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Arabic Reading Practice [Tom & Jerry]

Arabic Reading Practice [Tom & Jerry]

hello and welcome to this Arabic reading
lesson this is the first reading lesson I’ve done like this I’ve had an idea to
make a lesson similar to this for actually several months and I’ve just
finished shooting a video which you probably saw a couple of days ago which
is this Arabic cartoon and you can see a link for that in the description or in
this card up there and I want to go through this Tom and Jerry dialog
reading it and translating it so if you want to work on your reading your Arabic
reading this is the perfect lesson for you if you’re curious about learning some
new vocab this is the perfect lesson for you and if you have any specific
questions about this by the end of the video then you can ask me directly on my
patreon which is in my description and in the comments as well so without
further delay look at my screen here boom now you can see it so the first
line of this dialogue is this one here can just make sure that you’ve got all
the all the information there if you do have any further questions about this
dialogue then you’re very welcome to ask me specific questions on my patreon
that’s where I basically kind of advise and mentor Arabic learners and other
than that if you want to get yourself an Arabic teacher you can also join iTalki I appreciate you subscribing and you can see more videos there and there and I
hope to see you back here again very soon if you’d like more lessons like
this reading practice then I can absolutely do that no no problem and
until next time ma3 as-salaama bye bye

86 Replies to “Arabic Reading Practice [Tom & Jerry]”

  • xargs says:

    Why is "by myself" one word? And Google Translate has اذا as "if" (which obviously is wrong in this context).

  • Mike Still says:

    Find an online teacher 👉 http://go.italki.com/stepbysteparabic
    Join me on Patreon 👉 http://bit.ly/2spKwKS
    More Arabic/English translations 👉 http://bit.ly/2KjGO06

  • ali saifan says:

    Hi mike love you 😘😘

  • ali saifan says:

    انت الافضل انا احب قناتك جدا

  • Black Legend says:

    أهلا مايك. فعلا فيديوهاتك رائعة و أنت مصدر إلهام. رجاءا جرب أن تتحدث اللهجة الجزائرية 🤗❤

  • William Chen says:

    What's the best method to learn words ?

  • ll.b521 12 says:

    احسنت يا مايك
    تعلمك للغة العربية رائع وطريقة نطقك للحروف ممتازة ❤️❤️

  • ALYAA M says:

    اللي يحب مقاطع مايك يدعس لايك 👿👿

  • خالد العمودي says:

    على بركة الله

  • سجينة في العراق says:

    I'm the comment number 12😍❤

  • lollipop YUMMY says:

    Im number 13

  • Ismaeel A R says:

    انت شخص رائع❤😍

  • o0oTNTo0o says:

    إنها "إما"، تختلف عن "أما"
    أيضًا "تَناول"، اعتقد أنه وضع الحركات على جميع الاحرف سوف تسهل من عملية النطق كثيرًا.

  • Batool Ghabain says:

    Hey ")) ur Arabic is getting much better…
    You pronounced ithan like itha….
    When u should've pronounced the "n", so it would sound better… But other than that u were rly so gd…
    Keep up the gd work…

  • Tomás Woodall says:

    How do you split screen like that?

  • Rahaf says:

    إذاً إما الكلب أو القط>> تنطقها إذاً(Ethan)(with نُون ) لازم يكون فيه تنوين ليست إذا

  • Haya Faisal says:

    النطق الصحيح لكلمة اما بوضع إ + شدة على حرف الميم فتصبح هكذا ( إمّا )
    سعيدة جداً بتعلمك للغة العربية واتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح 🌹

  • hokky 1 says:

    مو اذا بل تنطق مثل (اذن) ethan not etha الكتابة صحيحك لكن نطقك خطأ

  • Mohammed Malhis says:

    Your arabic accent is perfect 👌

  • happy . BTS says:

    مبدع 😍

  • W C says:

    This is really good!  Thank you.

  • Joulnar Haj khalil says:

    2:03 من الأصح أن تقول إذاً (بتنوين الفتح) لأن إذاً معناها so أما إذا (بدون تنوين ) معناها if

  • elizabeth says:

    How did you increase your listening practice? I tried to watch some films but Arabic speak too fast and I feel it's doesn't work for me 🙁

  • lI Salah Il Goku says:

    Nice bro ur arabic really good ^^

  • lI Salah Il Goku says:


  • Tasneem AL-Enezi says:

    I love your channel, for a while I thought this isn't true. I mean it's a lot of work, I'm proud of you I think you are motivational and amazing
    I do speak fluent Arabic because I'm from Kuwait, but I'm going to teach it so I re-watched many videos of yours
    I'm spending the summer in Turkey not necessarily to teach Arabic but I'm going to in a Mosque near by, I would love to do that but I can't speak Turkish and they can't speak Arabic (there current teacher only knows the Amjadiyah)
    so if you have any tips I will really appreciate that
    ps: I don't know what to start with, I'm spending 2 months in here

  • Rick Grimes says:

    Hello mate.
    Great video as always, but I have a small note for you. When you pronounced the word ظلمت in the sentence لقد ظلمت
    You pronounced it in a way that has a different meaning. Because there is a grammar in Arabic called الفعل المبني للمجهول ( Passive Voice ) it is used when the subject of a sentence has an action done to it, like أنا ظلمت in this sentence you can see that the subject has an action done to it, and it's pronounciaton changed in this case. https://ar.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/فعل_مبني_للمجهول read this Wikipedia page it will help you. And if you have any questions or if you need anything thing I will do my best to help you.

  • Arif Hussain says:

    Excellent videos Mike! well done! I think it should be هذه instead of هذة ? Keep posting as I look forward to the arabic learning methods that you use to build my arabic.

  • ana aa says:

    أعجبني طريقة شرحك و أنا سأتعلم الإنجليزية
    Like this

  • yos 24 says:

    الغرفة is either pronounced with a silent T, or with a damma on the ة

  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    عظيم جدًا
    شكرًا يا مايك

    keep it up; pls!

  • Shiiiuo _ says:

    أهلاً مايك، فيديو رائع كالعادة..
    لكن يوجد شيء صغير أريد أن أُنَبهك عليه.

    أنت قُلت 1. "لقد ظَلَمت" لكن بالحقيقة
    هي 2."لقد ظُلِمت" .

    يُوجد فرق بينهما وهو:

    1. "ظَلَمت" It means you treat someone unfairly “unjust”.

    2. "ظُلِمت" Means you had treated unfairly by someone.

    إنتبه للحركات على الحروف لانها قد تُغير المعنى.
    وشكراً لك :c

  • Saleem Naser says:

    Mashallah your Arabic is good لازم تتعلم اللغة العربية كثير

  • Saleem Naser says:

    I am from Saudia Arabia if need something I am here for you bro

  • Saleem Naser says:

    من وين انت

  • Saleem Naser says:

    From where are you

  • Abdullah Ahmad says:

    Min 2:30, It’s not itha, it’s ithan and it’s a big difference. I just wanted to notify you. Love your videos btw

  • Cat Games says:

    اريد فقط ان اقول لك اشياء ربما تعرفها و ربما لا ، لكن احببت ان اتكلم معك ( انا مسلم من الجزائر )
    -The sheksperian language is the old Arabic not this one ( عربية اللغة الجاهلية)
    And the "fusha" we speak today is a very light Arabic with a lot of words missing like you can say its a portable version while the one I mentions its the really hard one you can find it in Quran (that's why people miss interpret the Quran always)
    -you speak good Arabic but it sound like you are trying hard try to relax your muscles a bit
    -العربية الفصحة تطورت منذ القدم ، لذا انصحك بقراءة سلسلة فجر الاسلام و ظهر الاسلام و ضحى الاسلام للكاتب محمد امين
    فهو يحكي تفاصيل تطور الحضارة الاسلامية و هذا سيساعدك على التعلم اكثر
    Thats it , peace

  • khalil toumi says:

    Hello, Teacher I would love to say for the sentence " اذا اما الكلب او القط" .It should be " إذن إما الكلب أو القط" for the sounds you did well just keep doing that

  • Siti Nurul Septiyani says:

    I love your channel 😍

  • Abeer12e Naseer says:


  • Catriona Rannoch says:

    This was great! Is there any chance you could provide the document as a download or webpage, to read through it more slowly? Loved this concept

  • Dini xoxo says:

    Dunno how can I just found you!!
    I’ve been wanting to strenghthen my Arabic skills since I realised I neglected this language and it can be very useful.. I know some basic, but I consider it as very very basic! Even though I have learnt it for almost 10 years more or less lol back then in school from primary to senior h8 I used to study Al lughotul- Arobiyyah. So now I found a channel that finally might be helpful for my neclected language skills. I’m subscribing!! 🙏🏽😀

  • henny cut Irnawati says:

    Mike, u r so cool…happy to find u

  • Lanya Dara says:

    Do you think about visiting Iraq?

  • Gaemer Elf says:

    This was so much fun to watch
    I am a native Arabic speaker but I grew up in Australia so it’s nice to listen to msa

    One thing though at the very end the t at the end of room is just an a sound like how the last t in dark is pronounced.

    Thank you for making this video

  • callisto malady says:

    Is it weird that I can read Arabic but I can't speak Arabic…??!!

    well.. it's very common if you're a non Arab Muslim

  • uselessweeb isonfire says:

    I am arabic but srsly the way you pronounce letters (even the sounds that aren't natural to an english speaker) are on point!!! Subscribed bc this is a very interesting channel!! Great job Mike!!

  • Qussai says:

    There is a difference between اذا and اذاً, the one in the video is اذاً you used اذا
    Also دجاجه doesn't sound right in Arabic in term of foods, it should be دجاج، cause once it's chopped or in pieces it's no longer a singular chicken to call it دجاجه
    There's no اما that sounds Ama it will always sounds emma with a kasra underneath the ا.
    And I just noticed you have tons of grammatical errors, ظلمت the way you said it is about you telling another person, you've treated him unfairly, while the original dialog says i have been treated unfairly which is suppose to be tholimt ظُلِمتْ not thalamt ظَلَمت I appreciate your efforts on this, and I love your attempts, all you need is a book about تنوين tanween, to master pronunciation and the ص letter and you're good to go. Thank you!

  • COC aod says:

    Good =جيد
    محاوله رائعه اخي مايك

  • الاول الماري says:

    جميل جدا وانا احببت فيديوهاتك اتمنى منك التحدث بل لهجه العراقية وشكرا علا مجهودك

  • Albandri A says:

    You are doing well شاطر ماشاءلله

  • Dhiya Amanie says:

    To be honest, i am so proud of you!!! ☺☺☺😇

  • Umar Din says:

    Hello Mike, which Arabic textbook would you recommend ?

  • Alavaro82 says:

    hi Mike , your subscribers are mostly Arabians lol
    keep up the good work

  • tubingforlol says:

    Please keep up the cartoon translations It helps me a lot!!!

  • Cutie L says:

    Translate sponge bob next time 😬😊

  • Yusril Khoir says:

    What application that u use, sir?

  • Workout 4men says:

    لماذا لا تتناول مواضيع هامة ، مثل الاعراب و تصريف الافعال

  • Myrna Suyan says:


  • هبة رجم says:

    جميل*-* قراءتُكَ جيدة جداا
    اتمنى لك الحظ في هذا

  • Ilha Ui says:

    Sorry. But ظلمت here is pronounced as tholimt. Because when we say thalamt it means "I treated…. unfairly". But when we say tholimt it means "I've been treated unfairly". Thank you!

  • yumna 765 says:

    Your Arabic is so good 👌🏻 but there's something you should be carful about, which it's "اذا" . There are many "اذا" in Arabic , one of them is "اذا" = either, but you should add "ن" in the end of the word (إذن ) because if you say (اذا) without "n" it would be another meaning witch it's "if"

  • bordoraux says:

    this is a good method

  • لمى says:

    How we can remove this “one dislike” ?

  • Chiara Lombardo says:

    Could you please do something from “The fairly oddparents” next?

  • hamzah dwahdeh says:

    You are pretty amazing arabic speaker keep doing it .
    You even know what is the "kasra" this is so deep , really great effort wish you all the best from jordan man ❤✌

  • Ayach's English says:

    Honey, Arabic is hard for u , you should stay with English lol, ur Arabic is quite funny….but keep doing it ,best of luck.

  • غادة _ Ghada says:

    اذا اما الكلب او القلط
    Ithann << u must say the N litter
    There is اذاً and اذا
    اذا if
    اذاً so

  • Moudi says:


  • SILKWALKS says:

    The arabic letters are very hard to prnonounce even for a semitic person , i applaud to you mate u nailed it .

  • Ari Epstein says:

    yea. I liked this type of lesson a lot.

  • Lindy Diffrance says:

    wallah a7b your youtube channel! w you speak incredible arabic! I'm Kuwaiti but have studied in the uk for a while. x

  • dark green says:

    You did great..I have a small notice إذا have تنوين so it is pronounced as Ethan not etha

  • Popzain 30 says:

    Best for U Classes


    Frankly, bravo alaik ! Finally a European teaching Arabic ( and fun way) ‏ما شاء الله تبارك الله الله يزيد وبارك

  • Mr. Mojazv says:


  • Sa11 says:

    الشرح واضح والنطق حلو 😍

  • Houwari Badare says:

    الذى جذبني نطقك صحيح الذي لا يشوبه شائبة واصل في هذا مسار

  • vibro ro says:

    اذا هنا تنتهي بتنوين ethan
    إما ema

  • Ghena KH says:

    A useful video for Arabian and English speakers

  • Scopty says:

    I don’t know if this is just me but I think you should pronounce habibati like habibti

  • Nilly Tawil says:

    It is more correct to say "al-ghurfato al-mothlimato" or "al-ghurfa al-mothlimah".

  • SydneyPhotography2019 says:

    I went to Jordan for 2 weeks. Literally on the last day on the way to the airport, I kept asking my mum’s cousin what sound letters make and I learned Arabic. Now I read and write Arabic all the time haha. Love it, so fun.

  • TheSuperMe94 says:

    Dear Mike,
    As an Arab, I am absolutely amazed by your skill!! Well done!
    One small note: اذا would be pronounced "ithan" like /ee-than/, and اما would be like /Im'ma/ where you would stress the m sound and there would be a كسرة on the ألف

  • Joke Name Haha Funny says:

    This msa or a dialect?

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