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Arabic Cartoon for beginners

Arabic Cartoon for beginners

finger joint long ago There was a very small child in the size of finger joint He lived with his father, who loved him and played with him Do not be afraid! the finger joint is with the quick response and always he acts reasonably One day when the finger joint sat alone at home and waited for the return of his father from work He heard strange sounds outside He went to the window He climbed the small ladder and saw 2 men it was obviosly that they were bad people They whispered in the garden near the house And he did not know what to do men began to take things in the house *the finger joint found out that they were thieves. He thought quickly and went to the bag of flour And he pierced it little And he hid quickly And they went out quickly, for fear that someone would see them Father came back and was surprised due to theft at home And he was afraid of the finger joint * and began to call him Finger joint, where are you son? And the finger joint came to him and told him about what had happened Why did you make a hole in sack of flour? *the finger joint replied:in order to spill flour from a hole And the police will follow the traces of thieves catch them. In fact the police were able to trace for thieves and catch them because the mind * the finger joints and good deed

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