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Applying Manga Screen Tones!|Shoujo Manga Challenge!

Applying Manga Screen Tones!|Shoujo Manga Challenge!

I think I’d paint this black too it’s like halfway between fear and embarassment it was a compliment but she’s like “don’t touch me!” hello! Yamaguchi Shizuka is here again! thanks! on Line manga, not the usual page mange I was published for the recently popular full color scrolling manga since you draw shoujo manga I think screen tone must be very important but I have no sense whatsoever, as a challenge I wanna try adding screentone how about this manuscript?
-what scene is this? The main character and the hero meet she thought she was being called but suprised when suddenly her hair is being touched! why’s he touching it?
-he thought it was pretty so he touched it this is not allowed she’s pretty suprised. like “no way!!” her personality is that she doesn’t like her hair being touched how interesting! I wonder if I can do it… so here, they’re passing by each other? yes, passing, thinking “huh?”, then turning around then going “whuuuu a girl with such pretty hair” so he calls out to her I will find the best screentone uh…not this one, it’s in color if it’s good then converted color tones to grey is fine too there were so many tones included by default, didn’t realize! the line of sight is this way now, but… they’re actually looking at each other?
– yes, their eyes meet the guy gets surprised, thinks the hair is pretty, calls out and ends up touching it oh, looks really shoujo manga style, shiny! tone is amazing huh? makes it look really shoujo manga style like this maybe? It really has no special meaning, I just threw it in a pretty person appeared! let’s surprise her bam!
-ohhh I felt lots of straight lines would add to the surprised feel erasing so that the face can be seen properly then here, it’s like “so pretty” without thinking P – r – e – t – t – y…wonder if it’s labelled here searching for tones named “pretty” that’s fine right?
-how simple! search in google “P r e t t y s c r e e n t o n e s ” ah, here’s one! I’ll try this cute, flowers
-moving it around like this? so fun
– yea, you change the size and things this is fear so, I have an idea black! complete!
-ok! fluffy. shock. flower. fear! complete
-good work ok, please go next, Shizuka so adding gradient I want to cut the gradient so making a frame difficult to make a selection wanna select this and cut this out so that first gradient was the main light source shadow? ah yes, sorta getting surprised then since the two are close together adding shadow all over to show there’s another person very close by wondering whether to darken the background here I’ll decide as I look at the other panels for this one, kinda want to make it shiny too this is being added by brush a pattern brush?
-yes it is probably included in the clipstudio materials then, how much to leave behind here… yeah, probably only in the back any specific reason for that screentone? at this time, he feels really moved by the prettiness of the hair so it’s like “floaty” want to join it more with the image I have in my mind so I’m gonna layer a number of things Oh, so not just using tones that are made already
-yes messing with them and adjusting them yes, mixing a number of things together this sort of tone matches well you can really play around forever with these yes indeed I want to bring out the shock and impact here could quickly drop in some effect lines but before that, want more emotionally moved lines below I cutting bits out so it looks like it flows along so adding some movement? yes, like showing the movement inside the heart then make this shine a bit more sometimes see this in anime, when surprised a character has moving lines behind them then I think the gradient below could be darker maybe a bit too shiny really can’t decide here… the power of speed lines is amazing probably, after coloring in the uniform the scene will tighten up once the uniforms are darker and also after shading the skin too with that and shadow on the uniform it’ll really tighten up the background though is roughly like this true, if putting tone in for the uniform It’ fine to have contrast in the background yea, like that I think somewhere between fear and embarrassment it was a compliment but she’s like “don’t touch me!” I think I’d probably color this black too then looking at the balance, would probably color this in black too you can tell that the two have feelings that aren’t matching the boy has a fluffy, pretty feeling and the girl is like “wha…what’s going on?” like “eh? What’s this?!” an unsettled feeling like that I think it’s like this
-wow all right, it’s like this I tried applying shoujo manga screen tone I applied it in a very simple way but the biggest difference is rather than applying tone in simple ways using these layered tones means you can match the mood better this time of course it was applied very quickly but with speed lines too brightening a dark screen tone, then rubbing parts of it out then shooting star lights like these are great also, I tried this I did this in black for the fearful part but Yamaguchi-san did it like this so putting dark tone in here as well this page is clearly light areas for the boy’s feeling and dark areas for the girl’s feelings having it split up like that helps communicatet the ideas better in the heart, all shiny really felt moved inside the heart so having the impact shining in the movement then this was interesting Is there a special word for this?
– like a shock this was interesting too putting this shading above here a person is close so a shadow falls when people are close by in shoujo manga often using this shadow then by rubbing away at the tone it becomes very shoujo manga could probably even put tones in the speech area could make it shiny or add dark tones to it sometimes you put the handwritten words in your manga what’s the effect of that? hmm, it’s like little asides not really the main speech something that helps establish their personality almost like their inner voice I simply figured, it’s shoujo manga so that’s why I put in some flowers but doing it haphazardly without meaning is no good huh? why are there flowers here? well, with this one it gives off a general cozy and comforting manga style a general cute vibe the boy too, has a floaty cute feel to his personality in this one in this one, it’s like he said it with some vigor gotta go with the image of the character you have in mind find the image closest to the character who you’re trying to portray i think adding tone that way helps communicate it best to the reader so interesting! well, I’m sure if you all try the same challenge at home you’ll get varied results! but for someone unfamiliar with shoujo manga, I had a go! it’s cute! so shiny I thought it needed flowers just because it’s shoujo manga but adding lights in utilizing contrast also, adding speed lines and also, this may just be my misunderstanding but… standing in the shoes of the boy looking at this person’s face, I thought this here shows the boy’s feelings oh really! so looking at the person he likes, and the background shows his feelings but the way Shizuka-san drew it the background actually shows the feelings of the person in that frame? ah but then ah possibly… the story before and after this may be relevant what kind of manga was written before It’s the manga I drew, so personally I know but… this depends on which perspective you’re drawing from My first panel was indeed completely different I wasn’t really thinking about the girl’s feelings at all apart from this scene, panels 1, 2, and 3 were all reflecting the boy’s feelings hard isn’t it? there’s no one right answer this is definitely correct if viewing from the boy’s perspective true, there’s no right answer the way I drew it with the girl being the main character thank you! Yamaguchi’s manga is on Line Manga and WebToon etc. please read it! I worked hard and built a website using wordpress trying to update the blog weekly! On twitter I’m Yamaguchi Shizuka. do follow please Yamaguchi Shizuka-san is in many other videos, do check them out and subscribe to the channel!
-yes, please bye bye! try applying screentones! I’ll do my best too! don’t do it haphazardly! think it over properly!

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