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Arab Lebanese pranks swiss talent show (With English & Arabic subtitles)

Arab Lebanese pranks swiss talent show (With English & Arabic subtitles)

***speaking a bad german with strong arabic accent*** “Is you singel?” “I am married” “hum?” “Married!” “You has married? how much?” “one woman!” “hum?” “one woman!” “only one woman?” “why? you not have money?” “my name Hamza Raya” “this is arabic name. I am a Lebanon man.” “and you stopping laugh brother
this is not respect for my person!” “Talent?” “Yes I am!” “you are beautiful product! “I interest for make relationship! And I give good love!” “I here make representation for my country and you look I best sing you hear. much feeling.” “Good evening” “Hello” “Where are you from? What is your name?” “uhm…” “I am… my name Hamza” “I am a Lebanon man” “I am two…” *laughter* “Please not laughing. Please respect.” “I am two years this country” “uhm.. I am come from Lebanon” “and now I live Zurich” “and work car import export” “car import export? ok.” “And what will you present us tonight?” “present? uhm.. I do uhm…” “normal I sing arab music” “but because Switzerland” “I do Michael Jackson” “Michael Jackson?” “but this is slow music” “Excuse me?” “a slow music” “slow?” “yes I not dance” “Hamza” “Show us what you can” “You are not alone. I am here with you” “doooooli sooooli weeeeh” “doooli sing tenheeeh” “you are not alone” “He isn’t serious” “He isn’t serious” “I am here with youuuuuu” “Jonny!!” “What? Isn’t that a comedy act?” “only one! keep going! it’s just me, it’s just me” “wait please” “wait a minute what….” “not laugh please respect. no.” “I am… no wait please… please respect… I make sing not much” “and you make BZZZ. wait one minute then you hear” “wait one minute” “no BOOH what BOOH? respect please” “Respect. I only sing 10 seconds” “10 seconds I make sing and you make BZZZ” **speaking in proper german**
“Maybe I just played a prank on you” “You see! I was laughing. I was laughing” “Give me the beat man!” “ok!” And I’m feeling like I’m running
And I’m feeling like I gotta get away, get away, get away” “Better know that I don’t and I won’t ever stop
‘Cause you know I gotta win everyday, day” “See they really really wanna pop me
Just know that you will never flop me” “And I know that I can be a little cocky
You ain’t never gonna stop me” “Every time I come a jigga gotta set it, then I gotta go, and then I gotta get it” “Then I gotta blow, and then I gotta shut out any little thing that jigga think that he be doing” “‘Cause it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m gonna dadadada
Then I’m gonna murder every thing and anything a badaboom a badabing” “I gotta do a lot of things, to make it clearer to a couple jiggas” “That I’m always winning and I gotta get it again, and again, and then again” “look at me now. look at me now” “i have the papeeers” “look at me now. oooh. look at me now” – “What did he say?”
– “Swiss passport!” “fresh like a swiss cheeeese” “ok. calm down people.” “all quiet” “the arab wants to speak. do nothing, just listen please” “I got you all” “not me. not me” “I got you all” “First of all Bligg, I am sorry but I’m not a rapper” “I am a comedian. “I am 31 years old. My name is really Hamza Raya. I am really Lebanese but born here.” “Schwammendingen brother (part of Zurich)” “I am a happy person and I like to make people laugh” “Let’s take a country where they don’t speak german” “Amazonas of Brazil” “Or let’s say Bern (capital of Switzerland), I think even there they don’t speak german” “You see. It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself” “Italians here?” “Proud Italians” “Albanians here?” “Hamza tank you for your performance” “I think you scared some colleagues” “Brother be correct to me I be correct to you” “Jhonny almost hided under the table” “You are a good observer bligg. I was the only one…” “…who almost suffocated during the Michael Jackson song” “I never saw this this original” “And then I though, we cant laugh. Swiss people immediatly have a bad conscience” “We laughed about a Lebanese. We can’t do that” “You did a great job. You played very well with us. The bomb” “What I liked. I hear about humor and about tolerance. And I liked it. Thank you” “Thank you” “Susanne you are a beautiful product” “I was thinking we could out some day to eat a yoghurt” “We can talk about relationship.You can walk every day 1 hour outside the house” “And I give you the remote control” “Hamza, Hamza, Hamza, Hamza” “I’m still shocked” “I thought you will beat me up” “That’s what I thought” “But I kinda liked it” “So you like strong men?” “The crowd liked your show and that’s what important” “Hamza you know where I grew up…”
“Sure! We are brothers” “Exactly. When you grow up in Schwammendingen…” “… you’ll have a lot of contact with immigrants” “you understand this humor. it’s more aggressive than Swiss humor” “and you can play with it. you know exactly how the Swiss react “You utilized this very good today, and I see very much potential in you” “ok. We’ll vote. Jhonny?” “I have never laughed that much like in the last 6 minutes” “the first 4 minutes I laughed extremely. That is of course a yes” “Thank you” “Mister Gress”
“For humour and tolerance I always say yes” “Thank you” “You are one of the biggest surprise, we’ve ever seen therefore a big yes” “Thank you” “Hamza. You get defenitife a YES!”

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