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Arabic verb “to write” conjugation

Arabic verb “to write” conjugation

Asalam o alaikum friends how are you? I hope you all will be fine welcome Good Morning I welcome you all to my channel Learn Arabic with Musawar Today, we will discuss Arabic verb To write verb To write So lets’ start first of all we have I write I write after that, you write You write anta for men after that, you write for feminine you write for females anti for women after that we have we write we write after that, we have he writes He writes after that, she writes she writes after that, we have they write for masculine They write (masculine) after that we have They write for feminine after that , we have they write for both masculine and feminine both male and female write you all men write you all men write after that, you all women write O.K we are talking about the plural form You write for both males and females let’s repeat one more time I write You write for males You write for females we write He writes she writes They write for males They write for females both males and females write They write you all men write you all women write you write for both male and female Thank you our today’s lecture end here Must tell me about my video how was my video if you like my video thumbs up Must subscribe my channel and do not forget to press the bell icon so that you can get my new videos Thanks for watching this video Goodbye. see you soon.

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