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Arabic Languages on Glossika | #DailyMIKE 044

Arabic Languages on Glossika | #DailyMIKE 044

Okay, this question comes in from Antonio.
First of all, congrats on the astounding work done over the years, I’d like to suggest launching
an Arabic course for the common dialect spoken over the Persian Gulf, which hasn’t been dealt
with in academia till recently except for Clive Holes. Okay, so I would like to say
that I believe that glossa is going to get to the point where we cover most of the major
varieties of Arabic including the ones of Gulf. However, you know, as you may have seen,
we have actually recently released the Moroccan Arabic and so you can go
ahead and watch one of our other videos by one of our team members, Emad, where he talks about the differences between Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic and how it’s,
it’s really kind of like a different language. But there are some keys where you can actually pick up the language quickly
if you understand the sound correspondences. And so with the the languages of the Persian
Gulf, yeah, Clive Holes is really famous for the work that he’s done. Professor from Oxford.
And he’s had a really, really long career since the 80s, developing educational institutions
in the Arab world, doing an extensive amount of work with working the Peace Corps around
the world. And so this is a, you know, some of the work that he’s done has been really
amazing. And so I think that at some point in the future, we will be able to provide
more materials for the- for the Arab world and for learning Arabic. And also another polyglot friend of mine,
Donovan actually has a site called Talk In Arabic, so you can
get on to talk in Arabic and learn a lot of the different dialogues and things from around
the Arab world. And that’s also kind of a supplementary material for for learning Arabic, and I believe that if you would like to see us push out something in the near future for
a specific variety of Arabic, it helps if you get the people that you know in contact
with us if they’re able to work with our team and build out those materials, then we can
actually produce them quicker, and I invite you to send out those recommendations to the people that you know, to get in touch with us and so that
we can develop those courses.

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