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[Arabic/ENG Sub] END 24 انا اسمعك I Hear You

[Arabic/ENG Sub] END 24 انا اسمعك I Hear You

Youtube: RR TV Serie II Episode 24 (Final episode) Er Duo Long time no see. I miss. Honeymoon is fun. Your face looks brighter. Of course. Want to try it? Mars, let’s talk. Come on inside. Er Duo, let’s talk out. Come on Sit down What for? Just sit. What? Gift. What gift? Stop it I know. It seems like the meeting with your in-laws is smooth. How is his parents? Did you go to the Italian Church? Did you try it too? Yes, stop it. How can I answer if you don’t stop talking? See you now. Looks very happy to forget me. Right, try I accidentally saw this gift … maybe I have forgotten you. I understand. I know. Since you met Mars, … that’s the end for us. You are right. Oh yes…. Do you plan to settle in Italy? We have already decided, his parents really want us to stay there. I think the Italian concept is similar to the traditional Chinese concept. They want the family to live together. So you will move soon? Not really. I want to finish all my work first. Really everything is not easy … everything needs sacrifice. Why are you pessimistic? You’re not like Er Duo. I tell. I passed a school interview in Japan. Good, isn’t that what you always dreamed of? Congratulations. Why? Because of the cost? Not. Money is not a big problem, my scholarship is still enough. I can also work part time. Ye Shu Wei … Why about Ye Shu Wei? I have watched him since. Congratulations yeah, you are in a relationship … I didn’t expect you guys so far. What is wrong? Do you have a problem? My mistake. He is nice. Very good. Very attention to me. Sometimes I don’t know how to reply. But… both of us are dating for the first time. He gave everything I wanted. Sometimes I feel maybe I’m too selfish about it. He even decided not to Italy … and chose to go to Japan with me. but I also don’t want … he gave up on his dream because of me. Does he know what you think? I don’t know how to tell him. Talk to him, don’t run away. This is the problem for both of you. Do not worry. I’ll always be here for you. There is a song for you. Listen. What is the title? The title … The Most Enchanting Thing (I Hear You). The Most Enchanting Thing (I Hear You)? Why? Like you. Shu Wei Actually, I always want to talk to you about this. What is that? Seems serious. I thought about it for a long time. Since I first met you … I am very grateful for fate … take you into my life … and provides many beautiful memories … like today. Feel the beauty of the struggle … fall in love… and feeling loved. So… sometimes when I ask myself … Is this a dream? It’s so beautiful that I can’t believe it. Why is that? Either believe … or not… this is fun too. You also know my mom. I told you before … about my life. I always feel … my mom raised me alone. There are many difficult and sad times. His relationship with my father made him unhappy. I always obey his wishes … so he is happy. Finally… I continued to obey. High school near home … as he wishes. Become a kindergarten teacher … as he wishes. Go to kindergarten in the city and also become a teacher there … as he wishes. Blind date as he wishes. All like … as…. wrong for me. So one day … I want to live my own life. Therefore… I made an important decision. I set myself apart as a kindergarten teacher … and entered a Japanese school to study dubbing. Work hard to get money … in order to be able to study at an Animation School in Japan. Whenever someone around me says … Bei Er Duo, you won’t be able to … also when my mom doubts me. I always tell myself … Bei Er Duo you will definitely be the top dubber. Because I believe … struggle… will always be surrounded by success. My 22nd this year … I want to pursue my dream. That’s why I’m trying hard. Because this is my only wish. Recently… everything almost went according to my wishes. But you… is something beyond my predictions. Either grace or test from God. But I’m happy to meet you. I always tell myself … do your best to appreciate it. However … as the time drew nearer, I became uncertain. I want to reach my dream, … do what i want … so I can’t give up on Japan. And I don’t want … You gave up on your dreams because of my dream. Submissive and easy to give up … it’s not like you. Because you were not before meeting me. Shu Wei Like Ling Qing Zhao’s words … our world is different. At first I felt too cruel … but it seems true. We are in a different world. We are only curious about each other’s world. But in fact we also have the same thing. Not just different. Shu Wei I don’t want to give up. Give up… in the dream I always fought for. I don’t want to … you give up on your dreams. I know If something like this … make you think like that … maybe you feel depressed. I will continue to wait for you … until you finish studying dubbing. I always give him freedom. I also never held it back. He moved to Japan because of you. You say it’s freedom? Did he tell you? He said when he refused me. Meteor showers belong to everyone. But these fireworks are ours. And this… only yours. Hello. Bei Er Duo, you are very selfish. Because of you… everyone in the studio had bad luck. Who is this? I’m Gao Xianyin’s girlfriend, Huo Xiaotong. How so if you forget. I remember you. But I don’t understand what you mean. You don’t have to do it. Do you whine about going to Japan … until Ye boss has to accompany you? He even gave up joining the Philharmonic Orchestra in Vienna. A biggest violin production … do you know? That’s a very rare opportunity. Do you know or don’t want to know? What more impact will they receive? Just because you are in Japan, they are all harmed. Boss Ye is coming to Japan with you … he even ignored rare orders. He said to reject it. You’re planning something, right? Are you satisfied now? Hello, say it! Why are you silent Huo Xiaotong, I told you … It will not happen. That is all. Sambal. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and also pickled. 6,7, 8,9, 10 Ingredients for Hot pot 5 packs, are 5 enough? Ma. Why so much? I want to go to school instead of taking refuge. Many. Advantages. Already, just save it. You did not know? These are also cakes. You can eat when you are lazy to eat rice. You must miss home later. You have to be full before you miss. Don’t argue. Do you think you can calm down? Remember to bring it, here are some sausages. And also ham. What’s more forgetfulness? What are you doing? After I leave … mama must take care of health well. I will always call, remember answering. I understand, when you get there … remember calling when getting off the plane. Don’t worry about money … just buy what you want. If there is a problem, call mama. Mama cell phone is always active 24 hours. If you miss, you can go home. Mom’s cooking is always waiting for you. Do not Cry. Quickly trim and rush to sleep. Oh yeah, did Ye pick you up tomorrow? He picked me up and we went together. Good one No, you said go together. How’s the car? Ma. You care so much, yeah? Tomorrow we will go to the airport together. He parked his car in the airport parking lot. The employee will return the car tomorrow. Ok? Good one I’m relieved … Xiao Ye had considered what I said. If he doesn’t go with you … I will not calm down. Mama defending who? You. When you arrive, eat a lot. Don’t starve, just eat what you want. Buy whatever you want. Slowly. Need help? No need, Auntie. That’s heavy, you know? Don’t study too hard to make you sick. I know, Ma. Do not worry. If you don’t accompany him to Japan, I won’t be calm. You know how our Er Duo family is. Please take care of him carefully. Aunt don’t worry. I will look after Er Duo. I’ll make sure he’s always happy. thanks. I’m counting on you. And you… Tell him your problem later. Don’t save it yourself. Go. There. Come on Come on Go. Get in the car. We’re leaving, Auntie. Oh yeah, when you arrive … remember calling when getting off the plane. Frequently notify. VC too. Mama cell phone is always active 24 hours. Do not Cry. Do not Cry. This is a good thing. Do not Cry. Ma. Take care of yourself. Make sure to answer my phone. If you cry, you will cry too. Ma. When you arrive, remember to call. When you arrive, remember calling. Eat whatever you want. I have a present. Give me your bag. I made it myself. Good luck prize. Do not Cry. Whiny Bei Er Duo You are very selfish. Because of you… everyone in the studio had bad luck. Bos Ye wants to go to Japan with you. He even refused rare orders. What more impact will they receive? It will not happen. Shu Wei, I want coconut milk. Coconut milk? OK. I’ll find it first. Youtube: RR TV Serie II Do you see a short girl … wearing a pink jacket? Do you see a short girl wearing a pink jacket? Actually, I’m very grateful for the fate that let you enter my life … But you… is something beyond my predictions. Mr. Ye Shuwei is going to Japan … the flight immediately takes off, please go to the boarding gate as soon as possible. Sometimes I feel … Is this a dream? It’s too beautiful to make it hard to believe. Mr. Ye Shuwei is going to Japan … Flight takes off immediately, please head to the boarding gate as soon as possible. But I don’t want you to give up on your dreams because of my dream. Because you didn’t before we met. __ 3 months later__ Er Duo, you’ve been working hard for two days. Mei Zuo is busy, so she can’t come. I also don’t have class 2 today. So what are your activities? That’s how it is. I have to go to the market today. The price of salmon rises again. Right. Oh yeah, do you have a boyfriend? What’s the boyfriend? Not really. Why? Don’t want to welcome me? It is not like that. Sit down Has everything gone well lately? Not bad. The order for the Symphony Orchestra is almost complete. The merger can begin immediately. Good one Shu Wei thanks. Has helped overcome it. You are welcome. Oh yeah, congratulations yeah … the final appearance of your tour is very fascinating. Very good. This is the thing I want to do. I returned, besides the tour ended … I also want to meet you. I’m going to Vienna. With my father. Oh yes. And this… This… I return it. Very good… but… not suitable for me. Perilla beef Fresh Vegetable … Sweet Rose Enjoy. thanks. When did you finish working? The restaurant is closed around 10 o’clock. Okay thank you. Enjoy. Hello. Hello. Can I rest here? Of course. OK. You are welcome. Enjoy it. You are wrong. I ordered nothing. You are in our restaurant … You’re the 100th customer today, it’s free. – Is it true? thanks. – You are welcome. Why haven’t you come home yet? I am waiting for you. Waiting for me? Saturday … I have night shows. I want to invite you to come. I have a Saturday class. Sorry. No problem. Still can be another time. If so, I go first. Wait. Sorry for being sassy. I want to ask… do you have a boyfriend? I have. Violinist? Violin maker. Your girlfriend … Didn’t he go to Japan with you? What happened to you To be honest, we always love each other. I just don’t want to give up on my dreams … and don’t want him to give up on his dream. That is all. You are my dream. Why did you come Because we… will not be separated. Youtube: RR TV Serie II Thanks for watching

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