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Apps para Aprender Coreano [HANGUL]

Apps para Aprender Coreano [HANGUL]

Hello everyone! I’m Elisa. Last time I introduced you to the LingoDeer and SNU LEI apps. This time I will introduce you to other apps. So let’s begin! The first app is PopPopping Korean. This App is super cute~ It has many cute characters. The special feature of this App is that the consonants are categorized in 5 groups acording to the location in which they are pronounced. It shows if air comes out of your mouth or not when you pronounce the consonants. And you can also learn frequently used words and Kpop group names in a fun way. By any chance, have you ever heard this word? The next app is KOKO Letter. If you are wondering about similar sounds or the pronounciation of the syllables You can quickly verify the pronounciation on this Hangul chart. Next, it’s an app that I like called Hangul (한글) In this app there is no romanization at all. It shows the letter, the sound, a word and a picture. Overall I think is a good app for learning Korean. The test function is also useful. When you do the test you have to match the sound with the letter with no romanization. I wish more apps like this get released. This is the SNU LEI app I introduced last time. This app has a recording function. Listen to the pronounciation, record, and listening to your pronounciation is good. As you can see, there are many apps for learning Hangul. I used several apps to learn Hangul. I downloaded a lot. Leave the name of your app recommendations for learning Hangul in the comments. If you want to learn Korean with me in the future then don’t forget to Subscribe. This is all for this video.

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