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Animal production in the arabic world [CC ENG] مصانع الحيوانات في العالم العربي

Animal production in the arabic world [CC ENG] مصانع الحيوانات في العالم العربي

Most of the videos related to animal cruelty in the meat, dairy and egg industries comes from the western world Therefore there are many people that say that we treat animal better in the Arabic world But in this video I am going to show you that this is not true […]a very modern/developed slaughterhouse[…] Hello everyone, my name is Malek and welcome to a new video Today’s video is going to be a little bit sad. or at least for me The difference between the western world and the Arabic world when it comes to animal rights in slaughterhouses is that they have to send a hidden cameras to film what happens behind the walls But in the Arabic world any TV channel or radio station can send a journalist And they show us this footage as if they were normal As if everything was ok The videos that I am going to show you today are all on the internet available on YouTube from radio stations, TV channels or from the industries themselves That promote their modern slaughterhouses Let’s start with the 1st video The first video is from the dairy industry As you know cows and goats like every other mammals they have to be pregnant to produce milk So after raping them they put a cow next to another cow or a goat next to another one and they keep milking them Until they can’t produce any more milk and they send them to the slaughterhouse The egg and chicken industry is far from being merciful As you can see in this video This person btw was using the term “goods/product” to refer to animals That are kept in small cages and have no refuge Look at these chicks that are one day old or just a couple of hours put in cages and can’t escape And then they’re put on the transport belt And they separate males and females, The males don’t produce eggs so they have to be killed And females go to cages to lay eggs everyday Until they can’t anymore and they’re sent to the slaughterhouse I don’t really know what to say Just listen to the chicks As for the chickens when they grow enough They hang them to be killed in the merciful muslim way of slaughtering No comment The first videos you saw in the introduction Are from Algeria and Baghdad They say that they have a “modern” slaughterhouse But we all know that most of the slaughterhouses in the Arabic world are traditional And for me slaughtering there is not humane This is at the sacrifice fest in Morocco Look how the animals are killed in front of each other I am wondering if that is allowed in Islam The way they’re treating animals is very cruel Look how he lifts the cheep and throws him on the floor And then he kills him in front of his brothers And of course in our slaughterhouses we don’t only kill cheeps but also cows That are terrified because they are scared of dying Because these animals feel
Because these animals simply don’t want to die 4 people need to hold her tight to kill her And within minutes we go from a single animal to a massacre in 2018 you can buy from any market everything you want Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Rice, Pasta And everything you want! In 2018 why are we still treating animals this way?! And we say this is a Muslim Slaughterhouse or Merciful Slaughterhouse And take care of the animals Where is Mercy? I think that the videos speak for themselves I don’t have to say anything But next time you go to do your groceries You have a choice, you have a choice between supporting this cruelty that is not related to mercy and animal rights And things that are 100% merciful, 100% far away from blood 100% away from killing and this massacre You have a choice and I hope you chose to go away from this and that you chose MERCY

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  • SOSOFTFORJK ! says:

    Bravo 😍

  • Books Friends says:

    أحترم كثيرا ما تقوم به
    أرجوك استمر وأتمنى تعمل فيديو عن الاعتناء بالشعر

  • mary warner says:

    Thanks <3

  • Books and Thoughts says:

    تعجبني فيديوهاتك كثيرا وكصانعة محتوى اشجع هاته الفيديوهات كثيرا واتمنى ان نتعلم ان الحيوانات حقوق ايضا .
    شكرا على هذا الفيديو
    #قناة_ كتب _و_افكار

  • Vegan Pakistani says:

    I used to slaughter goats and cows from the age of 14 every year on Eid al Adha, but once I made the connection that animals are sentient beings, now I can't even watch videos such as these, thanks for promoting Veganism

  • Noorah13 says:

    Fantastic video. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing this information in Arabic, with subtitles. I almost never comment on videos, but I wanted to comment here to encourage you and thank you. Sending you love and peace.

  • Mei Mew says:

    Exactly, barcha twenssa fibelhom ahna khir mil gwira fi mou3amlitna lil 7aywenet khaterna moslmin we have to treat them better dnc 7lel we consume it etc. False! The truth is it's the same!! It doesn't rly matter as long as it's business, industry, money they Will never cease the animal abuse 😔

  • Mei Mew says:

    Ty for the informative video, I cried while watching it and I hope more ppl get to watch it 😞

  • Maylee Cao says:

    But western countries consume more meat and animal products on average so the western world and arab world are both equally bad.

  • لطيفة الحاتمي says:

    💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔فيديو يقطع القلب ما قدرت اشوف المشاهد 💔💔💔
    الذبح ولو كان بأرفق الطرق حاجة بشعة تتنافى مع الانسانية 💔

  • Yasmin Jiseo says:

    باش نقلك بلي اذا المصانع العصرية موجودة في كل الدول (لو كانت صح اغلب المصانع الكبيرة مثل المراعي و جهينا و غيرها مصانعها تقليدية كان من المستحيل ان يكون منتوجها كبير لهذي الدرجة )
    حبيت نصحح لك المعلومة الي قلتها انو الجزائر و بغداد هم الي يدعو ان عندهم مضابح ((عصرية)) و اغلب المضابح في الدول العربية مذابح تقليدية

    و لكي لا اتعرض للهجوم انا نباتية مثلي مثلك
    و اني اصبحت نباتية بسبب انو نكون مشاركة في هذا النوع من الجرائم كي نشري الاشياء الحيوانية
    رغم انو على قول الكثير من الاطباء محتاجة ناكل البروتينات اكثر حكم ان وزني زائد و حابة نضعف
    لكن خترت اني نبقى بدينة على اني ناكل منتجات حيوانية الي باش نتحصل عليها يتعذبو حيوانات و يموتو بطيرة بشعة
    عندي شوية معانات مع اني نكون نباتية المنتجات النباتية الي ممكن تعطيني البروتين و الكالسيوم و فيتامين دي و الحديد و البي 12 تكون غالية جدا اذا وجدة (1ل من الحليب النباتي سعرو 10 اضعاف 1ل من الحليب خالي الدسم )
    و غيرها انو حتى الخضار يحدث انو يكون غلاء فالاسعار للحصول على ربح اكثر
    و حكم اني طالبة جامية نسكن بعيد عن اهلي منجمش ناكل من مطعم الاقامة لأنو يحتوي على اشياء ليست نباتية
    لازم تدير فيديو تبين فيه لناس انهم اذا اصبحو نباتيين و اكلو بطريقة خاطئة ان هذا ممكن يأثر على صحتهم سلبا بعد مرور فترة من الزمن
    انك تدفع الناس انهم يصبحو نباتيين بدون ما تبين لهم الطريقة الصحيحة هذا اسوء من انك تخليهم غير نباتيين

  • baby sloth says:

    Why did you give up fish and seafood? Could you do a video about that?

  • reem says:

    ياريت اخفيت مقاطع الذبح لانها موووجعة جدا

  • 8schopra says:

    This is soo soooooo not humane …sad people turn blind…good effort

  • 8schopra says:

    Vegan in Islam is rare

  • NutritionFIT says:

    Thank for sharing the truth 🙏💚

  • L E says:

    I couldn’t even watch any of these, but this is so important.
    Thank you so much❤️

  • Shatha April says:


  • Sandra Carli says:

    I have been vegan for more than 4 years now but I can't get used to seeing the pain animals suffer. Crying again … 🙁 Thanks for your contribution!

  • ㄥ乇丨 says:

    the arabis language is so beautiful

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