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Alphabet : F – mots + énigmes

Alphabet : F –  mots + énigmes

The letter F Words When you’re HUNGRY or you’re STARVING. You can eat fennel, fig, a strawberry, a raspberry, sweets, chips, cheese or fruits. In the forest, you can see a pheasant, a fawn, leaves, flowers, ferns, ants, an ash tree, a ferret. In this family, this woman has a son and her brother has a daughter. Other words beginning with F. postman, announcement, cliff, flour, armchair, fawn fairy, feline, window, iron, horseshoe, farm, zipper fire, fireworks, traffic lights, flamingo, arrow, flake, recorder fountain, football, fortune, fork, tightrope walker, smoke, future, rocket Pyramid of words: MANUFACTURING, FORMIDABLE, WEAKNESS, CROSS, FURIOUS, FACE, WAY, END, F (music note) Here, some verbs starting with F. 1st group
To tire, to close, to fix, to found 2nd group
To finish, to bend, to provide, to cross 3rd group
To do, to have to, to melt, to flee ENIGMAS Seli and Pipoiv are thinking of words starting with F, guess which ones? A cheese fondue A fun fair Fauna and Flora French Rivers Now, find that word that contains 2 F’s. Hint: You can hear it at festivals and carnivals. FANFARE That’s all for today! See you later, “ouistiti” !

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