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Arabic Newscast *HD w/Subtitles Français/English (Students)

Arabic Newscast *HD w/Subtitles Français/English (Students)

Arabic at Concordia University. With 9 April 2014 (Russian) (Mandarin) (Spanish) (Icelandic) Arabic News Good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. Kenneth and I will talk about today’s news. Welcome. But first, our colleague will report the weather, please, Ellis. Good evening, I’m Ellis, weather specialist. Today, the weather in Montreal is very cold. The temperature is 4 degrees, and it’s a little cloudy. For me, the winter season is really long in this city! Where is the sun and the summer? I don’t know… Tomorrow in Montreal, snow… with 5 degrees in the day, and 2 degrees at night. This is the weather, and I’m Ellis. Goodbye! Today’s main global news is that the United Nations discussed the Russian issue. They also talked about the Arab League and the events taking place in Syria. The discussions will take place in New York. For the past 2 years, Syrian news has been making headlines. We hope that everything will be all right. And now, we have Ellis reporting from Concordia. Thank you Marina. I’m at Concordia University, in Montreal. This is the library building. Currently, the education department is in this building, but in 2015 the education department will be in the Faubourg building. In reality, education students do not like the Faubourg building very much. Welcome! Thank you. What is your name? My name is Gabriel. What do you study Gabriel, and where? I study education at Concordia University. Do you like this building? Yeah, I like this building. What do you think about the Faubourg? It’s really old and small. And this building? It’s new and big! Thank you kindly Gabriel. You’re welcome, Goodbye! The French President in Montreal with his small family: 3 wives, 10 daughters, 22 sons, and aunts, and uncles. He doesn’t remember the names of all his family members, but hopefully, they remember his. Today’s next topic: Manal Al-Badaoui receives the best teacher’s award. She is the professor of Arabic at Concordia University. The prize will be offered by the French President. And now we’ll break for a short commercial. I’m a new student in University. And I’m… sad and lonely, always. I’m always busy studying, day and night… I visit my parents 3 times per week. I’d like to eat my mother’s homecooking: Chicken soup, blackberry desserts… I’d need a million pages to describe my mom’s recipes. But I’m not even able to make toast… Welcome! My name is Khalil. Do you have problems cooking? Before this cookbook, I didn’t know anything about cooking. Call us now and we’ll send you the complete kit! Now I know the difference between a mulberry and a blackberry! Call now, and we’ll send you: A knife, a fork, and tea! and if you order 2, we’ll send you this beautiful Tajiin. That’s beautiful! Don’t wait! Your life will change! Yes ! Before this cookbook I would ask myself: How do I eat a potato? Don’t wait! You will be so very VERY happy! I’m so happy now, I only cry while cutting onions. If you don’t like this book, don’t order it again! And don’t tell anyone! Don’t hesitate! 514 848 2424 This was the news for today. Thank you very much! Good bye! Good bye!

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