up in Scotland So like I mean, I’m not like an accent specialist or anything But like if you’re from Scotland you talk a little bit like that down in Australia. They might say going mate. How’s it going? Like in South Africa Carlock Australian accent, but it’s like it’s it’s a bit more shortened shop So I accept it because they kind of talk like this they kind of stop and start a little bit more So I gather they might say, how’s it how’s it in South Africa in like places like Durban East London or Cape Town? And they might say things like how’s it they might have a slightly different variation on how to ask How are you? But in Arabic the language the variation within language the dialects is so vastly different that it’s literally like a different language somebody from Egypt would really struggle in having a coherent conversation with somebody from Kuwait for example where they say seanix loner morick lots of different corner niche phrases so the number of accents that exist within Arabic are just so Extreme and there are so many it makes learning it really really really really difficult and complicated now We’re comparing Japanese and Arabic here. And of course in Japan there are different regional dialects, too Like I’ve just done a little bit of research. They have Niigata been amore been Okayama been and Kansa been been means accent or dialect and Generally, you’ve got lots of different nihongo Horgan, which is Japanese accents and the difference with Japanese in Arabic Is that whereas the Japanese accents are very vastly? totally completely different and barely even understood barely have any mutual kind of crossover in the Venn diagram the accents within Japan are Subtly different kind of like the different accents you’d get within the English language But they are not so different as the Arabic ones So if you learn classical Japanese like the Tokyo accent that you would get from like a like the BBC equivalent Which is like NHK world Then you learn that and you can be well understood people do speak it people do understand it and the regional accents are not as different to the main core Japanese as They are in for example Arabic. So Arabic is just like a it’s a mishmash It’s like someone’s put something in like the cake of Arabic and it’s exploded and it’s just the language is just gone Wow, it’s exploded all over the place. Everyone speaks a slightly different language It’s what happens when you get little pockets in very small kind of tribes and countries over thousands of years Evolving in what is mostly been a spoken language? There hasn’t really been a lot of written Arabic throughout history so a lot of it is spoken and the languages are kind of like migrated off to a Slightly different style in every little pocket of the Middle East which is a huge region spanning all the way from what you’ve got Morocco over in the West right up to Oman And Yemen right to the east side Now the third and final thing I want to talk about comparing Japanese and Arabic is the pronunciation So I’ve just taken three random phrases the first one is this one here konnichiwa now I’m sorry But if you’ve never learned Japanese in your life and you speak English and you look at these letters and you read it you go konnichiwa You can’t really pronounce that wrong. Okay. How about the Arabic equivalent these both mean good morning? you might read that as Saba al khair Saba al khair. It’s it’s more difficult to pronounce It’s more difficult to write in English letters and to get a correct pronunciation of it the correct way to pronounce This is sabaha L. Hey subha él oyó Sobre el here. So konichiwa Pretty easy to say right for an English speaker There’s nothing difficult there versus sabar LK and you’ve got a saw which is a different letter You got the hair which is a new letter different to English and then her which is a new letter which isn’t in English and that ah, which is like a rolling R now the R in Japanese is also quite difficult Probably the hardest letter to pronounce in Japanese, but compared with Arabic and Japanese like this phrase for example Konichiwa and Saba L fair. There’s no doubt about it. The Arabic is much more difficult to pronounce Let’s take another example This sentence here means I am studying Arabic what actually were a derby a girl will be encouraged Amos now There’s not really far wrong. You can go a future to read that as an English speaker What does she well, I’d rather you go war binky or shit Amos. It’s quite easy it’s not you know, you have to practice to get the sounds just right but compare that with the Arabic and uh address Aloha al arabiya, you’ve got those you’ve got the air these are hard letters to pronounce as a non-native English speaker you might see that and read it as an Actress al lugar al arabiya which to be fair like it could be worse third example, is this one go gaku a bank You’re suddenly got tunnel. Sheis that’s in japanese it means I enjoy studying languages the same in Arabic is ahead and address in law that Allah got yellow heart so I know heaven a drusilla heart again. You’ve got the hair. You’ve got the her you’ve got Various slightly more difficult lettuce to pronounce so the point I’m arguing here is that It’s more difficult for a native English speaker to pronounce Arabic than it is for them to pronounce Japanese having done both I can tell you that Arabic is much more difficult to pronounce there are letters which exist in the Arabic language Which are just not nothing like the letters which we use in English the sounds we use in the English language Now I’m not saying that you don’t have to work to get an authentic Japanese accent you certainly do and I’m working on that now But unlike in studying Arabic where it feels that you can kind of be hitting a brick wall banging your head against a brick wall when you’re trying to learn that air or the hair or the hurt of a lot of a part of ah, ah, fuck are all these letters there are lots of difficult letters to pronounce in Arabic and you know when you’re beginner It can be really really Demoralizing and Off-putting when you’re trying to pronounce these letters and just you feel like you’re saying them wrong in Japanese I just haven’t found that you can pretty much go to a sentence and what actually wherever your goal will being cured a mess there’s nothing really that difficult to say so pronunciation is definitely easier in Japanese than it is in Arabic If there’s one thing that Arabic is easier for it’s learning the alphabet There are only 26 letters once you’ve learned them 28, sorry 28 Just getting new to those 28. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet and once you’ve learned them It’s very easy to actually read and write to be honest. That’s the truth. Japanese has three alphabets haidakhana katakana and The Kanji Kanji is like the Chinese characters There are thousands of them and to read and write Japanese is more difficult in my opinion than reading and writing in Arabic. So that is the caveat to this I’ve made the case that Arabic is more difficult for my three reasons earlier But in terms of reading and writing Arabic is actually more straightforward if you’re interested in learning, Japanese or Arabic Don’t forget to check out the link in my description for the duolingo app. The Arabic course for English speakers is out today so check that out and I hope to see you back here again on my channel very soon you

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