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Appu Learns the Alphabet (4k)

Appu Learns the Alphabet (4k)

So, Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother lived happily ever after. And the wolf Got his comeuppance. Served him right, locking granny in the closet. A dog would never do that. Nifty story, thanks Neena. I’d love to read a story someday I can already read some words like “Danger,” and write my name. And you helped us write our names, Appu – remember. Can you help us read more words, Neena? Well, the next step is to learn the whole alphabet, Not just the letters in your names. Why don’t we start with the Alphabet Song? Excellent, I have a superb singing voice. As do I. I don’t know if I can sing. Let’s find out. It goes like this. ABCDEFG..HIJKLMNOP..QRSTUV..WXY and Z Now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me. We will! Come on, ABCDEFG..HIJKLMNOP..QRSTUV..WXY and Z Now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me. We got it! Sorry, you lost me at “A.” Well, I can sing, but I can’t remember the letters. There’s just so many of them. There is 26 letters in the alphabet. May be it will be helpful if everyone could see the Alphabets, While we sing Well, the alphabet is written on the back of my book. I can’t see a single letter. They’re too small. And we’re too big. Hold on, I have an idea. Everybody step back. ABCDEFG..HIJKLMNOP..QRSTUV..WXY and Z Wow, Appu! Who knew the alphabet could dance. Amazing! Bye-Bye Book! Crazy! Now, we can sing the alphabet song with the actual alphabet! Sing! Where’s letter “Z”? “Z” zipped away. He’s a bit zany. Oh no, we have to catch that “Z”. After him This “Z” can definitely zip. What if we don’t chase him? And I need to get him back in my book, it’s from the library. How about we calm him down. You’ve all been practicing meditating with me, right? Let’s get in a circle. Hi, letter “Z.” I know it must be hard to be the last letter in the alphabet. Zzziiigg zzzaaagge ABCDEFG..HIJKLMNOP..QRSTUV..WXY and Z Thanks, Appu! All letters are accounted for!

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