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Alphabet Song | ABC Song

A is for airplane landing at the airport B is for ball bouncing on the carport, C is for crane lifting heavy concrete blocks D is for dog barking at the dirty socks, E is for excavator digging extra large hole F is for fire truck fighting flames of burning coal, G is for grapes that I gladly like to eat H is for helicopter flying high above the street, I is for igloo full of tasty ice-cream cones J is for jar of jam answering the phones, K is for key and kite flying straight to outer space L is for lightning bugs trying to finish the last race, M is for map of treasure hidden under mummy’s tomb N is for noisy nails helping build my neighbor’s room, O is for octopus swimming in the ocean P is for paintbrush painting in motion, Q is for queen sewing the quilt R is for robot that had to be rebuilt, S is for snail slowly climbing up the board T is for train telling people: “ALL ABOARD!” U is for umbrella hiding the unicorn from the rain V is for van pulling the vehicle with the chain, W is for wheel rolling down all the way X is for xylophone going through an x-ray, Y is for yellow yo-yo that I bounce up and down Z is for zebra at the zoo downtown.

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