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Arabic Noun

Arabic Noun

in this lesson I will talk about the Arabic noun the noun gender Arabic noun has two genders feminine and masculine but there is not neutral form nouns are masculine unless there is a feminine marker and fixed to them verbs adjectives and pronouns must agree in gender with the corresponding noun and what nestle in feminine gender most of the nouns ending I fell upon my limit on Anza Hatsune we use feminine if we talk about body parts of which there are two are yunnan Adama even and if we talk about female persons bulton said nothin Sal do crap geographical names like countries or cities miss su dia de merciful and Yemen but masculine la roque alma de book besides that we use feminine if we talk about natural elements LD Samson Neda Lydia but there are some exceptions in case of few words cannot conclude neither from the shape know from this signification how do Beth mandalam would allow cold masculine is used in all other noun which is not listed on the feminine noun and if we talk about male persons Chuck lafoon and f sub-p can eat anything Arabic language use some nouns as masculine and some nouns as feminine particularly the plant and animal means their changers are vacillating in consultation with other parts of the sentence are regarded as masculine and feminine hermamma Hasani sniffing : guess what children are illegitimate

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