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Am I a robot?

Am I a robot?

Hello, my friends! Today we have terrible weather: sleet and strong wind. Well, and, of course, the weather is cold. In this video, I would like to talk to you not about the weather, but why I look like a robot in some of my videos. We are all full of self criticism, we don’t like something in ourselves, we try … some of us try to rectify it, some of us tolerate it and believe that people should accept them as they are. I’m one of those people who is working on yourself and trying to become better. Why do I look like a robot in some of my videos, why don’t I have facial expressions and gestures? Because for a very long time, during long time, I really didn’t like my facial expressions. I have very mobile facial expressions, I think that I have… The wind is blowing me over. I think my lips move all over my face, and I use too much my lips and forehead for speaking. Well, so, my lips should speak, but my forehead speaks too. I know, lot of people speak like that. There is such a thing, yes. Many people use their forehead to express their emotions. And, as I said, I didn’t accept that for a very long time, I didn’t like it, so I tried to speak in such a way when I used as little facial expression as possible. And yes, unfortunately, some of my videos … well, a little artificial, because my face, my facial expressions don’t move in these videos, and the person looks a bit artificial, unnatural. I’m referring to me. But I try to work on my facial expressions, and it seems to me that they changed a lot lately, and don’t annoy me as much as before. So, I think that I’ll use more my facial expressions and my arms in my next videos, I’ll smile. Yes, probably, to smile is the most difficult thing for me. And I’ll try to make my videos better for you and for me. Why also for myself? Because I also watch my videos and sometimes I don’t have pleasant to look at me. It’s very often due to my facial expressions. And sometimes I don’t show some videos (or remake them again and again) just because I don’t like my facial expressions. Sometimes even because I don’t like my hairstyle or my makeup. Therefore, I’ll work on myself, on my videos and I can promise you that they will be better. At least I’ll try to do it. I just hope the wind doesn’t prevent you to hear what I’m talking about. Thank you for watching this video! Give me a like! Don’t be greedy! I’m very pleased when you give me likes! It cheers me up, and I can see that you like my videos, and I should continue to make them. Thank you! Bye! What awful weather! This video I have made under the roof of the playground slide.

17 Replies to “Am I a robot?”

  • Russian with Tatiana says:

    Мне очень приятно, когда вы ставите мне лайки)))

  • james kenney says:

    Действуй! Будь собой! Мы тебя любим!

  • Michael says:

    Don't worry about critics. Your demeanor is gorgeous, calm, gentle, refined. Don't change.

  • Hollander04 says:

    Dearest Tania, your's are the best oral comprehension videos on the net, BECAUSE of your focus on diction. We all out here want to learn Russian and everything about Russian speaking people. Your mixture of informative content, personal experiences and grammatical aspects is ideal for that…..if you would add smiles and blinks of your eyes etc. we would all fall hopelessly in love with you and that would distract from our learning 😂😍😘 please don't feel inadequate – you are wonderful 👍

  • MC Galan says:

    Thank you for your videos, I am learning russian, your videos are very useful and creative, besides you are teaching us about the culture. Greetings from Colombia.

  • Live Russian says:

    Вот уж под крышей детской горки я никогда не снимала))))

  • Russian With Max says:

    Здравствуй, Таня!
    Извини, что влезаю, но не смог промолчать)
    Ты права, у каждого из нас есть то, над чем нужно работать.
    Однако мы не можем нравится другим людям, если мы не нравимся себе сами.
    То как мы любим себя ставит планку для других людей и определяет насколько они смогут любить нас.
    Главное заблуждение – что нужно сразу и обязательно что-то менять. Это вводит нас в состояние стресса и приносит чувство ущербности. На этом нельзя концентрироваться и далее думать много об этом, иначе это действительно станет частью тебя. Вместо этого, я уверен, что нужно сначала полюбить себя и принять себя. И просто одной фразой здесь не обойтись.
    Как в НЛП, нужно программировать себя и создавать себя своими мыслями и установки. На уровне подсознания.
    Говорить себе каждый день по 10 раз – у меня отличная мимика, я чувствую себя очень легко, я очень раскованна, я свободна и я безумно люблю то, что делаю! (или все другое, что хочется внедрить).
    Ещё один совет, который во многом поменял мое видение был от Т. Ферриса: "Хватит заниматься ремонтом себя, используете то в чем вы хороши по максимуму!".
    У тебя отличный канал и то, что ты делаешь это постоянно и идёшь к своей цели – заслуживает уважения.

  • Ricardo Pontes says:

    No problem with your expressions at all. I always thought it was your approach to speak slowly for to make it easier for beginners. Держи снимать !!!!

  • abjorn says:

    You are beautiful as you are Tania, I don't think there's nothing wrong with your expressions. By the way I appreciate your videos, they are informative, nice and interesting 🙂 I hope you can someday smile easier 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Antti from Finland

  • R Green says:

    Таня, спасибо огромное за отличную работу! Я преподаю русский в университете в Америке, и мои студенты обожают ваши видео! Так держать!

  • Gilberto Brandão says:

    I like your video lessons very much. And you are an excellent teacher. Please, don't think bad of yourself. You're a beautiful and kind girl.

  • Jim Gavioli says:

    I think your videos are super! I think you are a SUPER TEACHER! To hell with the critics(Ok, this Roosevelt says 'Man' but back in his time, 'Man' meant both Men and Women):
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

  • Jim Gavioli says:

    пожалуйста, не будь таким жестким критиком себя. Позвольте мне сказать вам со всей искренностью, вы отличная учительница!

  • Baqsam says:

    I have always thought that your robotic-ness is because you are trying to speak clear Russian for beginners.

    However, I realized that your choppy style of speech makes you rather harder to comprehend.

    I would recommend a slow speech style that is not choppy but smooth and continuous.

  • Natya Orlandievna d'Avelino says:

    Only a crazy person would think that you are a robot.
    It's very nice that you speak really slow, and conentrated. Please don't force yourself to smile, but you look beautiful too when you smile. Smiling and not smiling, you look beautiful both ways.

    (PS – Don't let yourself be hurt, please).

  • Peter Keller says:

    Не волнуйтесь, что говорят и думают другие! Вы делаете отличные видео.

  • Yannik Yannik says:

    Hi Tatjana, I learn russian with you and I think your sorrows are without a reason, because when you don't have much facial expressions it is not that an issue because you always look 100% real and honest. Thank you for your videos!

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