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Alphabet Train with TWO objects per letter!

Hello! Our company Coilbook designed this Alphabet Train poster for your child to learn letters and their objects in a fun way. This large cartoon poster shows not just one but two objects per letter allowing your child to learn more words. To order the poster or to learn more about it please go to (ONLY) and type Alphabet Train poster in the search line. And now we would like to show you our upcoming alphabet cartoon called “The Alphabet Adventure With Alice And Shawn The Train”. Thank you for watching! Wow, I cannot believe it! We are inside the alphabet book. Let’s go find our missing letters, Shawn. What’s the first letter? The first letter we are going to find is the letter A. Look! I have the wagon for the letter A. AMAZING! Let’s go find the letter A. Hmm. Which way should I go, Alice? Look! There is an AIRPLANE. Let’s ask the AIRPLANE where to go. Hey, AIRPLANE! We are looking for the letter A. Can you show us which way we should go? Thank you, AIRPLANE! The letter A is hiding behind one of the APPLES. Which APPLE, Alice? Hmm… Let’s say the sound that the letter A makes so we can find it. The A says [a], the A says [a] as in APPLE! Here it is! A is for APPLE. And A is for AIRPLANE. The next letter is B.

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