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ARAB | How You See Me

ARAB | How You See Me

– Being aware that I’m walking around and people recognize me
as either Arab or Muslim, I was like, oh, okay. This is just something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. – People get to know you, and like I said, they
don’t automatically think you’re Arab or Palestinian, and then they find out you’re Palestinian, and then it’s like, oh, well… It just gets awkward, I
don’t know what it is. – If I’m not being mistaken for being Mexican or Cuban, I’m always having to explain
where I’m originally from, even though I was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, I have to say my family’s Lebanese even though I only have a US passport. – In class, if we’re talking about Arabs or if we’re talking
about Muslims and history or politics or whatever, you kinda feel this tension in the air, and all the eyes start to turn at you, like waiting for you to say something. – I will ask students, I will
do an exercise with them, so if I say three words, like Arab, woman, Muslim, what are the first things
that come to your mind? And they’ll say things like
oppressed, backward, veil. – Everything about my identity
is inherently politicized. Being a woman, being
Arab and being Muslim. Those are three very complex identities. – One time we were at the airport, my dad, yeah, he has a very Arab-sounding name, and in addition to that, he’s way darker than I am. So instantly, peoples
were a bit more on alert, and it was kinda especially interesting because we’re both Arab,
we’re both from Syria, he’s literally my dad, same family, but just that instant, they felt threatened by him, even though me and him are
practically the same person. – A driver. It’s like four, five months ago, like when I was talking about that I came here and I love writing, and as an Arab, you’re
not in the right place. That’s what I understand from
the way he was talking to me. If I’m an Arab, I don’t have the right to
say what I think about. – In 1987, I was four at the time, and federal agents came into my house and arrested my uncle. That was the first moment where I knew that being Palestinian, specifically, and Arab probably more, I
guess, broadly speaking, meant something different. – On the one hand, I’m Arab and Muslim, and on the other hand, I’m also American, so sometimes balancing those
two sides gets difficult and I think you reach a point in your life where you find that balance and you become proud of that balance. – I remember this happened to me actually a couple of weeks ago. I was in Westwood and we were driving, we needed to park somewhere. And we asked this one
lady who was stopped, she had her car lights on, she was gonna reverse out essentially, and while she was reversing, she let us take her spot, and then she drove up right next to us and she looked at us and she was like, “By the way, I just want to say, “I am so sorry for Trump. “I’m so sorry.” But I was like, aw. That’s cute. That doesn’t really happen often. Arabs and Muslims, we
don’t hate all white people just because y’all have Trump. (laughing) – People go to the media
’cause they feel like or they kind of absorb
what the media has to say ’cause they don’t always have a peer from that background to talk with, and it’s just kinda
like have an open mind, listen to listen, don’t listen to change someone else’s point of view. – People are told to be
expressive and be themselves and at the same time, they’re
being persecuted for that. In the sense that normal… Being yourself should be normal. And I think that’s what
we should strive for.

100 Replies to “ARAB | How You See Me”

  • Joe says:

    I'm Filipino male and married a Lebanese female. Love the food but wish the Wifey could make more of it. The stereotype of cleaning obsessively is strong with the wife.

  • Cirrus says:

    religions are bad in general, but islam is the worst religion.

  • xXPrincessXx says:

    It makes me so sad when I see how much hatred some people have towards others because of their ethnicity or any other factor. I don’t get how people can live like that and not see how it’s a problem

  • Ali Mustafa says:


  • Ali Mustafa says:

    One world .One People. waiting second coming of Jesus Christ himself after 2000yrs Ago

  • Todd Smith says:

    Not all Arabs, but many are rude, racist, and very prejudiced themselves.

  • Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios says:

    Arabs are cool until they are Muslims ?

  • Anghel Dorin says:

    I see you as a stupid muslim terrorist. Have you ever ask that question to people from Yemen or Uyghur ? Or i have a better ideea, have u ever ask yourself where isis come from ?.

  • Jose Cruz Lopez says:

    Allah akbar

  • Tima Aldoseri says:

    Why they have problem with Palestinians there i didnt get it ..?!

  • sandinyourshoes says:

    Why be uneasy about being Arab just because you're in the west? If you don't like whites, then why live in their countries?

  • Hylian Warrior says:

    Just imagine being black. We're straight crabs in a barrel. We have absolutely nothing.

  • صـالح بشــير says:

    Americans still racist and Hate all muslims
    I hope in the future will unerstand that Arab Hate IsIs… And they suffer from IsIs more than Americans

  • Abdimajid Rashid says:

    who could guess Arabs…or Muslim would be on the defensive side? well its happening……جاء الإسلام غريبا وسيعود غريبا?‍♂️

  • xyg dipper says:

    i am native to america and the thing is its not trump thats racist its this whole intire race thing racism is not as big of a problem as it was in the 1940s ot 1950s 1960s or 1970s etc racism is a dieing breed alot opf people like to assunme the white man is racist becouse he supports trump well my question is since when did it become racist to support someones idea trump had a bright idea wich is to make america safer then what it is right now and i can support that what trump is doing has nothing to do with race it has somthing to do with the immigration problem we have so i think if you want to come to america come to america the legal rout it be much more better and much more safer for the immigrant thats trying to cross i mean look alot of people trying to cross in illegally get murdered by other people trying to reach the us or they even get killed by their smugglers becouse they dont have the money to pay them or somthing goes wrong so i think its safer for them to come in legally then illegally

  • اخبار الأنمي says:

    Who love Arab ?!❤️

  • cilla jendar says:

    Terrorist,Racist,Slave-owner,Bigotry,Abusive,Misogynist,Discrimination,Rude…yup that pretty much i know about Arabs

  • Hani Desu says:

    There are Arabs who are Christians and atheist just like any other people

  • ZODIAC says:

    i am a poor white american man with mentall illness i been victimized very bad by many different kinds of people in usa especialy the white middle class who caused me a severe breathing disorder they victimized me the worst in many ways what i did is i left the white middle class sick in the head landlrods etc adn i moved to the arabic neighborhood and i got on a program that is much better then section 8 and i been living in the arabic neighborhood for 10 years they treat me adn other whtie disabled people one thousand times better thten the white middle class americans who victimize us in many ways all across the country and the arabic people rent us one thousand times better apartments and they dont victimize us by not renting to us in the past 10 years living and walking in the arbic neighborhood i never had any arabic people disresptect me or any of the other white people in any way i thank god for the arabic people i been living in peace finally and living one thousand times better then i lived in the past dealling with white middle class landlrods etc the arabic people are my heros they saved me from the sick evil animals

  • ZODIAC says:

    the fantastic arabic people rented me a new apartment in a new buildign that was built 5 days before i moved in a low life white middle class landlord would never rent us disabeld people an apartment in a new builing just built 5 days ago instead many of them rent us very unlivable and sever heatlh hazard apartments with tic bedbugs squirrels above teh ceilling bats above the ceilling were bats get into peoples apartment etc etc i have new stove new fridge central air conditionning i thank god the arabic people live in usa tehy have proven to me by their actions and behavior they are much better then all other people in usa

  • ZODIAC says:

    thank u very much arabic people since the arabic people helped me alot and treat me very good i owe it to the arabic people to tell how good they are to us disabled americans

  • ZODIAC says:

    i judge people by their actions and behavior i delt with all kinds of people in usa the arabic people have proven to me to be one thousand times better people in many ways

  • ZODIAC says:

    if it was not for the arabic landlords i would still be victimized by the sick in the head evil white middle class landlrods and i would still be living in unlivable health hazard apartments

  • ZODIAC says:

    since the arabic people have helped and treated me and many people like me much more better then many other people in usa i owe it to the arabic people to tell my story

  • Idan Segev says:

    Do a video about Jewish people

  • Shaurya Gahlot says:

    Arab and European both are caucasus

  • mariem says:

    proud tunisian here ? and by the way everyone is welcome to come here whatever you are from or what believe you have .

  • Rob Ode says:

    I see a Caucasian person, just like any European, Jew, Berber of North Africa, Middle easterner. Your just one of my brothers, so I say hello.

  • FryNoodles says:

    Arabs are the most racist and sexist people on the planet

  • David Winner says:

    1.45 Nick Jonas?!

  • Fahmi Zahurin says:

    Arabs are really snobbish in Malaysia. Eventhough they r muslims.

  • Jagath Nambiar says:

    I think you could of gotten a bigger demographics if you have said middle easterners

  • Мухтар says:

    you see on arab people for one arab human and book which take him they arab people same people how and you and me they are not animal and they people is human

  • Мухтар says:

    which how like read books and find knowledge

  • Мухтар says:

    and they people is sons Abraam if you are not know

  • Мухтар says:

    ps except homosexual peoples which doing terrible things

  • Angel Malvado says:

    That's sad they feel that way on one should feel that way but this is the world dumb asf

  • adrian and silin says:

    i'm arabic frome kwait?? and all i want is the peas for the world✌

  • Anis Ali says:

    Arab countries ❤❤❤
    I'm Libyan ?? and Muslim☪️

  • shahad says:


  • Kenzie M. Mohammed says:

    Jordanien and Palestinien!

  • Assalas Nemiri says:

    Man I hate arab

  • die unbekannte says:

    Me: I'm Arab.
    Friends: Will you Marry your Cousin????

  • Cookieplayz كوكي بلايز says:

    I’m a Jordanian ???? and I’m proud

  • Anas Malek says:

    Iam egyptian and muslim and god only know what is the correct religion


    Well Arabs come in all colors and shades.I know a lot of White Arab people

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos says:


  • Fuckya Lookin at says:


  • Mike burp says:


  • Mike burp says:


  • Khalid M.u-20 says:

    Arab is race
    Not all Arab are real Arab, there were clans traveling than they stay in Arab lands than they learn arbic language , the sons of prophet Hoda are the real Arab also known as Al Gahten clans
    His first son was Gahten than Gahten have son called Yarab his the first known person to speak Arabic it was named after his name they were living in Yaman still some live there and other live in Saudi Arabia.
    other than that you are not Arab, you just talking Arabic
    I hope this not offensive but we care about our descent, all the respect to others people from other descent and races

  • mohammed sama says:

    Syrians a d irakees people are white arabs

  • Ray Potato says:

    I'm Algerian #arabsociety

  • mannon manno says:

    "i think being yourself should be normal"

  • U E says:

    Alot of Arabs are RACIST

  • Jamil hasan says:

    SALAAM ALECUM -I wish peace between all relgion muslims christis and el yahud peace and respect

  • Have some Tea please says:

    Palestinian ?? ?Jordanian ?? ?and Lebanese ???

  • Vijay John says:

    I am from a Muslim family, but I believe in Christianity, but my view about Arab’s 95% of Arabs are bad people. they do not respect a human being.

  • Cylia Anii says:

    I am in iraqi girl, I came to the USA when I was 6. I'll never forget the stares, the hate, and most importantly wanting to be white. It took me so long to love and accept my identity and my religion. thank you for this video.

  • Shayne Stewart says:

    Propaganda, stereotyping, and the media has folks plays a big part in how we view each other but at the end of the day we all are human.

  • Peep The Z says:

    This is EXACTLY why we created our channel.. but it turned out to be an uphill battle.. not because of the racism, but the lack of exposure and support for Arab Americans in media ?. Luckily we love what we do and believe in our cause ???

  • Judy Brown says:

    Stop the hate.

  • TheHokageSaiyan says:

    You know I just want to know.. you guys could be nice but UGH I CANT SAY WHAT I WANNA say without getting yelled out I am scared to say it but why do you guys fight us in the Middle East.. DONT ROAST ME I DONT LIKE IT

  • براءة أنثى ١١ ١١ says:

    9/11 is from people that are not Muslim and if they there not any more because can’t do that in our religion

  • لفة شاورما دجاج says:

    Im arabian and western they see me terror why? Arab terror are just 50 thosand how 400 M are terror?

  • Chubby unicorns Pack says:

    As an American with an Arab family I get bullied at school a lot people call me a terrorist and it really hurts but I’m proud of my background!thanks for all the nice comments ? ❤️ ?

  • Just a Human says:

    If he is a Muslim, maybe he is an Arab

  • Shanaya Delmar says:

    I don't mean to sound offensive but I feel that a dark skinned Arab should have been present as well they exist as well and should be represented ??

  • Lukas Lucas says:

    go backhome

  • Maddie Fishblob says:

    0:21 the same thing happened to me!!! ? when I said I was Palestinian, there was this awkward silence and my new friend looked at me in this weird way AND IT WAS AWKWARD IDK WHY!

    But most of the time people just say “what’s that?” or “are you Muslim?” ?

  • Auro Chandru says:


  • K Bey says:

    Watch "The Original ARABS "Blacks" are MOORS" on YouTube

  • Asraa Eqabi says:

    ??/?? here❤️ and i’m proud to be booth of them

  • ༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ says:

    reading the comments makes me feel that this planet is still worthy :3

  • Alexa Rudur says:

    Wow this shows me how stupid people really are. I mean many Arabs are not like what the media says and it's known that the media manipulates yet these believe and trust the media? ???????????????? This is a fucked up mentality. A human who hasn't developed enough brain cells??? I mean it's 2019 and people still don't know what is real and what is not ??????

  • Abdul Vahid says:

    Being a Muslim in US, all what I want to say to Arabs are : kindly treat your laborers with some dignity and respect.

  • عيشا اعباس says:

    Im Arab Syrian but people called me white sometimes ???

  • HARRAN says:

    Iam an arab from Harran, you should check the history of harran out!

  • khilji dinasty says:

    Real Arabs : Saudia Arabian, Yemeni, Gulf countries , even somalian
    arabs looks very dark, very similar looking like indian Pakistanis

    Hybrid Arabs : Leventenies , jordan , palestine, iraq, lebnon, syria,
    egypt, algeria, morroco ( Mix of Roman greek, assyrian, copts,
    crusaders, french, german, kurds, turks who just speak today arabic with
    thei light skin blue eyes they thoink they ate pure arab and wana be

    most stupid people and racist are leventinies thatswhy they are fucked
    up by israhell and in civil war

  • Mohammad Salah H D Alsaif says:

    just because I am Arab dose not mean I am a terrorist

  • tommy Bull says:

    These are basically europeans lol

  • KADDAN says:

    Just the way you talk about your country and clutter is bad idea to introduce your self

  • Hi Hi says:

    I’m Palestinian ?❤️??

  • you121 me says:

    My comment I have just written has been blocked because I speak the truth! Watch how do they treat black Arab orphans

  • hamode_ 203 says:

    I'm arabic from iraq

  • Hello says:

    I have the same feeling when we’re learning about Muslims i feel so uncomfortable I swear it’s crazy

  • شتاء برد says:

    We come from the most hated culture in the world despite our beautiful and amazing history

  • It’s your girl wolf 518 Girls and boys 456 says:

    I am half Arabic and Germany

  • nunu says:

    Proud to be from the GCC – Kuwait <3

  • Fury says:

    i look asian but im fully levant arab, we dont consider ourselves asian but black and white but im white ? no idk

  • Die Deutsche Kartoffel says:

    I’m Palestinian, I’m white, I’m blond, have green eyes, naturally built, and tall (basically Germanic features). That shows how we humans are all connected in ways we don’t know. You have ancestors from all around the world and you don’t know it

  • Mike Letterst says:

    I'm from Texas and I would like to say that I love Arab people. Hardworking, educated, family oriented, friendly and their food is amazing!

  • 007 B.O says:

    I'm an arab living in Belgium (flemish people) they see me as:
    A girl waiting for a rich man
    Hunting rich men
    Closed minded
    Hates everyone but Arabs
    When i talk with my hands they think I'm dancing ?? when I tell them no I am not they say you are a liar!!!! They say you are trying to seduce ???????
    I live in a tent and own camels
    I don't know anything about life
    I am brainwashed
    I am a terrorist
    They always ask me why I'm white skin colored
    ???? too many to count even
    I then noticed no matter what you tell them they will never believe you and only believe what they think they know ???? which is the funniest part.

  • J 1 says:

    Slavers & suicide bombers

  • Mohammad Alabdalaziz says:

    i am muslim from syrien i love all

  • Noura Sultan says:

    Arapça ve gururlu

  • بردیا بزرگمهر says:


  • SuperStorm 511 says:

    Wheres my #Syria Gang?

  • محمود Mm says:

    Arab always has great culture

  • Henry Trujillo says:

    0:32 that foo is Cuban

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